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Thoughts of Dr a[1].P.J. Abdul Kalam

Thoughts of Dr a[1].P.J. Abdul Kalam



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Published by venkatdhokale

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Published by: venkatdhokale on Feb 09, 2009
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 Thoughts of Dr Thoughts of Dr Thoughts of Dr Thoughts of Dr A.P.J. AbdulA.P.J. AbdulA.P.J. AbdulA.P.J. Abdul KalamKalamKalamKalam
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Thoughts for Youth
The biggest problem Indian youth face, I feel, is a lack of clarity of vision, alack of direction. What I want to say is that no one, however poor, unprivilegedsmall need feel disheartened about life. Problems are a part of life. Suffering isessence of success.I will not be presumptions enough to say that my life can be a role modelfor anybody; but some poor child living in an obscure place, in anunderprivileged social setting may find a little solace in the way my destiny has been shaped. It could perhaps motivate such children liberate themselves fromthe bondage of their illusory backwardness and hopelessness. Irrespective of  where they are right now, they should be aware that God is with them and whenHe is with them, who can be against them?
There is no doubt that childhood inspirations laid the foundation of my life. I was born in Rameshwaram Island. The great ocean, its mighty waves andthe enormous sky that enveloped everything that you can see did cast their magicspell on me. Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for mankind. As a small boy, I never got tired of sitting on the sandy beach and gazing at the sea for hourson end. I would imagine that the ocean told me many things. Sure it did andevery time a new thing! The many moods of the ocean, its untiring waves, thegentle breeze on the seashore, the high and low tides, and the sea's joyous swellon the full moon night - all these, I thought, closely reflected the humans' lifepattern in its many perspectives. All human beings get inspired by seeing, hearing or reading somethingthat strikes a spark in them. The source of inspiration can be a person, a book, a word, an object, even an animal or a bird. In order to retain the impact of aninspiration and convert it into an accomplishment, however, we have to make aconscious effort. When we get inspired, an idea is imbibed in us and we try toexpand and embellish that idea. Man saw the bird and was inspired by its flight.Man's sustained inquest after the inspired thought led him to realize the flyingmachines. Inspiration is the very basis of human endeavor that has spawned with time an exponential trait in the advancement of mankind. The pace of human progress in the early centuries could not have been comparable to whathas been possible in the recent times. It was because of the combined andcumulative effect of the achievements that were behind him and the continually evolving scientific temperament with which man looked at every thing thatinspired him. Moon has been an attraction ever since the first man gaped at it. When it became possible for man to realize the rocket engine to propel himself up, he lost no time to land on its surface. It is a timeless mission of the inspired!
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My Moment of Truth
My ambition was to become an Airforce pilot. I went to attend interview at Airforce Selection Board at Dehradun. When I was not selected, I was deeply disappointed. For a minute, I thought, my only ambition and only opportunity slipped through my fingers. After trekking to Rishikesh, I met Swami Sivananda.I was struck by his irresistible look, almost child-like smile and graciousmanner. I told him my name and he asked why I felt sorrow. I told him about my unsuccessful attempt to join Indian Airforce and my long cherished desire to fly.He smiled, washing away my anxiety almost instantly. Then he said, in a feelable but very deep voice, “Desire when it stems from the heart and spirit when it ispure and intense, and possess awesome electro magnetic energy. This energy isreleased into the ether each night, as the mind falls into the sleep state. Eachmorning it returns to the conscious state reinforced with the cosmic currents.That which has been imaged will surely and certainly be manifested. When thestudent is ready, the teacher will appear. Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life. You are not destined to become an Air Force pilot. What you aredestined to become is not revealed now but it is predetermined Forget thisfailure, as it was essential to lead you to your destined path. Search, instead, forthe true purpose of your existence Become one with yourself, my son! Surrender you to the wish of God," Swamiji said. How true! Here was the teacher to show the way to a student who had nearly gone astray! I took a different path withstrong desires to lead my life.I fully involved myself in my work, with a strong desire to achieve wherever and whatever work I did. Desires brought forth dreams and dreams brought them into reality. Looking the way back, I feel now how true it is.Desires drive us to achieve the things we wanted to have. We are all born with adivine fire within us. When the desire is pure and intense, the fire gets ignited by the desire. The light which comes out of the fire will energize us and dispel thedarkness and we all should strive for keeping up the light for achieving greatnessfor ourselves and our country.
Results from Experiences
 Yesterday, I received a phone call from a girl hailing from Maharashtra. An IAS aspirant from a very poor family, this girl was supported by her teacher totravel to Delhi. She borrowed two decent dresses for the visit and made agruelling search to locate a distant relative where she could get shelter. Whatmade her to call me? She said she read the Marathi translation of my book 'Wingsof Fire' that dared her to dream and solace and strength to endure her struggle. Ifelt satisfied in the sense that a few souls could identify themselves with book.They find my life resonating with their own. Poverty is a curse. Forty percent of our people live below poverty line and unless our GDP gallops to double digits, we will remain a land of isolated islands of prosperity and affluence in an oceanof misery and hardships.

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1 I realize that small aim is a crime. I will have a goal and work hard to achieve that goal. 2 I will work with integrity and succeed with integrity. 3 I will be a good citizen, a good member of my family, a good member of the society, a good member of the nation and a good member of the world. 4 I will always try to save or better someone's life. Wherever I am, a thought will always come to my m
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