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The Career Ladder Test _ts

The Career Ladder Test _ts

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Published by Djibril Diatta

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Published by: Djibril Diatta on Jan 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collège Privé Marie Curie (2012/013) Name: _______________________________ Class: _______________ 
When Rokhaya left school, she applied for a job in a local company. They gave her a job as a trainee.
didn’t earn much, but
gave her in-house training, and she did several training courses.Rokhaya worked hard and her
looked good. Her manager was very pleased with herprogress and she soon got a good pay rise. After two years she
was promoted 
. After five years she was incharge of a department with five employees under her.By the time Rokhaya was thirty, she decided she wanted a fresh challenge and a career change. Shewanted to work abroad, so she
and started looking for another job. After a month she got a jobwith an international company
involved a lot of foreign travel. She was very excited about this andat first she really enjoyed it.But after six months, R
okhaya started to dislike the travelling and living in hotels. She didn’t do well
in the job either. After a year the company
her, and Rokhaya found life difficult. She wasunemployed for nine months until she got a
 part-time job
in the kitchen of a restaurant.Rokhaya loved the restaurant. She enjoyed learning to cook, and two years later she took over therestaurant. After a year, she opened a second one, and after 20 years she had 10 restaurants. Last yearRokhaya
at the age of 50. She finally became a rich woman.
Text title: read the text carefully and find a relevant title for it.
Vocabulary: Match each phrase in A with its appropriate definition or synonym in B. (1.5 pts)
dismiss someone 1.
be given a better positionb.
resign 2.
future possible successes in a jobc.
be promoted 3.
stop performing one’s work (usually at 60 or 65)
prospects 4.
expel from a jobe.
retire 5.
 job consisting in working less than the standard time for itf.
part-time job 6.
leave a job voluntarily7.
half- an- hour job
a b c d e f 
Match each paragraph with one of these titles. (2.5 pts) Answers:
1.____ 2.____ 3.____ 4.____ 5.____ 
4. Find the logical answer on the right for each of the questions on the left. (2 pts)
When did Rokhaya apply for a job? 1.
She wanted to work abroad.b.
Why did she soon get a pay rise? 2.
In the kitchen of a restaurant.c.
Why did she resign? 3.
For nine months.d.
How long was she unemployed? 4.
Because her manager was very pleased with her progress.5.
After she had quitted school.
a._____ b.______ c.______ d.______ 
Paragraphs Titles
1 a.
Leaving the company2 b.
Moving up3 c.
Getting a job4 d.
Happier times5 e.
Hard timesf.
School days

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