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ECWANDC Minutes - December 1, 2012

ECWANDC Minutes - December 1, 2012

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December Town Hall meeting minutes

December Town Hall meeting minutes

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ECWANDC Meeting Minutes | Page 1
Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2012
Crenshaw United Methodist * 3740 Don Felipe Drive * Los Angeles, CA 90008
Present Excused Un-excused
Present Excused Un-excused
David Winston, Chair X Wendell Conn (Area 2) XDenise Stansell, Co-Chair X Carl Morgan (Area 2) XYvonne Ellett, Rec.SecretaryX Lark Galloway-Gilliam (Area 3) TardyLanz Alexander, Treasurer X Jackie Ryan (Area 3) XRonda Brown (At Large) XMadeleine Renee-Walters,Corresponding SecretaryXKaren Caesar (At Large) XMary Jones-Darks (Area 1) X Jason Lombard (At Large) XWilson Washensky (Area 1) X Johnnie Raines (At Large) X
Call to Order & Roll Call:
The meeting was called to order at 9:31 am by Denise Stansell, Co-Chair. A quorum was present.Denise read the rules of the meeting. Everyone self-introduced.
SLO Report:
No Lead Officer was present. Jason pointed out that Officer Sasajima’s name does not have an ‘h’, which is howwe’ve been spelling it.
Public Comment
Robert Rubio announced the Poinsettia Planting scheduled for 11:30 was cancelled because there is an issue with theECWANDC Credit Card. David had put in a request to increase the credit limit but it had yet to go through.- 96 plants were donated by Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, which were planted at the 90008 Post Office and Leimert Park Village.- The plants will be put in with available volunteers when the funds come through. $1,500 for 278 plants from Lowe’s.- There will be 100 less plants this year because the ECWANDC wasn’t able to help as much.
Phyllis Taylor of the Rancho Cienega Tennis Club announced two upcoming events:- A children’s youth festival taking place at the Rancho Cienega Recreation Center on 12/15- State Senator Curren Price’s Holiday Party at his offices across from CAAM at Exposition Park on 12/12
Phyllis inquired about the closure of the Jim Gilliam Tennis Courts. She understands there’s a crack in one of the courts, butthey can play around it. Denise informed everyone there is a Job Order for the courts’ resurfacing. Kimani added the need to findmoney for the total construction, not a quickie repair.
Kimani Black (CD10) gave a few announcements:
- Councilperson Wesson’s Turkey Giveaway at the CD 10 offices, located at 1819 South Western Avenue on 12/13, 9am – 1pm forages 55+. All incomes are welcome to apply. Call (323) 733-8233.- Holiday lights are going up in Leimert Park Village.- The Councilperson’s annual Toy Giveway will be on 12/15, 9am - 1pm at the CD 10 offices. There will be snow, food & toys. They’llbe doing outreach directly with area schools and through Community Build.
Mary announced the Jim Gilliam Toy Giveaway is taking place on 12/22, 10am – 1 pm.
Johnnie announced the Southwest C-PAB Toy Giveaway is scheduled for 12/22 at the Transfiguration Church in Leimert Park.
Lanz advised that P.A.C.E. is offering free assistance with utility bills to low income households. Call (213) 989-3250.
 Baldwin Hills Crenshaw events:
- Jason introduced the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw new Director of Marketing, Rachel Erickson.- 12/8 is the Annual 8th Council District Toy Giveaway. There will be Toys and snow at the Staples parking lot from 10am – 1pm.- 12/7-12/30, there will be ‘ice’ skating in the mall’s Center Court.- February 2013, the Pan African Film Festival returns for 10 days. Also in February, there will be a 2-day Health Fare with seminarsfocusing on healthy eating.- To answer a Stakeholder inquiry, stores change locations within the mall for space renovations and square footage requirements.
ECWANDC Meeting Minutes | Page 2
Johnnie said the Southwest Community-Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) was holding its Annual Holiday party at the SouthwestPolice Station. Normally the group meets every 1st Monday of every month, 6:30 pm, at the Child Guidance Clinic, 3787 S. VermontAvenue, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Interested Stakeholders are welcome to attend.
The Shuttle Task Force Tree Committee:
- Is in the process of reviewing tree selection for MLK/Crenshaw.- Balancing of the trees trimmed during Endeavour’s trek is at the Science Center’s cost. The Committee is looking into options tohave the Science Center trim other trees without dipping into the N/C’s Tree-trimming fund. Right now there is a $100estimate/tree for trimming which is high. The Committee is asking the Science Center to find other bids.- Replacement trees are being researched with an eye towards introducing seasonal color into the Crenshaw evergreen mix. TreePeople, Northeast Trees, and the Baldwin Hills Conservancy are all being called upon for their expertise.- Magnolias and palm trees are not going to be replaced in kind since they did not thrive. Pink Trumpet, London Plane, Eucalyptusand Canary Pines are on the list as potential replacement trees. Perhaps Liquid Amber. A Stakeholder suggested Crape Myrtle.Yvonne said Crape Myrtles are drought tolerant but don’t grow tall. The object is to have high enough canopies so the trees do notblock merchant signage.- Carl asked about the Historic Designation of the Crenshaw trees. Lark said she is working with the Mayor’s Office to get seats forSouth L.A. on Master Plan L.A.- Yvonne suggested sidewalk repair for La Brea Avenue between the Jim Gilliam Park and Coliseum. Mary said the Baldwin VillageCommunity is working with Wesson’s office to repair that sidewalk & its wall on the East side of the street.- There is still concern about replacing the Park Mesa trees vs. the MTA construction of Crenshaw/LAX.- Johnnie closed by saying that tree trimming requests need to be in writing. It’s OK to email him directly at utjr3@aol.com.
Item:Review & Approval of Meeting MinutesDiscussionHighlights:
Yvonne did not bring the 11/19 minutes since three other meeting minutes still had to be approved. Shehad emailed the minutes to everyone prior to the meeting for review. Email review of the minutes priorto the meeting seemed to work for everyone. Lark replied with CC: to all with a minor edits.
Jason motioned for approval of the September 17, 2012 minutes (no revisions). Mary seconded.VOTE: 10 Yays, 1 Abstention
Lark motioned for approval of the October 6, 2012 minutes (with edits on the Leimert Park homelessencampment and the funding of election outreach). Jason seconded.VOTE: 10 Yays, 1 Abstention
Lark motioned for approval of the October 15, 2012 minutes (with edits on the 10 Fwy homelessencampment and Faisal Robles’ name). Jason seconded.VOTE: 10 Yays, 1 Abstention
Item:Credit Card ExpendituresDiscussionHighlights:
Lanz read the itemized October credit card expenditures for October.
Yvonne asked for the final total to add to the Minutes. A brief discussion concluded with Yvonnetaking Lanz’ note. He will type a formal report.
Items totaled $1,065.12
Lark moved to accept the Credit Card Expenditures Report, pending a formally typed report. Maryseconded.VOTE: Unanimous.
Item:Public Land Use & Beautification Committee – CarlDiscussionHighlights:
Carl noted that not much is going on. The Village Green Trees and the Crenshaw Live permit arepending.
A question: has The Village Green letter been sent? No. The letter needs to be corrected to 2:1 treereplacement.
In March MTA will advise if the Leimert Park station will be a shell (placeholding a station) or an actualone.
For Park Mesa, the Public Utilities Commission hasn’t ruled on the at grade crossings between 48th &54th Streets yet. Look for public hearings. The fight to put the light rail underground would delay itgreatly because there’ not EIR to do so.
BOTACH: David Lara of Building & Safety hasn’t responded yet. Yvonne reminded the Board we haveto make a list of items to go through Wesson’s office and this should be on that list. Johnnie pointed out
ECWANDC Meeting Minutes | Page 3the main reason we’ve been so unsuccessful with the business is because we keep accusing it of sellinginstead of what it’s actually doing – warehousing.
Item:Mayor’s Budget Advisor’s Report – Romerol MalveauxDiscussionHighlights:
A retreat for all Advisors and Alternates will be on 12/1, afternoon.
The Budget Advisors for South L.A. will communicate for the ECWANDC, Empowerment CongressNorth, Empowerment Congress Central and Park Mesa. The Advisors are from EC Central, EC North withRomerol as the Alternate from ECWANDC.
Last year’s priorities will be reviewed. This year’s priories will be taken from a Budget Survey whichwill be distributed to City Residents. Last year’s suggestions were for Public/Private partnerships to takeon the costs of items like the LA Zoo or the LA Convention Center. Labor issues were looked into –pension reform, health care contributions salary freezes or layoffs – as well as raising revenue via newtaxes for hotels or parking lots.
She stressed it is key to get the word out. Last year’s participation in South LA was only at 11%compared to East LA at 14% or the San Fernando Valley at 20%.
Romerol volunteered her availability for Block Club meetings.
Lark noted that wording on the Budget Survey was leading in the past. Perhaps the language couldraise less emotion, especially for subjects like Safety.
The Mayor has already suggested moving the Dept. of Public Works into the Department of Transportation (DOT). There’s been a motion by the City Council to raise the sales tax.
Item:Baldwin Village Community in Action Funding Request - $1,200DiscussionHighlights:
(Mary recused herself from the room)
Heather Green presented the funding request for the organizations Christmas event at Jim GilliamPark on 12/19.
Lark said the proposal should have come directly to the Finance Committee but she didn’t receive ituntil shortly before the meeting. Johnnie said the Finance Committee had arrived earlier in order to havethe Finance Meeting before the Town Hall.
The Finance Committee has to reconcile line items from prior events to balance the Community EventBudget. The next Finance Committee Meeting will be on 12/17.
There was a question of the possibility to go ahead and vote on the proposal since the party is on12/19. There wouldn’t be enough time to pass the funding and purchase everything.
There is a need to be consistent. Board members need to follow procedure. The Finance CommitteeAgenda didn’t go out because Lark didn’t get the paperwork in a timely manner.
A comment was made that the poinsettia funding went through without following process. Larkcorrected that comment by going through each step that had been followed.
A question: where are the rules for procedure? On the Empowerment LA web site.
There is a need for application guidelines, including form availability at every meeting.
A Stakeholder suggested that Robert’s Rules of Order allow for a 5 minute break from the meeting fora discussion.
Jason reiterated the demand for Agendas. Lark added the Board needs training reminders. Followingprocess is important for the Budget. The application was not received prior to the meeting.
Lanz recapped that the Board is torn between using process but the tragedy is that there’s no timefor the Stakeholder if we do. Johnnie and Mary knew about the Finance Committee meeting prior to theTown Hall, but Lanz and Lark did not. He chided the Board “not to use ‘process’ as an excuse.”
A Stakeholder noted the breakdown on the Board, adding, “Baldwin Village needs positive activities.”
Romerol questioned if it was possible to fund the request without review or to call an emergencymeeting after the close of the Town Hall.
Lark explained we can’t have a Finance Committee meeting
a meeting.
Denise asked if the Finance Committee could hold a special meeting. Yvonne noted the next BoardMeeting would be on 12/17, when everyone is preparing for Christmas.
Yvonne moved to move the 12/17 meeting to 12/10. Jason seconded. Lark volunteered the CHC meetingroom. 3731 Stocker Street, 2nd floor. The Board Meeting at 6:30 pm with the Finance Committeemeeting at 6 pm.VOTE: 11 YAYS, 1 Abstention

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