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West, War and Islam

West, War and Islam

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Published by Asif_Ali_1564
A Great Read...
A Great Read...

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Published by: Asif_Ali_1564 on Jan 10, 2013
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The West, War and Islam
Ernst Zündel
<pdf> by AAARGHInternet2005
Zündel : The West, War and Islam ––––––––––––> 2
April 9, 2001
In 1980 I wrote a four-page essay entitled
The West, War and Islam.
It was a thumbnail sketch of what ailed the world – and what forceskept people around the globe in ignorance and bondage.I mailed that essay to a special list of addresses sent to me by someone who had access to the highest echelons of business,government, military, intelligence and banking circles – from Morocco toBrunei.Every intelligence chief of every Moslem country, even princes, kingsand prime ministers and their chiefs of staff, were on that priceless list.I sent Revisionist material to these names - in English, Arabic,German, and French, because I knew that most had been educated inelite military academies and the best universities in the world, especially in Europe and America.My appeal was very simple: To stop wasting resources and petro-dollars on outdated Western military hardware – missiles, planes etc. – and to spend it instead on a massive worldwide information campaigncentered around Revisionist findings, using the already then-existingrevisionist network, publications and book publishers to reach out to thedecent people in the West – to achieve liberation through information by peaceful, democratic means
! For what was feeding Israel was Westernignorance and subsequent complicity 
! There was very, very little feedback from the Moslem Crescent. There was an amazingly furious reaction, however, from Zionistslike Simon Wiesenthal and Sabina Citron, a Toronto-based Jewish multi-millionairess.At her behest, I was criminally charged for publishing this essay,and after a 7-week trial, astonishingly – after all the nasty media hypeagainst me – a jury of my peers found me "not guilty" of that charge.During my trial, my essay was dissected, analyzed, discussed – andI was cross-examined at length about it in court. The spectators sneered. The media were full of derision when I said I feared the outbreak of a warin the Middle East – and wanted to prevent it by a Disarming Campaignof Truth-Information
! The Jury seemed to believe me. My enemies went
Zündel : The West, War and Islam ––––––––––––> 3
into overdrive to stop me – ever since
! They have hounded me fortwenty years for pioneering that East-West Revisionist Axis that is finally coming about
! Even then, they feared that combination of Revisionismand Revisionists with the Arab struggle for self-liberation. The Zionistsknew that those Western-trained university graduates, deftly put intoleadership slots as soon as their education was finished, had their mindscolonized by largely Jewish-Zionist-Marxist teachings
! They knew thatthese students left Europe and America with their minds being "occupiedterritory" – justlike the Gaza Strip and West Bank today 
!Sadly, it took a generation and decades of needless suffering, war,revolutions, thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of wounded andtortured victims for a new crop of Arab-speaking political and intelligenceanalysts and intellectuals to realize «that Revisionism can be the magickey to unlock the gate to freedom from mental slavery 
 That's what is reflected above
!Revisionism is a primordial force – a vital life force
! What ishappening in Amman today will increasingly happen in other Arab-speaking capitals andcountries. The Force is with this new generation. The truth will out. Evolution and not revolution is the answer. Withtoday's development, I believe with all my heart, the Sun is Rising in theEast.

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