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Rainbow Council BSA 2012 Audit RFP

Rainbow Council BSA 2012 Audit RFP

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Published by Brian McDaniel

The Rainbow Council BSA is accepting proposals from CPA firms to provide audit and tax services for the Boy Scouts on a three-year cycle.

The Rainbow Council BSA is accepting proposals from CPA firms to provide audit and tax services for the Boy Scouts on a three-year cycle.

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Published by: Brian McDaniel on Jan 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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The Rainbow Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Request for Proposal Page 1of 3The Rainbow Council, Boy Scouts of America, hereinafter referred to as
“the Boy Scouts” is accepting proposals
from CPA firms to provide audit and tax services for the Boy Scouts on a three-year cycle. We invite your firm tosubmit a proposal to us by 5pm on January 31, 2013 for consideration.The proposal must be signed by an official authorized to bind the firm, and it shall contain a statement to the effectthat the proposal is firm for a period of at least 90 days from the closing date for submission of proposals.This solicitation does not commit the Boy Scouts to award contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of aproposal, or to procure or contract for these services. The Boy Scouts reserves the right to accept or reject allproposals received as a part of this request, to waive formalities, to negotiate with all qualified firms, or to cancel inpart or in its entirety this proposal, if it is in the best interest of the Boy Scouts.
Services to be Performed
Your proposal is expected to cover the following services:1.
Audit (including preparation of our financial statements)2.
Preparation of related Federal Form 990 and any state related forms3.
A report on any internal control deficiencies or weaknesses4.
Any proposed audit adjustments must be submitted on a form the Council providesThe fee should be broken down by audit and tax services. Separately include any estimated expenses you expect toincur and for which you expect reimbursement. The audit should be complete by May 1, 2013. In addition, a draftof the financial statements and management letter must be completed by April 15, 2013. We would expect an exitconference with the audit team at the completion of your fieldwork that would cover any proposed audit adjustmentsyou expect to make together with an explanation of any deficiencies in our internal control structure you plan tonote.
Key Personnel
Following are key contacts for information you may seek in preparing your proposal:Lori ManiettaOffice Manager2600 North Winterbottom RoadMorris, IL 60450815-942-4450Steve Weber, CPACouncil Treasurer11602 West Abbey RoadMokena, IL 60448815-405-0255weber1040@sbcglobal.netMarc RyanScout Executive2600 North Winterbottom RoadMorris, IL 60450815-942-4450MarcRyan@BSAMail.orgBrian McDanielAudit Committee Chairman2508 Fox Meadow DriveCrest Hill, IL 60403630-319-0715Brian.McDaniel@Comcast.net
Other Pertinent Information
The Boy Scouts will provide the Scout Executive Guide to the Audit that describes report formatting,pertinent information required for writing the notes section, and BSA policies regarding matters where theNational Council is allowed by the AICPA to set corporate standards.2.
Prior year’s Local Council Audit Review Record
will be available for use
in ensuring the audit is “BSACompliant.”
The Boy Scouts will prepare reports and schedules, reproduce and provide documents as needed.
The Rainbow Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Request for Proposal Page 2of 34.
Wermer, Rogers, Doran, and Ruzon LLC of Joliet performed the most recent services for the fiscal yearending December 31, 2011. Copies of prior reports and management letters are available upon request.5.
All applicable services should be performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards(GAAS) as adopted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, BSA policy and any otherapplicable requirements and standards that apply.6.
We will require ten copies of the Auditors Report together with financial statements, management letter,and any internal control and compliance report you plan to issue.7.
If additional work should have to be performed by the auditors due to their initial work not meeting theauditing standards, such work will be done at no additional charge to the Boy Scouts. Subject to theprovisions below, the contract may be terminated by the Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts.a.
Termination for Convenience: The Boy Scouts may, without cause, terminate this contract inwhole or in part at any time for its convenience with a ten (10) day written notice to theContractor. In such instance, an adjustment shall be made to the Contractor, for reasonable costsof the work performed through the date of termination. Termination costs do not include lostprofits, consequential damages, or unabsorbed or absorbed overhead for the Contractor or itssubcontractors. Contractor expressly waives any damages or indirect costs that may arise from theBoy Scout's election to terminate this contract in whole or in part for its convenience.b.
Termination for Cause: Termination by the Boy Scouts for cause, default, or negligence on thepart of the Contractor shall be excluded from the foregoing provisions. Termination costs, if any,shall not apply. The ten (10) days advance notice requirement is waived, and the default provisionin this proposal shall apply.8.
The BSA accounting system has the ability to export the chart of accounts in electronic form. Dependingon the accountant's software, it may be possible to import the chart of accounts into your software.
Your Response to the Request for Proposal
As discussed earlier, responses to this proposal are due no later than 5PM on January 31, 2013. Please submit anelectronic copy utilizing Microsoft Word or the PDF format. Submit responses to:Brian McDanielAudit Committee ChairmanBrian.McDaniel@Comcast.Net You may also fax a copy to the Rainbow Council in care of Mr. McDaniel at 815-942-6716.In responding to this request, please provide the following information formatted in the order listed:1.
Detail your firm's experience in providing auditing and tax services to organizations in the nonprofitindustry as well as organizations of a comparable size.2.
Identify the partner, manager, and in-charge accountant who will be assigned to our job if you aresuccessful in your bid. Provide biographies of all members together with their experience in serving thenonprofit industry.3.
Describe how your firm will approach the audit of the Boy Scouts.4.
Furnish standard billing rates for classes of professional personnel.5.
Provide reference names and contact information for other nonprofit organizations.6.
Describe how and why you are the best firm to be awarded the contract.7.
Include the estimated number of hours by level of staff that you expect to incur and the correspondinghourly rates.8.
Include a copy of your firm's most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm'sresponse to the letter of comments.
Evaluation of Proposals
The Boy Scouts will evaluate proposals on a qualitative basis. This includes our review of the firm's peer reviewreports and related materials, interviews with senior engagement personnel to be assigned to the Boy Scouts, results

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