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Taft Union High School Security Newsletter

Taft Union High School Security Newsletter

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Published by paulfarrell1895
A Taft Union High School security newsletter which says that the school has a sheriff's deputy as well as two school supervisors. A shooting occurred at the school on January 10th.
A Taft Union High School security newsletter which says that the school has a sheriff's deputy as well as two school supervisors. A shooting occurred at the school on January 10th.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: paulfarrell1895 on Jan 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elementary School Template
Principal’s Message
We are excited about the progress we have made at Ta
Union High School. Rigorous classes,coupled with a caring, nurturing atmosphere, ensure that all students have an excellent core aca-demic curriculum in language arts, mathema
cs, science, and social science, as well as a full com-plement of elec
ves.The sta
has high expecta
ons for students and promotes a secure, orderly learning environ-ment. Our school has aligned its curriculum with the California Content Standards, and our teach-ers’ primary goal is to ensure that all students not only learn these standards, but are also pro
-cient in their knowledge of them. Our core area departments have developed teaching guides,benchmark assessments and benchmark remedia
on programs designed to ensure that studentslearn the State standards. In addi
on, the district has implemented gradua
on requirements thatfocus, in part, with student performance on the California Standards Tests.Our Board of Trustees is committed to providing the best education for our students. Throughsound financial management and a focus on student achievement, Taft High continues to offersmall classes and a well-rounded program that will benefit our students well into the 21st century.Sincerely,
Dr. Mark Richardson, Principal 
Taft Union High School
School Accountability Report Card
Dr. Mark Richardson,
11 School Accountability Report CardPublished During the 2011
12 School Year
School Safety
Our comprehensive disaster preparedness plan addresses natural disasters and threats of vio-lence. We revise the plan annually. The School Safety plan was last reviewed and updated in Janu-ary 2011. Students and all sta
ce regular onsite evacua
on drills.
During lunch, Ta
High is an open campus, which means that students can leave campus for lunchand return at the end of the lunch period. All visitors must register in the principal’s o
ce. Twocampus supervisors and a uniform deputy sheri
(the school resource o
cer) monitor the cam-pus before, during and a
er school.
District’s Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the community with a comprehensive public high school where all stu-dents receive the best possible educa
on in a safe and secure environment. This must includeresponsible use of the human and physical resources of the district and an ongoing assessment of the educa
onal programs. These objec
ves will be achieved by the combined e
orts and input of our sta
, students and community which include parents, businesses, industry, and all other lev-els of educa
on. Our educa
onal programs will provide a level of academic excellence which willhelp students in the development of:
A basic core of knowledge that will enable students to par
cipate produc
vely as ci
zensand pursue their aspira
ons, be that at home, in the workforce, through advanced training,or at colleges and universi
The ability to gather, organize, and analyze informa
on and apply it to solving problems andmaking decisions.
The self-discipline to work independently and the con
dence to work collabora
The ability to recognize the similari
es and di
erences in individuals and cultures in waysthat are mutually bene
An adaptability to change by recognizing opportuni
es for learning and growth throughouttheir lives.
 701 Seventh Street Ta
, CA 93268
(661) 763-2300
(661) 763-1445
Taft Union High SchoolDistrict Board of Trustees
George Harmer, President 
Tom White, Clerk 
Ken Anderson
Stan Barre
Rick Twisselman
 701 7th StreetTa
, CA 93268
(661) 763-2300
(661) 763-1445www.ta
Taft UnionHigh School District
In accordance with Stateand federal requirements, theSchool Accountability ReportCard (SARC) is put forth annuallyby all public schools as a tool forparents and interested par
es tostay informed of the school’sprogress, test scores andachievements.
Taft Union High School
2010-11 SARC
California PhysicalFitness Test
Each spring, all students in grades 5, 7,and 9 are required to participate in theCalifornia Physical Fitness Test (PFT).The
® is the designated PFTfor students in California public schoolsput forth by the State Board of Educa-tion. PFT measures six key fitness areas:1. Aerobic Capacity2. Body Composi
on3. Flexibility4. Abdominal Strengthand Endurance5. Upper Body Strengthand Endurance6. Trunk Extensor Strengthand FlexibilityEncouraging and assisting students inestablishing lifelong habits of regularphysical activity is the primary goalof the
®. The table showsthe percentage of students meetingthe fitness standards of being in the“healthy fitness zone” for the mostrecent testing period. For more detailedinformation on the California PFT,please visit www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/pf/.
Percentage of StudentsMee
ng Fitness StandardsGrade 9Four of Six Standards
Five of Six Standards
Six of Six Standards
English Learners
Students withDisabili
Union HS
Student Enrollment by GroupClass Size
08-09 09-10 10-11The bar graph displays the three-year data for average class size.
Enrollment and Demographics
The total enrollment at the school was 935 students for the 2010-11 school year.**
Enrollment data was gathered from DataQuest and is accurate as of May 2011.
Class Size Distribu
on — Number of Classrooms By Size08
09 09
10 10
11Subject 1
22 23
32 33+ 1
22 23
32 33+ 1
22 23
32 33+English
Language Arts
41 16 34 16 1 46 16
33 9 29 29 32 8
20 4 24 24 21 12
Social Science
21 17 20 20 26 12
Hispanic orLatino39%American Indianor Alaska Native1%Native Hawaiianor PacificIslander1%Filipino1%Black or AfricanAmerican1%White54%Two or MoreRaces3%
18 18 18231918192217182018English-Language Arts Mathematics Science History-Social Science
Taft Union High School
2010-11 SARC
School Facility Items Inspected
The table shows the results of the school’s most recent inspec
on using the Facility Inspec
onTool (FIT) or equivalent school form. The following is a list of items inspected.
Gas Systems and Pipes, Sewer,Mechanical Systems (hea
ng, ven
on,and air condi
Interior Surfaces (
oors,ceilings, walls, and window casings)
Pest/Vermin Control, OverallCleanliness (school grounds, buildings,rooms, and common areas)
Electrical Systems(interior and exterior)
Restrooms,Sinks/Drinking Fountains (interiorand exterior)
Fire Safety Equipment,Emergency Systems, HazardousMaterials (interior and exterior)
Structural Condi
Windows/Doors/Gates/Fences,Playgrounds/School Grounds
School Facility Good Repair Status
This inspec
on determines the school facility's good repair status using ra
ngs of good condi
on,fair condi
on, or poor condi
on. The overall summary of facility condi
ons uses ra
ngs of exem-plary, good, fair, or poor condi
on. At the
me of this school facility inspec
on, no de
ciencieswere found.
School Facility Good Repair StatusItems Inspected Repair Status Items Inspected Repair StatusSystems
Overall Summary of Facility Condi
Date of the Most Recent School Site Inspec
Date of the Most Recent Comple
on of the Inspec
on Form
School Facilities
Union High School was built in 1912 and has been updated over the years to be a state-of-the-art facility. The school has a well-stocked library, computer resource center, computers availablein every classroom, a television studio, two gyms, a new aqua
c center, a wood shop, an autoshop, food lab and auditorium. The school is impeccably maintained and provides a safe, cleanenvironment for students.
Our classrooms and buildings re
ect our pride in our school. Our custodial sta
provides highquality maintenance and daily cleaning. We complete rou
ne maintenance work according to aseasonal schedule. We have designed a well-planned Deferred Maintenance Program to ensurethat all buildings are kept in good shape. To address the growth in our course o
erings, teachers,students, our District business manager and MOT director, our principal, and the superintendenthave developed a master plan for facili
es that includes adding future classrooms.
Parental Involvement
We encourage parents to become edu-cational partners through our variousadvisory committees: School Site Coun-cil (SSC), Parent Support Organization(PSO) or District English Learner Adviso-ry Committee (DELAC). The SSC reviewsachievement data and budgets, andupdates the Single School Plan for Stu-dent Achievement each year. DELACcovers a wide variety of topics of inter-est to parents of English Learners. Assis-tance for bilingual parents is available invarious offices on campus, and all mail-ings are done in English and Spanish.Parents and students are also involvedin Band Boosters and help raise moneyfor special projects.
The PSO raises money for scholarshipsby staffing the snack bars at track meetsand football, basketball and baseballgames. Teachers and staff connect withparents via a parent portal to our stu-dent information system called My Catsand via our website, marquees, emailand the local media. The Student Hand-book is updated each year and distribut-ed to parents. To find out how to volun-teer at Taft High, please contactDr. Mark Richardson, Principal, at(661) 763-2300. 
Suspensions and Expulsions
This table shows the rate of suspensionsand expulsions (the total number of incidents divided by the school’s totalenrollment) for the most recent three-year period.
Suspensions and Expulsions
Suspension and Expulsion RatesTa
Union HS Ta
09 09
10 10
11 08
09 09
10 10
11Suspension Rate
0.284 0.145 0.151 0.742 0.345 0.300
Expulsion Rate
0.007 0.004 0.011 0.023 0.013 0.024

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