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Dark Heresy Shipboard Encounter Tables

Dark Heresy Shipboard Encounter Tables

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Published by Brian Rae
For Dark Heresy
For Dark Heresy

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Published by: Brian Rae on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Random Shipboard Encounters Table
Contributed by Wildeyedjester, Lightbringer
Here is a now completeencounter table for shipboard journeys for Dark Heresy. The vastmajority of these assume that this is an ongoing warp journey, but mostwill work equally well for realspace voyages.To use, roll a D100 and roleplay out the appropriate encounter.1. Stowaway! The players hear a heated argument between the ship's crew and a young man. It turns out that the manstowed aboard the ship at the last port. As is traditional aboard this ship, the crew are now proposing to throw him out ofthe nearest airlock. Will the Players let this happen?2. Warp ripples. The protective Gellar fields around the ship flex and shudder. All players have a momentary series ofhorrific visions.3. Water tank flood. A water tank bursts in a compartment adjoining the player's berth. Their compartment begins to fillwith rancid water, and the crew seal off their compartment. The players will have to convince a sceptical crew that it isworth risking the rest of the ship to let them out before they drown...4. Navigator. The crew meet one of the rare Navigators wandering through the ship. He is a particularly disturbingexample of his peculiar breed, with obvious physical mutations. How do the players react to this unique individual?5. Swab the decks. A cleaning servitor who appears to be built into some sort of large scrubbing machine/automop goeshaywire and attacks the players.6. Game of chance. Some of the void-born crew are playing a peculiar card game. If the players join in, they discover thatsome of the imagery on the cards is rather...alarming. (The Ace of hounds, the five of flies, the prince of serpents, theslave of eagles...) Are the gamers ignorant of the hidden meaning behind the game, or is this a sly attempt to initiate theplayers into a cult.7. Grav-shock. Suddenly the players experience zero-gravity, for complex scientific reasons too tortuous to explain. theplayers begin to float around, which could be dangerous in the larger compartments...8. Shipboard romance. The players hear noises aboard a lifepod under a tarpaulin, and investigate. They find a youngcouple lost in the throes of passion. It is immediately obvious that one of the lovers is a ship's officer, the other a rating.Such conduct is unseemly and forbidden: how do the players react?9. Strange cargo. The players discover that a crate has split open in the cargo hold. It appears to full of devotional
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images of Saint Milus the Attanite. However, they appear to be made of a weird white powder which crumbles easily.What is the powder? And why do some of the passengers seem willing to kill to keep it a secret?10. Strange Cargo II. The players discover that a crate has split open in the cargo hold. Amazing that you could fit a live,ravenously hungry Sauroid into such a small crate... Are the players interested in finding out why it was there in the firstplace?11. Distress Call - The ship receives an urgent distress call from a non military vessel very nearby. When the shiparrives, they find a derelict and ancient craft. It looks deserted with no signs of life....12. Saboteur in our midst - One of the crew has taken it upon themselves to try to interfere in whatever current missionthe players are on. This may include rigging doors with grenades, destroying sensitive equipment, fabrication of falserumours, and etc.13. Rogue Worm Hole - Klaxons sound throughout the entire ship, and everything shudders. Most of the power fails andthe ship lurches and shakes. As the power comes back on it is clear that the ship has been carried to an uncharted areavia a rogue worm hole. The ship finds itself just outside orbit of a planet covered by an alien civilization.14. Shipboard Explosion - A torpedo/warhead shifts from its store and explodes in the torpedo bay. A large percentage ofthe crew is injured, the ship is damaged, and much of the ships areas are needed for emergency treatment of thewounded.15. There's something on the wing! - The crew has been hearing random clanking noise outside of the hull. The evenodder thing is that it sounds like footsteps, as if someone is walking around the outside of the ship in heavy boots.Someone will have to put on a void suit and check it out.....16. Inspection - a naval ship contacts the players ship and informs them that they are to stand down at once and makeready for immediate inspection. Armed troopers will come aboard and precede to ransack the ship searching forcontraband OR perhaps the troopers are only posing as naval troops.17. Cabin Fever - A strange malady/disease is being passed amongst the crew of the ship. Those affected are actingstrangely screaming or dancing and running about the ships compartments. The Captain has ordered those affected tobe put into the brig/restrained but more and more of the crew is coming down with the madness.18. A strange superlight craft/space probe locks on the players vessel and gives chase. If the players do not avoid it, itwill ram the players ship and seek to breach the hull. When the players examine the smoking ruins of the craft/probe asmall hatch slides open revealing an ancient but mummified corpse clutching a golden aquila.19. Void Night - This ancient and secretive holiday is meant to appease the angry spirits of the void and warp/show faithto the emperor and his endless vigil in maintaining the astronomicon. The crew will offer up bits of themselves to the void,shaving too closely, pricking fingers and collecting blood. Particularly distressed crews, on this night, have been known tooffer up digits of fingers all the way up to living sacrifices. A secretive ritual is carried out and then the offerings are sentout the airlocks.
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20. Electromagnetic Storm - A nearby pulsar throws off intense waves of electromagnetic radiation. As the ship tries toescape, portions of the ship become heavily magnetized. Servitors and machine priests struggle to keep their feet, asmetal and loose tools are torn from the hands of crew and players.21. Unexpected stop. The ship is suddenly thrown back into realspace by a warp hiccup. The ship is fine, but thenavigator will require a few hours to recover from the experience. During that time the vessel hangs in the void betweenstar systems, surrounded by impenetrable blackness.22. Hull rat infestation. Hull rats, unknowingly taken on board at the last port in a shipment of grain, have started movingabout the ship; chewing through cables and door seals with their razor-sharp teeth. Momentary brown-outs and powerfluctuations announce the rat's presence, and all hands are drafted in to locate and eradicate these annoying pestsbefore the ship suffers too much damage.23. Steam attack! Pass a dodge test or suffer 1D10 E damage from a spontaneous steam leak in a cooling tube!24. Watch out for the dark spots! Pass awareness test or stumble into an open repair pit and suffer 1D10 I damage!25. Hey you! Can you gimme a hand dude!? Pass agility test or lose any one small item or weapon to a dirty thief in thecrew!26. Door control failure! Pass agility test or be trapped for 1D5 hours in a room or corridor until servitors free you!27. Wish they would clean this place! Pass awareness test or slip on a small puddle of oil suffering 1 level of fatigue.28. Why are the lights gone? Pass intelligence test to find your way out of the pitch black ship section or be trapped for3D10 minutes until servitors arrive.29. Ouch, damn little bloodsucking bugs! Pass awareness test or be stung by a fat pox beetle to a random location andsuffer -10 to awareness for 1D5 hours as you scratch the bite on your body!30. bleep what is this place? Pass intelligence test or be lost and find yourself again in room number # D100 and face theeventual consequences, maybe the room was off limits!31. Hey dude got a …? Pass fellowship test or start a brawl with a drunken crew member (citizen profile)!32. Foreigner, did ya know that …? Pass a fellowship test to learn something secret about the ship or crew, fail andsuffer a mouthful of bad breath and be occupied for 3D10 minutes.
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