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Dark Heresy Adventure For I Am the Apocalypse

Dark Heresy Adventure For I Am the Apocalypse

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Published by Brian Rae
Dark Heresy Adventure
Dark Heresy Adventure

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Published by: Brian Rae on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a follow-on to my other adventure, 'Bastion's Fall'. If you've not played that, don't worry – Inquisitor Haeth's emergency beacon is reason enough for the Ordos to come running, regardless of where it happens.The mission would only occur where 'Scorpion' enters the sector, so will need to be a fringe system, but one with at least a little orbital traffic and a size sufficient to rate a small Officio Planetia, and,of course, the party to be there on other unconnected business.Make no mistake, this is one of those missions where a stupid choice can get you killed; not somuch by 'Scorpion', who's already left by the time you arrive, but by Inquisitor Haeth's supposed'secret weapon' and eventual executioner.Whilst playing
 Bastion's Fall 
 Edge of Darkness
is possible, it is important that the party haveencountered the logicians before
 For I Am Thy Apocalypse
or the control implants will bemeaningless (of course, you could just write them out of your version of the campaign)
Introduction:The party should ideally be winding down from another activity, much like the beginning of Bastion's Fall. The key requirement is that they be either near a landing pad or a balcony (the latter  probably more impressive!). In the case of our campaign they were at a meal in a spire-siderestaurant, having just met up for the first time after a significant period of medicae leave.Assuming something similar, one member of the party – the nominated leader, if there is one, will be called to the restaurant's public vox terminal, where there is 'a gentleman who wishes to speak toyou urgently'.The screen shows a middle-aged man with a quite impressive selection of scars. His collar andshoulders are just visible, revealing scarlet carapace armour and inquisitorial emblems. It's difficultto make out anything behind him to suggest where he is.“Sir. My name is Lieutenant Tcheng of the Inquisitorial Guard. As of twelve hours ago, the warning beacon of an inquisitorial ship, the
 Infernus Sicarius
, was activated in the fringes of the system. The beacon is transmitting an urgent, automated, request for assistance from an Inquisitor Haeth.”At this point an awareness test for any party member other than the one currently on the vox will pick out a distant roaring, howling noise.“It took some time to locate you, I'm afraid. We will be making a least-time transit to the outer system to investigate, and, according to the Officio Inquisitorus Planetia, you're coming with us.”Anyone who failed the awareness check the first time will now hear the roaring sound. It's gettingsteadily louder “We have diverted one of the System Defence Fleet's gunships to transport us. It will be crossinglow planetary orbit in six minutes; we're going to rendezvous with it as it passes overhead under  power.” The vox goes dead.This is of course – to anyone with any piloting skill, orbital mechanics background or frankly anycommon sense, ludicrous. The acolyte Tcheng talked to should have enough time to inform theothers of what he's been told, and someone should just about have enough time to ask 'how are wesupposed to get into orbit in six minutes?' as the howl becomes deafening, and the massive crimson-and-brass shape of a thunderhawk gunship lifts over the lip of the balcony, its nose ramp slammingopen and an armoured figure (recognisable to the acoltye who took the vox message as Tcheng) isgesturing furiously for them to get on board. The party will have just enough time to get on board before the thunderhawk starts to lift clear, its ramp closing and its nose turning skywards. They maystruggle to get themselves secured into one of the seats before the main plasma drives fire, throwingthem spacewards with massive G-force (which may well cause some injury to the unprepared – thethunderhawk having been originally designed for Astartes, after all).Those acolytes in a shape to make useful observations will realize that Tcheng is far from alone -there is a section of twenty-five inquisitorial stormtroopers strapped into the thunderhawk's seatsalong with them.The rendezvous with the gunship
 High Protector 
is likely to be equally violent – as Tcheng said, thegunship is accelerating out-system at maximum burn and it is not stopping for them. The landing isgoing to be rough, with the thunderhawk all but crashing in the gu nship's bay.
The Briefing:Tcheng will deliver a briefing once on board the
 High Protector 
. Note that he will always refer tothe acolytes as 'sir' – an astute acolyte, or one with a suitable military or inquisitorial lore willrealise that, as the only formally recognised inquisitorial acoltyes and without an explicator or interrogator along, they are the ranking officers on the mission. Tcheng will confirm this if asked but won't raise the subject himself unless he's waiting for them to make a decision – he assumesthey know. He will still offer advice as required.“I'm afraid, sirs, that there is limited information to go on. We've been mobilized by the Officio onan emergency basis to investigate – not as part of a planned operation. Inquisitor Haeth is not amember of the Ordos Calixis, but from outside the sector. As a result the Officio Planetia doesn'thave much information about what he's doing in the Calixis sector and the beacon doesn't give usmuch more.”
Tcheng has no further information about Haeth. Questions about which sector or Ordo he's fromwill go unanswered. Which, given the truth (Ordo Sicarius) is probably better for the party's sanity.
“What we do have to go on seems to have triggered a major alert. The Inquisitor had disabled awanted ship called the
, and moved in to board it.”
Tcheng will be aware that the Wanderlust was involved in the Bastion incident but doesn't know anydetails.
“It's my understanding that Inquisitor Haeth hunting for someone, and that the
hadrendezvoused with another ship from out-sector and taken them on board. We don't really knowwhom, though. That's......almost all I've been told, sirs.
 No doubt someone will want to know what 'almost' means...
“We do have one thing; a threat warning. Hereticus Terminus Ultima, sirs.”

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