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Dark Heresy Adventure In Dark Places

Dark Heresy Adventure In Dark Places

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Published by Brian Rae
Dark Heresy Adventure
Dark Heresy Adventure

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Published by: Brian Rae on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Dark Places The Emperors Light Shines
This mission is designed for characters of the 3
to 5
career rank.It is not suitable for Conservative/Hard line Puritanical style characters, unless you feel like stretching them a little role play wise.The First Act may not be suitable for Tech-Priests for reasons that become clear in scene one and two, but then again,the players may surprise you and come up with a plan that involves such characters.It is a rather simple “lead them by the nose” type mission, with little room for moving outside the confines of thelocations and scenes involved, and some GM's & Players may not like this style of play.That said, it is a Role Play heavy mission, and will rely on the GM having to talk quite a lot before the players react tothe situations that occur around them.It has been left rules light, but does in places have Rules specific areas which will be Italicised.In mission in brief is as followsAct 1The group are told to question a suspect, they're thrown in to a cell with him, they escape and hide out, all as part of the plot to gain information from him.Act 2The group manage to convince the suspect that they're on his side, and he treats them to a couple of days of luxury before his boss turns up. The boss then offers to hire the group.Act 3The group have to escort the suspect to the space port, and along the way they run across some trouble, meet somerather odd Tech Priests before finally finding the shuttle they have to take. Once they're up in space they get to shootsome asteroids, and then land on a strange new world. On the new world they get to shoot bugs and face somethingVery Nasty in some caves.Act 4They get to go in to battle, run away from battle and get a surprise in the post that doest go Boom!
Cheers for downloading this and enjoy!
Written by Nick SandsAKA: Velvetears
In Dark Places The Emperors Light Shines
Act 1: You're nicked sunshine!
Scene 1: The Brief 
The group are called in to a small room by one of their lords staff, significantly higher than them, Interrogator Magdalena Alterage.A pot of recaff and a plate of delicate pink wafers sit on a side table, alongside (number of players) very fine almost seethrough Vitrian Recaff cups.Behind a basic desk sits a grey hairs woman they've come to know as Mags. Informal almost to the point of heresy evenin front of the groups lord inquisitor.She bids them sit down before pouring out the recaff and adding sweetener cubes just how they like it, and puts two of the pink wafers on to the saucers before passing them over to the characters.For a little while she'll make small talk, refilling the cups occasionally, before a bleep issues from her brocaded jacket pocket which seems to pull her sharply in to focus.“There's some thing I need you to do, just a trivial thing really. Head out to Sector House 37, and question a prisoner they have. His name's Verner Yarni. He was picked up at the space port for bad documentation. I think his paperwork was forged, and not poorly mind you. I want to know why it was forged and who he works for. I have my suspicions,which means you'll be put in the cell with him. For three days. I need you to get him to trust you so he'll tell you theinformation. The local Enforcers tried roughing him up a bit, but it didn't work, so now I need you to try the softlysoftly approach. His papers how him to be a transient scribe, selling his ability to those who wish legal documentationswritten up. Last testaments, shop leases and indenture papers seem to be the scope of his talents mind you. Every thingchecks out but there's something that doesn't seem right.”She informs the characters to discuss amongst them as to why they're in the cell, and lets them make some sort of 'wewere in a bar fight and got arrested' kind of story before telling them they'll need to leave their weapons & armour withher.Synth-Skin will still be allowed to be worn however as it's pretty much a form of clothing, and if a female character iswearing it, she can at least use the cover of a bar dancer or joy girl.Once the group has their story sorted out they'll be taken to Sector House 37...
Scene 2: Processing & Incarceration
Once at Sector House 37 the group are treated like prisoners. None of the staff will listen to them, they will be putthrough the usual measures of retinal scanning, blood extraction, saliva swabs, thermal digital finger printing (leavingthem some what sore on the finger tips for a few hours as the skin heals up) and very possibly being thrown down aflight or two of steps if they resist being taken to their cell.
 Players at this point may become aware that the station house is severely under populated. The usually teeming corridorsare empty except for themselves and the Enforcers hustling them through the corridors.(Awareness +10 to notice this)(Any Arbites officers gain a further +20)(Any Scum gain a further +10)
What the group dont know is that Sector House 37 is due to be demolished within the next week or two, and theEnforcers are really former convicts who have been hired by Magdalena to treat the group as they were treatedthemselves.The Enforcers are considered to be Expendable (more on that later) by Interrogator Magdalena.The group will be thrown (literally) in to a group cell, presently occupied by just one other person, an elderly man, withan obvious cybernetic left arm and a number of ports around the base of his neck.He looks tired and malnourished. His perhaps once good quality robes are tattered and frayed around the edges, bloodspatters from the Enforcers questioning are still readily visible on his sleeves where he has tried to stem the bleedingnose or other cuts on his face.All of his cuts are however now sealed and scabbed over, so he's not been beaten for at least two days, though it's likelyhe's not been fed for those days either.He backs in to a corner, as far from the group and Enforcers as possible until the door is locked once again, then he'llreturn to a bunk.The cell is a very basic affair, half a dozen bunks, a latrine in one corner open for all to see, and a slit of a window, perhaps 20cm wide and 100cm long at the very juncture of the ceiling and wall.For a good couple of hours Verner will lay watching the group, and once he's sure they're not going to kill him or beathim up he'll turn over to try to get some sleep.Later in the day a lot on the bottom of the cell door opens and (number of players +1) food trays are shoved through,containing sealed cartons of grox milk, barely warm gruel and a hunk of bread.Verner will wake at the sound of the food tray sliding in to the room, and quicker than the players realise he's pickedone up and is quickly devouring it.
 If any of the group donate their rations to him this will give a +10 to all Fellowship based checks made in trying toconvince Verner that they're just prisoners as well and in trying to befriend him.
How the players try to get in to his good graces is entirely their call, let them role play it for a while, rolling for Vernersreaction to them through out.
 His Willpower versus their Fellowship. Degrees of success for the players means he'll be more amenable to them,conversely more Degrees of success for Verner means he becomes suspicious or withdrawn.
 Notes: Information the party can learn at this point from him
 He's not been fed for four days. (He's very hungry) He was arrested over a week ago. He was arrested for forging docking papers for the captain of a ship that's now left the planet. Each night except for last night the Enforcers would come in to pound on him and once in a while they might even ask hima question. (He's still very tired, another night of sleep will help with this) He just wants out, he's even prepared to tell the Enforcers some kind of secret that he's sure will get him released, but hethinks that most of them are corrupt “They all look like criminals and thugs..” and his secret will only get him injured worse or even killed. He misses eating char grilled poultry, lemon beans and roasted tubers (a local dish). He came to the planet to look through some archives so he can pursue his hobby of Archaeology.
After a night in the cells, with the group there as well as himself Verner will start to relax a little, especially with thefood he's now eaten.Food trays are again pushed under the door around 1100hrs.

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