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Adams County Republicans 2009 Bylaws

Adams County Republicans 2009 Bylaws

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Bylaws of the Adams County Republicans, 2009
Bylaws of the Adams County Republicans, 2009

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Published by: North Suburban Republican Forum on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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..........................ARTICLE X: Committees 7
Adams County Republican Central Committee Bylaws
Ratified October 23, 2009
The name of this organization shall be the AdamsCounty Republican Central Committee, alsoknown as the Adams County RepublicanCommittee, hereinafter referred to as ACRC.
Recognizing the fundamental principles of theRepublican Party, the primary purposes of theorganization shall be to elect Republicancandidates to office, to achieve the objectives of the Republican Party at national, state and countylevels, and to perform the functions set forth in theelection laws of the State of Colorado and of theUnited States.
Section 1: Laws and Bylaws
All applicable provisions of the Colorado RevisedStatutes (C.R.S.) and the Colorado RepublicanState Central Committee (CRC) Bylaws shall be a part of these bylaws.
Section 2: Gender
All reference to the masculine pronoun includesthe feminine.
Section 3: Candidate Endorsement
A candidate for any designation or nomination for  public office may be endorsed, supported, or opposed by members of the ACRC or by itsofficers or committee members at any time, unless prohibited by law.
Section 4: Binders
 No one, including any precinct or districtorganization, auxiliary or group authorized to usethe name “Republican,” has authority to bind theACRC in any manner unless prior writtenauthorization from the ACRC chairman or hisdesignee is given.
ARTICLE IV: Membership
Section 1: Members’ Residency
All members shall reside and be registered asRepublicans in Adams County as shown by thevoter registration books of the county clerk andrecorder.
Section 2: Voting Members
Voting membership shall be composed of thefollowing:
The committeepersons from each precinctand the district captains;
The chairman, three vice-chairmen, andsecretary of the ACRC;
The elected Republican United StatesSenators and Representatives in Congress; and
The elected Republican state and countyofficials, including members of the GeneralAssembly;
Section 3: Non-voting MembersA.
The non-voting membership shall besubject to the requirements of Article IV, Section 1(Residency).
Non-voting members shall have all of the privileges, rights and duties of voting members,except that they may not vote, unless they are alsootherwise fully qualified to vote as members of theACRC.ACRC Bylaws October 20091
Non-voting members of the ACRCinclude:1. The appointed officers and chairmen of the ACRC standing committees,2. The presiding county chairman or  president of each of the nationally recognizedColorado Republican affiliates.
All “Ex-Officio” members of anycommittee are non-voting members of thatcommittee.
ARTICLE V: Officers
Section 1: Elected OfficersA.
The elected officers shall be a chairman,three vice-chairmen, secretary, and districtcaptains. They shall assume their duties at theclose of the organizational meeting and shall servefor a term of two years or until their successors areelected.
The Chairman and Secretary shall beelected by a majority of the members of theCentral Committee at the Organizational meetingheld in accordance with law. The First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman, and Third Vice-Chairman shall be elected by a plurality of themembers of the Central Committee by a single ballot at the Organizational meeting held inaccordance with law. Members of the ACRC mayvote for up to, but no more than three candidatesfor Vice-Chairman on such ballot. The ranking of the Vice-Chairman position shall be established bythe number of votes received.
District Captain Election:
Precinct committeepersons from eachHouse District within Adams County (singleand multi-county districts) will meet during thecounty Organizational meeting and mayrecommend for approval by the ACRCExecutive Committee, a change in the number of District Captains, or in the precinctsassigned to each district captain region withinits House District. As a general guideline, thenumber of precincts within a district captainregion should normally be between four andeight. The ACRC Executive Committee shallact on the recommendations during the countyOrganizational meeting.
District Captains (DCs) must residewithin the House District containing theDistrict Captain Region they represent, butneed not be a precinct committeeperson.
Precinct committeepersons from eachdistrict captain region will caucus to elect aDistrict Captain for their region, unless no precinct committeepersons are present from a particular district captain region at the HouseDistrict organizational meeting (for singlecounty districts), or District Captain electionmeeting (for multi-county house districts) asapplicable. If no committeepersons are presentfrom a district captain region, then all votingmembers present at the House District meetingshall elect a District Captain for that particular region.
Section 2: Appointed Officers
The appointed officers will be an assistantsecretary, a treasurer, an assistant treasurer,sergeants at arms, and any other officers deemednecessary by the ACRC, all of whom shall beregistered Republicans and reside in AdamsCounty. They shall be appointed by the chairmanand shall serve at his pleasure. The appointedofficers shall be ratified by a majority vote of theExecutive Committee.
Section 3: DutiesA.
Be the chief executive officer of theACRC.
Issue the call and preside at all meetingsof the ACRC, the executive committee andcounty assemblies or conventions.
Observe and enforce the ColoradoRevised Statutes, Colorado RepublicanACRC Bylaws October 20092

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