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Hypothesis + Definition

Hypothesis + Definition

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Published by ilvbaby

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Published by: ilvbaby on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Soluble salt
If salt A and salt B dissolve in water , salt A and B are soluble saltsoluble/insoluble salt.
Operationaldefinition:When a salt is added into water and dissolves to form a solution, it is a solublesalt //When a salt dissolves in water to form a solution, it is a soluble salt.
Rusting of iron
:Hypothesis:When a more / less electropositive metal is in contact with iron, the metalinhibits / (speeds up) rusting of iron.When a more / less electropositive metal is in contact with iron, rusting of iron is slower / faster.When iron nail is in contact with a more electropositive metal, rusting doesnot occur; when iron nail is in contact with a less electropositive metal,rusting occursOperationaldefinition:When iron is in contact with metal lower than iron in electrochemical series, blue colouration indicates rusting.Rusting occurs when iron nail is in contact with copper / tin / lesselectropositive metal and form blue colouration.Blue colouration is formed when iron is in contact with metal lower than ironin electrochemical series.
Hardness of materials
:Hypothesis:The harder / softer the material, the smaller / bigger the diameter of the dent.Operationaldefinition:The smaller dent produced when
1 kg
weight is dropped on the block.When a 1 kg weight is droppedat height of 50 cmon a ball bearing which istaped on material X and Y separately, the material with a smaller dent formedis a harder material.
Reactivity of halogen
:Hypothesis:Going down the Group 17, the reactivity with iron wool decreases.Going down the Group 17, the brightness of flame with iron wool decreases.Operationaldefinition:The brightness of flame when halogens flow to
Position of metals in the electrochemical series
Hypothesis:The further the distance between two/pair of metals in the electrochemicalseries the higher/larger/bigger the voltage value.Operationaldefinition:When pair of metals are further apart in the Electrochemical Series is dippedin an electrolyte, the higher voltmeter reading.
Reactivity of magnesium powder with oxygen
Hypothesis:Magnesium is the most reactive followed by aluminium and zinc and whenreacts with oxygen.Operationaldefinition:Heat magnesium powder in oxygen gas. Magnesium burns brightly.
Reactivity of metal powder with oxygen
Hypothesis:The more reactive metal react more vigorous with oxygen.The more reactive a metal is, the more vigorous the metal burns in oxygen.Operationaldefinition:A metal that reacts more vigorously with oxygen is a more reactive metal.
Electrical conductivity
Hypothesis:Electrolyte can conduct electricity while non-electrolyte cannot conductelectricity.Operationaldefinition:Ammeter needle deflected when the circuit is completed.
Heat of combustion of …..
Hypothesis:When the number of carbon atoms per molecule alcohol increases, the heat of combustion increases.Operationaldefinition:When 1 mole of …….. is burnt to heat 200 cm
of water, ??? kJ of heatenergy is released. 
Alkanes and alkenes
Hypothesis:Hexene decolourised the brown colour of bromine water, hexane does not.Hexene decolourised the purple colour of acidified potassium manganate(VII)solution, hexane does not.Operationaldefinition for alkene:When bromine water is added to hexene / alkene, brown bromine water decolourised.When acidified potassium manganate(VII) solution is added to hexene, purplecolour potassium manganate(VII) solution decolourised.

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