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Fitness Money Episode 6 - Goal Setting

Fitness Money Episode 6 - Goal Setting

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Published by protect_for_all

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Published by: protect_for_all on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fitness Money Podcast Episode 6Goal Setting
Get this podcast on iTunes at:https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/fitness-money-podcast-podcasts/id584443274
Welcome to the Fitness Money Podcast brought to you byFitness Money.com.In this podcast, Logan Christopher and Tyler Bramlett teach you the step by step ways to make more money in your FitnessBusiness. Let’s take it on a word for this episode of theFitness Money Podcast.Tyler: Hey, guys! Welcome to the Fitness Money podcast. It’s Tyler and Logan here and we’re going toteach you how to make more money in your fitness industry. How is it going, Logan?Logan: It’s going really good. I am very excited about this episode because I am really excited about2013.Tyler: Oh, man, I couldn’t be more excited, too. It’s been a wild ride for me in 2012 and I expect 2013 tobe just way more fun than this year was even.Copyright © 2013 FitnessMoney.comAll Rights Reserved
Logan: Yeah, we’re going to be talking about things some things way, way, way beyond New Year’sresolutionsbut also maybe on goals, the processes that I’ve gone through. It’s really because of thesethat I’ve gotten to this point in my life where I’m not just successful in one area—there’s of course roomfor improvement—but successful in a wide range of areas. It’s because of these processes that I’m goingthrough. I use the whole New Year’s thing as sort of a catalyst to really get myself amped up and raringto go for the New Year. That being said, if you’re happening to listen to this any other time, there's noreason you can’t do everything we’re telling you about today at any other time.Tyler: Absolutely. I was just thinking when you were saying that, Logan, you know what would be a greatthing to start this off with when we’re talking about goals? Talking about how to do it wrong because Isee way too many people out there setting these goals. I know that both you and I have fallen into thistrap before where you just go out there and you make all the wrong mistakes. Does that sound likesomething we could do?Logan: Yeah. There are a lot of mistakes. Let me just mention this about resolutions. There was somesort of study done—I don’t remember where I saw this exactly—but the mere fact of writing down aresolution—this doesn’t even include any of the actual goal setting of stuff you want to do—the mereact of writing it down increases the likelihood of it happening by somewhere between 50% and 70%.That’s one thing. That’s one of the biggest mistakes that people make. If they have what they call aresolution, it’s some [inaudible 0:02:41.5]idea that they just have in their head and there’s really nocommitment and it will never come to light.Tyler: Absolutely. I think that I’ll just kind of share my experience. I remember especially in the fitnessworld, if you’re setting physical goals for yourself or if you’re setting business goals for yourself, one of the things that I did wasn’t to set too big of goals, it was set too many goals. I had too many things goingon at the same time and they were counterintuitive. It would be like me setting a physical goal, say Iwant to be a power lifting champion in the super heavyweight class and I want to be able to do an ironcross on the gymnastic rings. These two things don’t work together. They work against each other. Sochoosing your goals wisely and understanding that you have to place goals that build on each otherrather than goals that are working against each other. Otherwise, you’re just going to just get frustratedtrying to work on things that are going to working against each other the entire time.Logan: Yeah. You actually have to be working towards those goals. I remember you and I both did thisthing where we had a humongous list, like 30 to 50 goals I would say, and the fact was in our training wewere maybe working for five of those goals. While you can be working towards a lot at a time, you reallycan’t be working towards too many things. The same is true for business. If you can focus in on certainareas and actually be doing something that will work your way towards that every single day, that’sgoing to get you the actual results.Tyler: Yeah. That’s absolutely powerful. I just pulled up a statistic because I thought that these would beinteresting to kind of share with you while you were talking about that, Logan, but you guys need torealize something. According to this statistic, only 8% of people are always successful in achieving theirCopyright © 2013 FitnessMoney.comAll Rights Reserved
resolutions. That’s powerful. I know that, “always achieving their resolutions” is a very powerful phrasebut that tells us only one out of twelve people that actually set a resolution do it achieve it.It says right here also that more than 49% have infrequent success and more than 25% never succeedand have failed on every resolution every single year. That means in total, almost three out of fourpeople almost never succeed on their resolutions. This is important, that you guys understand theprocess it takes to achieve your goals.Logan: There are reasons for that, that will stop anyone dead in their tracks with their goals likepsychological reversals, though we don’t want to get too heavy into that space and there are ways youcan work through that. Actually going through the proper processes, that can be a long way towardsachieving that goal.Another reason people fail and really what’s happening there is they basically have one part of themthat wants that goal, the conscious part versus the subconscious part, and another part of them that isgetting something more out of them not achieving that goal than actually achieving it. Once again, thereare a lot of different things you can do with this but just by working through some of the stuff we’regoing to talk about today, by really getting clear on what it is you want, those things can come into yourline and so those reversals can disappear. You can then achieve your goals.Tyler: Absolutely. That’s a good thing to start with, Logan. Do you think we should we start with clarity?Logan: Yeah. Let’s start with clarity. What do you mean specifically by clarity?Tyler: Yes. Clarity is the magic word. Another mistake that I made years ago was not knowing what Iwanted in a clear way. I’d write a goal and say I want to achieve this but I wouldn’t describe—Logan: I want to make $100,000 a year, something like that.Tyler: Yeah. Exactly. I want to make $100,000 a year but I wouldn’t write down why I wanted to achieveit or how I wanted to achieve it. There's nothing wrong with not necessarily knowing the path butthrowing out loose goals, it means you’re loosely going to succeed at best.Logan: They do say if you have a strong enough why, the how isn’t all that important. There's truth tothat. If you really have a burning desire to succeed and you’re not sure about how you’re going to do it,then you’re going to go figure out how you’re going to do it. You’re going to learn the process along theway if you have that motivation, the volition, and the drive towards that desire to succeed.Tyler: Absolutely. One of the first things you can with your goals, let’s take a financial goal like we justtalked about: I want to have my first $100,000 year, the first thing you need to figure out is figure outwhy the hell do you want to have a $100,000 year. Because if all you visualize when the going gets toughis a stack of hundred-dollar bills or a bank account with a number, you’re not going to have the passionbehind that goal that will allow you to achieve that. Take a moment to think about the why. Why do youwant to have $100,000 a year? Is it because it will help you move into a better neighborhood, it willallow your wife to quit her job, or you’ll be able to get a new car that you’ve been needing for a longCopyright © 2013 FitnessMoney.comAll Rights Reserved

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