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Dark Witch Education 101

Dark Witch Education 101

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Published by Wizard Luxas
A look at the secret of the witches design, removed from the wiccan counter babel of "modern paganism" and revealed here, but only to those ready to see.." or if your ready to join.. blkmagus13@aol.com

A look at the secret of the witches design, removed from the wiccan counter babel of "modern paganism" and revealed here, but only to those ready to see.." or if your ready to join.. blkmagus13@aol.com


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Published by: Wizard Luxas on Jan 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Secrets in the Dark Feb 16, '05 7:53 AMby Luxas for everyone Actually there are several ceremonial sides of magic, true the design of magic(k)s energy is colorless or a shade of every-color... however the ancientceremonial arts of a shadow in a shadow was used... meaning a spirit of minor possession, though in the past this was also bit difficult to achieve so many wentmad or created their own death creature to seek them and die by...The mind is a tool, shaped only by the power it exerts, however the spirit is acreature of energy and though energy and power can at times be the same thingthey don't come from the same sources, and so the mind can be fooled but thetrue spirit can't be fooled...(the dynamics of the body and spirit are like the grains of sand on the beach, sobear with me....)When Others of the Real Occult call on dark magick (k) or not, they don't call ona demon or deity or being, they summon the Dark Others...to learn more aboutthem you have to have studied under a real magus.....all i can say is they are the sources....so far....(then the shadow, then ethereal, then the cosmic eye) in that order......The Dark Others are much like beings but hold a higher value, because theyshape the power in you to suit your external will, this is the will that shows up asyou grow, or read into the mastery of the tarot...(a type of psychic level)There are five names that must be called before the dark others will take anynotice of you.....(they are the ancient names that make up the 5 A's of thePentagram)in all the arts that bind point to place they are the shadow....Well i hope this look into the shadow of the dark will give you a better view onceyou enter that sanctuary or circle.....Have you worked with the 5 A's?-----------------------------------------------------------------------what do you get when you put a Gothic Wicca Celtic agnostic and a .... Aug 7, '045:02 PMby Luxas for everyone: ex satanic christian pagan shamanic voodouist with newage telepathic talents innewage and thelemic herb-tology.... eclectic.. you get nothing... saddly but a person who can't seem to find the way that theybelieve or feel.........(hence the no title design offered in wiccan and pagan basedsystems....) But isn't the nature of the spiritual to define the real or is it more like a social fadthat keeps you in the cool club, (normally i never worried about what is cool or correct, but what is the stuff behind the stuff....(to know) WHY...... is the greatest
of power one can ever have... because it shows you where your going and whereyou been....though this is a lonely design it is not alone as in everyone (magickalor not must travel it) everyday that you or they look into the mirror..... Why is a scying mirror black? its because we must see through the darkness toknow anything, and even if it wasn't dark it will be...because (light is thought) and darkness (is revelation) "not the mis-readings of the lonely bible thumpers, but the self...." as defined by what you are and howyou relate to the world of worlds... The truth is revealed in the magick it creates, not the other way about.... no onemade up magick to make magick real, or illusion to understand illusion (theyexisted but just not in the known, but the felt) and those who was the teachers of these, the guides...they was trying to make the road everyone walks only todiscover that they aren't making it but more like re-telling what is there.......andhas been there...(the future of magick exist in the computer and in the soul,) notin the hands of the magickal...because so many have given over their brain tobelong to this new cult of satisfaction of the self identity and lost what it is toknow one thing from another.... We wizards have always walked in the darkness (revealing) the hidden, its our honor our design and nature) and we have graced witches with secrets beyondtheir mere world of sensation and memory collection and spellcasting...(we dothis with the guide of the dragon) not a druid design the dragon is our cane andour hat and our nature as judge/jury/and executrix of the un-known....druids wasmerely the key keepers to your the greater nature by these the dragons we walkwith and learn from...(as secret as it comes)... Dragonic magick, lol no such creation but there is dragonic lore and method andnatures of the dragons, (dragon's are touched by magick) get it correct myfriends)....make stuff up as you want to for-fill your fantasy, while the real readsyou like a book and shows you the rock your going to trip over its up to you..... Druid nature is as i said Keys (keys to time/to trust/to nature) not magick... (theygot spells and omens and secrets of magick) but they don't use magick... theyare used by magick thats why they are seen as wizards ...lol (the robe of a monkmight help in this image as well..lol) Define your world or be defined........... Those that want Chao's and the end of things are seekers not for ends but theneed to rebuild and in this rebuilding to re-make themselves, but you can coat of paint your great castle but if you don't repair its foundation your castles death isset... So think about playing in the darkness and the ghost and the shadows know that
they are laughing at you not your nature because there must be something thatdrawn you there, you just didn't look into the mirror enough to see what was realand what is madeup...by your fear... (Bogus you say is because your fearful of that mirror you say you are, so you seewhat you want to see, and psychology then becomes your religion....lol(everyone sees what they want they never see the real person, no one canpossibly no me because they haven't grown up with you...so (the couch mastersgot you lulled into the world where no one can know you and sell you mindgames...) but magick has always said, what you are, what your about, and whereyour going with it....(why else would others feel about it so, unless its to own a power and to makeothers feel it,) then your not needing lessons you need insight into why you needothers to believe in what you do and done.......... Whatever is the word most use to understand their world and they call thismagick.....(they are novices in a world of stone written walls and perhaps willalways be....) Believing in something makes it real, lol, another fake ideal....(you look at the sun daily is it real or not...you need not believe in something tohave it prove it is in your reality....(faith has sold you a bill of goods for your owngood so they can map your happiness)  Anything that can make something happen or occur and in a continual action isreal as in our reality...(deny this....) Magick isn't to be believed to be real, nor do we make magick happen...thatsBs.... Witches have known it is in the using of a power that we know its design....(thatswhat everyone who haven't had it wanted..and would kill or do rituals of sacrificeto have it) ...its not a power but a gift... and it can only be given when your readyto ask for it...(yes ASK) Why this rambling? Well someone has to ................even if you and others don'tbelieve but feel......... Life is about feeling...........do you feel?---------------------------------------------------------------discovering the goddess as in sipritual Jan 4, '04 1:44 PMby wzdrylmaster for everyone

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