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E3634A Data Sheet

E3634A Data Sheet

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Published by cciproducts

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Published by: cciproducts on Jan 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E363xA SeriesProgrammable DC Power Supplies
Data Sheet
Reliable Power,Repeatable Results
Single and triple output
80 W to 200 W output power
Dual range output(except E3631A)
Low noise and excellentregulation
Remote sensing(except E3631A)
Front and rear outputterminals(E3633A/34A only)
GPIB and RS-232 standard
Save and recall functions
Overvoltage protection,Overcurrent protection(except E3631A)
Clean and stable powerwith programmability at anaffordable price
Affordable programmable powersupplies to meet your needs
The E363xA Series of programmableDC power supplies gives you theperformance of the system powersupplies at a decent price. All modelsprovide clean power, excellent regula-tion and a fast transient response withbuilt-in GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.The E363xA Series is designed tomeet the requirements of the mostdemanding applications in R&D designverifications, production testing, andQA verifications with traditional qualityand reliability which you can count on.
Excellent performance you can trust
With the 0.01% load and lineregulation, the E363xA Series canmaintain a steady output when powerline and load changes occur. Thepower supplies specify both normalmode voltage/current noise andcommon mode current noise. Thelow normal mode noise specificationassures clean power for precisioncircuitry applications, and the lowcommon mode current provides isola-tion from power line current injection.
Remote Interface
If you have an IEEE-488 card orRS-232 in a PC, these power supplieswill work for you. Every model comesequipped with both GPIB and RS-232as standard. All programming is donein easy-to-use SCPI (Standard Com-mands for Programmable Instruments).The user’s guide describes the processfor the first-time programmers.
Front Panel Operation
A knob and self-guiding keypads allowyou to set the output at your desiredresolution quickly and easily. Youcan store and recall for up to threecomplete setups using the internalnon-volatile memory. The output on/off button sets the output to zero.
E3631A triple-output power supply
This famous 80-watt triple outputsupply offers three independentoutputs: 0 to 6 V/5A, 0 to +25V/1Aand 0 to –25V/1A. The 6 V output iselectrically isolated from the ±25 Vsupply to minimize any interferencebetween circuits under test. The ±25 Voutputs can be set to track each other.
E3632A/33A/34A single-outputdual range power supplies
These single output power suppliesgive you the flexibility to select froma dual output range. The output loadis protected against overvoltageand overcurrent, which are easilymonitored and adjusted from the frontpanel and remote interface. Remotesensing is available to eliminate theerrors caused by voltage drops onthe load leads. The E3633A/34A offerfront and rear output terminals foreasy wiring.
3Model NumberE3631AE3632AE3633AE3634A123DC Output
Rating (0 ºC to 40 ºC)0 to +6 V,0 to 5 A0 to +25 V,0 to 1 A0 to –25 V,0 to 1 A0 to 15 V/7 A or0 to 30 V/4 A0 to 8 V/20 A or0 to 20 V/10 A0 to 25 V/7 A or0 to 50 V/ 4 A
Load Regulation
± (% of output + offset)< 0.01% + 2 mV< 0.01% + 250 μA
Line Regulation
± (% of output + offset)< 0.01% + 2 mV< 0.01% + 250 μA
Ripple and Noise
(20 Hz to 20 MHz)Normal Mode Voltage< 350 μVrms/2 mVpp< 350 μVrms/3mVpp< 500 μVrms/ 3 mVppNormal Mode Current< 2 mArms< 500 μArms< 2 mArmsCommon Mode Current< 1.5 μArms
12 Months
(25 ºC + 5 ºC), ± (% output + offset)ProgrammingVoltage0.1% + 5 mV0.05% + 20 mV0.05% + 10 mVCurrent0.2% + 10 mA0.15% + 4 mA0.2% + 10 mAReadback
Voltage0.1% + 5 mV0.05% + 10 mV0.05% + 10 mV
Current0.2% + 10 mA0.15% + 4 mA0.15% + 4 mA
Program0.5 mV/0.5 mA1.5 mV/0.1 mA1 mV/0.5 mA1 mV/1 mA3 mV/0.5 mAReadback0.5 mV/0.5 mA1.5 mV/0.1 mA0.5 mV/0.1 mA0.5 mV/1 mA1.5 mV/0.5 mAMeter1 mV/1 mA10 mV/1 mA1 mV/1 mA1 mV/1 mA (< 10A), 10 mA (
10 A)
Transient Response
Less than 50 μsec for output to recover to within 15 mV following a change in output current from full load to half loador vice versa
Command ProcessingTime
< 50 msec< 100 msec
Accuracy± (% output + offset)N/A0.5% + 0.5 V/0.5% + 0.5 AActivation TimeN/A1.5 msec, OVP
3 V/< 10 msec, OVP < 3 V and OCP <10 msec
Temperature Coefficient per ºC
(% output + offset)Voltage0.01% + 2 mV0.01% + 3 mVCurrent0.02% + 3 mA0.02% + 0.5 mA0.02% + 3 mA
constant load & temperature ± (% of output + offset), 8 hrsVoltage0.03% + 1 mV0.02% + 2 mV0.02% + 1 mVCurrent0.1% + 3 mA0.05% + 1 mA0.1% + 1 mA
Remote Sense
(max.voltage in each load lead)N/A1 V0.7 V
Voltage Programming Speed,
to within 1% of total excursionUp Full Load11 msec50 msec50 msec95 msec80 msecNo Load10 msec20 msec20 msec45 msec100 msecDown Full Load13 msec 45 msec45 msec30 msec30 msecNo Load200 msec400 msec400 msec450 msec450 msec
E3631A/32A/33A/34A Programmable DC Power Supply Specifications
Accuracy specifications are valid after a 1-hour warm-up and calibration at 25 ºC.
Accuracy refers to readback over GPIB and RS-232 or front panel with respect to actual output.
Maximum time for output to change after receipt of commands.

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