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Writing Phrases

Writing Phrases



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Published by Julian
I found this document on the net. A list of useful phrases to have next to you when doing extended writing tasks.
the phrases are in Spanish and with the equivalence in English.
I found this document on the net. A list of useful phrases to have next to you when doing extended writing tasks.
the phrases are in Spanish and with the equivalence in English.

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Published by: Julian on Feb 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Killer phrases for A2 Writing
A list of useful phrases to have next to you when doing extended writing tasks. Do
not go overboard as it will then read like a string of clich\u00e9s \u2013 use some of them to
structure your ideas. Remembercontent is at least as important as language.
Opening phrases:
En primer / segundo / tercer lugar
In the first / second / 3rd place
Primero tenemos
que preguntarnos si
First we have to ask ourselves whether...
Linking phrases:
Por consiguiente
Por consecuencia
In principle
Por otra parte
On the other hand
In addition
Es m\u00e1s,
Moreover/ furthermore
Debido a esto
Due to this
Dicho de otro modo
In other words
No s\u00f3lo...sino (followed by a noun)
Not only....but also
Es decir
That is to say
Resulta que
It turns out that
Esto explica por qu\u00e9
This explains why
As\u00ed que
As\u00ed es que
Se trata de
It concerns
Por desgracia
Para colmo
To cap it all
Puesto que
Ya que
Sin embargo
No obstante
Balancing an argument:
Teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que
Remembering that
Dado que
Given that
En realidad
In reality
A pesar de esto
Despite this
Aparte de eso
Aside from this
Al contrario
On the contrary
Visto as\u00ed
Seen in this light
Por un lado
On the one hand
Por otro lado
On the other hand
De todos modos
De todas maneras/formas
En cuanto a
With regard to
En lugar de eso
Instead of that
Mientras que
Y por si fuera poco,...

And as if this were not enough,...
No estoy ni a favor ni en contra de

I\u2019m neither against or in favour of
Expressing your point of view:
Claro que (+clause)
Desde mi punto de vista
From my point of view of
A mi parecer
In my opinion
A mi modo de ver
From my view point
A m\u00ed me parece que
It seems to me that
Yo opino que
I think that
Por mi parte creo que
As far as I\u2019m concerned
Expressing a point of view in the INDICATIVE:
Estoy de acuerdo con los opinan que+
I agree with those who think that
Estoy convencido de que + INDICATIVE I\u2019m convinced that
Esto me lleva a la conclusi\u00f3n de que
This leads me to conclude that
No cabe duda de que
There can be no doubt that
No se puede negar que
One cannot deny that
Es cierto que
It is true that
Hay que tener en cuenta (que)
One must remember that
Hay que subrayar la importancia de
One must stress the importance of
Expressing a point of view in the SUBJUNCTIVE:
No estoy convencido de que +
I\u2019m not convinced that
No creo que + SUBJUNCTIVE

I don\u2019t think that
Nadie dir\u00eda que + IMPERFECT

Nobody would say that
\u00bfPor qu\u00e9 tenemos que soportar que +
Why should we put up with...
Es intolerable / insoportable que +
It\u2019s intolerable that
A m\u00ed no me parece l\u00f3gico que +
I don\u2019t think it\u2019s logical that

No me sorprende que + SUBJUNCTIVE I\u2019m not surprised that
A m\u00ed me resulta curioso que +

Isn\u2019t it curious that
\u00bfNo ser\u00eda mejor que + IMPERFECT
Wouldn\u2019t it be better to...
\u00bfPor qu\u00e9 no exigimos todos que +
Why don\u2019t we all demand that
Es de lamentar que + SUBJUNCTIVE

It\u2019s a shame that
Es una afrenta a la sociedad que +

It\u2019s an affront to society that
Parece mentira que + SUBJUNCTIVE
It\u2019s incredible that
Es importante que + SUBJUNCTIVE
It\u2019s important to
Introducing other points of view
Seg\u00fan las cifras,
According to the statistics,

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Gerry Fox added this note
Useful list thanks - I have published a list of phrases to be used in emargency when in Spain this can be found over at my blog at http://agoodmorninginspanish.com/emer... There is lots of other useful information, great photo's & videos there as well enjoy ... Gerryt

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