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jan 2013

jan 2013



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Published by Swati Amar

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Published by: Swati Amar on Jan 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2013
 ` 50
January 2013
January 2013
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Swati Amar
The Candle of Hope
The nation came together to ght and pray for the 23- year old gang rape
victim of Delhi, a cause that had united the thinking minds among the youth.
Despite everything, the young girl’s battered body could not ght anymore.
While the spirit yearned to live, the body just gave up. December 29 was aBlack Day for India that exposed all that is wrong with the country.I cried. For the nation. As a mother of two daughters, I could understandthe shock, the benumbing fact that one’s little doll for which the Indianmother gives her everything, is now no more. And for the manner inwhich she was butchered by lecherous barbarians on the prowl in a publictransport. And the fact that she had to go through untold agony and pain,
which nally came to nothing. And the even more shocking reality that
politicians were trying to gain mileage out of this or were trying to ensurethat they remained unscathed by the sorrowful incident. I cried because of all that is wrong about our democracy. The fact that men and women of 
such depraved character nd their way into our houses of representatives
 just because they are able to buy a packet of biriyani and liquor for themasses.One innocuous winter evening of entertainment ended on such a heinousnote for an innocent girl who had to face a brutality unbeknown to thehuman race. Just because a few discredited mortals decided to have fun notonly outraging her modesty, but also brutally attacking her, leaving her toundergo the worst suffering any girl her age can bear.The 23-year old stands testimony to the dire straits in which the Indianwoman is placed today. As I keep repeating often, the Indian woman isthe most exploited today than ever in the history of India. And it hasbeen proven true. This brave little girl is just one example as many moreskeletons keep tumbling out of the cupboards everyday now. Today evena girl child is not spared from the suspiciously universal sexual depravitieslurking in almost every man.To what greater depths can the human character plummet? As the entireworld keeps watching, the so called political leaders are leaving theirgender prejudices unmasked before a shocked world. This has always beenthe root cause of all that is wrong with India. A country that does notrespect half its population can never forge ahead in any sphere. How longcan men continue to thrust their warped thinking and distorted behavioron half the population?Amidst the solemn gravity around us, even as hundreds of youngstersmarch silently with candles in their hands, the light from the candles seemsto symbolize hope. Somehow, somewhere, there is hope that the youth willrealize the need for another struggle for freedom. A struggle for developingnational character…. a struggle for electing responsible leaders…. a needto realize all the values that our Constitution stands for. And to emergeout of this darkness of mind to an enlightened world where respect, dignityand equality are ensured to all citizens.Ciao!

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