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Aircraft Photos

Aircraft Photos

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Published by c4willy

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Published by: c4willy on Jan 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A/C TypeSerialPilotUnitMarkingReferenceAdditionalRAF SE5a25th Aero Sqn USAS24_ 25OTF 1/3:FC2 SEs in flight.Albatros B.I23.07 (.Alb.7)Flik 8Red/white rudderC&C(GB) 17/2:78.Albatros B.I(Ph) Albatros B.II23.02.ALBOTF 2/2:104.Albatros KK.199A-H Naval Air Service_ TriestePlainC&C(INT) 19/2:105 AD Scout1536RNASUnion Jack on rudderWIndsock 2/3:2_13 Admiralty Air Department AD1 (Type 1000)1358C&C(GB) 5/2:84Twin-fuselage seaplane AE Type Kite BalloonOTF 1/2:169German observation balloon AE Type Kite BalloonC&C(USA) 12/1:71two views being shot down AE Type Kite BalloonC&C(INT) 27/3Special issue devoted to the KB Services AEG B.IUC&C(INT) 26/3:140 AEG C.I76/15Illing/KraftF.Fl.Abt 5bOTF 5/4:312 AEG C.II885/15Josef JacobsF.Fl.Abt 11C&C(INT) 27/2:66 AEG C.IVJasta 12Black tailOTF 3/4:FChack AEG C.IVxx4/17Standard blotchesOTF 8/1:7 AEG C.IV6648/16Fl.Abt(A)2245_ Splotchy camouflageOTF 8/3:FC_219 AEG C.IVFEA 1Fat outlined crossesOTF 8/4:342mid 1918 crosses although caption states NovÕ17 AEG C.IV6648/16Sprayed two-tone_ 5Windsock 4/2:RC AEG C.IVSovietRed StarWIndsock 9/2:10On itÕs nose AEG D.I4401/17Pale blue overallWindsock 2/4:8 AEG D.I5002/17WIndsock 2/4:8 AEG G.IG.5/15Dark finish_ Black? catC&C(INT) 20/3:168 AEG G.IIOTF 7/2:149_1503.7 cm cannon AEG G.II19/15F.Fl.Abt 22OTF 10/3:201 AEG G.IIF.Fl.Abt1_ Fl.Abt XanthiSonnenvogelOTF 11/1:31 AEG G.IIIBombengeschwader 4OTF 1/3:267Italian Front AEG G.IVBombenstaffel 19Diagonal stripe_ splotchy camouflageOTF 1/4:348 AEG G.IV1125/16_ G105C&C(GB) 1/3 AEG G.IVG.213/153_VC&C(GB) 3/4:172 AEG G.IV155/16Mottle camouflageC&C(INT) 26/1:44 AEG G.IV1131/18III_ French markingsOTF 2/3:242 AEG G.IV588/16Windsock 3/4:FCIn Allied hands AEG G.IV1125/16Roundels and Rudder stripesWindsock 3/4:FC_RC_20In British hands AEG G.IV155/16Two-tone sprayed camouflageWindsock 3/4:13 AEG G.IVDiagonal bandWindsock 3/4:13Macedonian based AEG G.IVWindsock 3/4:14Usual photo of ÔfishÕ faced AEG AEG G.IV581/17Hex camouflagedWindsock 3/4:14 AEG G.IVNAMWindsock 3/4:15Details of National Aviation MuseumÕs AEG G.IV AEG G.IV1125/16 (G105)Windsock 3/4:16_19 AEG G.IV168/16Sprayed two-tone camouflageWindsock 3/4:20 AEG G.IV155/16Sprayed two-toneWindsock 4/1:16 AEG G.IVNAMWindsock 4/1:17_RCDetails of National Aviation MuseumÕs AEG G.IV AEG G.IV588/17Windsock 4/1:19In British hands AEG G.IVVII_ FIsh face on noseWindsock 8/5:15 AEG G.IV1115/16Painted hexWindsock 11/4:12 AEG G.IVÔIIÕ_ 24Windsock 11/4:12 AEG G.IVWindsock 11/4:12Frontal view AEG G.IVG.1125/16 (G.105)C&C(GB) 1/3:FC_39_44_47_RCAfter capture at Farnborough AEG G.IVC&C(GB) 1/3:61Face on nose AEG G.IV574/18NAM_ OttawaC&C(GB) 7/4:181Circa 1977 AEG G.IVk500/18OTF 7/2:151ground attack prototype AEG G.IVk503/18OTF 7/2:152Turned over to British AEG J.I153/17Mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:12 AEG J.I159/17Fl.Abt(A)255Mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:13 AEG J.I151/17Fl.Abt(A)250Mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:13_14 AEG J.I203/17Mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:14 AEG J.I502/17Fat outlined reworked crossesWindsock 11/6:15 AEG J.I216/17Fl.Abt 221F_ mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:20 AEG J.I158/17Mottled camouflageWindsock 11/6:21 AEG J.IStripped of crossesWindsock 12/2:6Downed in OctÕ18 AEG J.I216/17Fl.Abt(A)221JC&C(USA) 17/2:151 AEG J.IaWindsock 11/6:15 AGO C.IWindsockm 9/4:10NAcelle showing Hazet radiator  AGO C.IIC&C(INT) 20/3:168 AGO C.IIPfieider/WolffFl.Abt 9bOverall white with black trimWindsock 7/4:20 AGO C.IVPale blue overallWindsock 9/6:17Prototype AGO C.IVSprayed camouflageWIndsock 9/6:21 AGO C.IVSprayed camouflageWIndsock 9/6:22various crashes AGO C.IV3615/16Windsock 10/1:8 AGO C.IV2764/16Windsock 10/1:8 AGO C.IV2747/16Windsock 10/1:8 AGO C.IVWindsock 10/1:9 AGO C.IV8964/16 (G.57)Roundels and rudder stripesWindsock 10/1:10Captured by No 32 Sqn on 29 July 1917 AGO C.IV1521/17Windsock 10/1:11tested with two-bay wing cellule AGO C.IV(SchŸl)550/16 ?Windsock 10/1:11SchŸtte-Lanz prototype. Upperwing ailerons. no fin AGO C.IV(SchŸl)Windsock 10/1:12
 AGO C.IV(SchŸl)Windsock 10/1:12Top wing partially covered in cellon AGO S.IOTF 7/2:153Ground attack design Albatros (Farman type)C&C(USA) 17/1:60_61Prewar German copy of the MF.11 Albatros B909FEA 9OTF 6/3:218 Albatros B.IVzfw Josef Veltjens/Ltn Joachim von ZiegesarF.Fl.Abt 23OTF 9/4:336 Albatros B.IIRASRussian roundels on wingsWindsock 9/1:5 Albatros B.Ired/white bandsC&C(INT) 27/2:57In Austrian use Albatros B.IC&C(INT) 27/2:108 Albatros B.II866/15C&C(GB) 18/1:1 Albatros B.IIC&C(INT) 26/3:140 Albatros B.IIFEA 96OTF 6/3:219In Flight Albatros B.II161/15OTF 6/3:254Under construction Albatros B.IIx342/15FEA 5OTF 8/3:246check on a/c type Albatros B.IITurkish Air Service_ Ottoman Fl.Abt 1German crossesOTF 9/3:234 Albatros B.IITurkish Air Service_ Ottoman Fl.Abt 1Black SquaresOTF 9/3:236crashed Albatros B.IIIRASRussian roundelsWIndsock 9/1:6 Albatros B.IIWindsock 9/4:11 Albatros B.II8Polish Naval Air Service4. ÔEyeballÕ. Naval ensignWindsock 10/5:36 Albatros B.II45/15C&C(INT) 27/2:60 Albatros B.IIunusual fin/rudder cross_ dark wheel coversC&C(INT) 27/2:62Crashed Albatros B.IIC&C(INT) 27/2:64 Albatros B.II(Bay)220/16Ltn Hans BsˇhningbMFS1220C&C(INT) 27/2:78 Albatros B.II(Bay)214/16C&C(INT) 27/2:78crashed Albatros B.II(Bay)231/16bMFS1231 on white squareC&C(INT) 27/2:79crashed Albatros B.II(Bay)235/16bMFS1235 on white squareC&C(INT) 27/2:79 Albatros B.II(Bay)247/16bMFS1247 on white squareC&C(INT) 27/2:80_82 Albatros B.II(Bay)259/16bMFS1259 on white squareC&C(INT) 27/2:81crashed Albatros B.II(Bay)248/16bMFS7C&C(INT) 27/2:82 Albatros B.II(Bay)278/16bMFS5C&C(INT) 27/2:83ground collision with Rumpler C.I Albatros B.II(Bay)bMFSC&C(INT) 27/2:86 Albatros B.II(Bay)bMFS5C&C(INT) 27/2:88 Albatros B.II(Bay)C&C(INT) 27/2:108 Albatros B.II(Kon)263/17bMFS7C&C(INT) 27/2:82 Albatros B.II(Mer)160/17bMFS7C&C(INT) 27/2:82 Albatros B.II(Rol)Dark fuselageC&C(INT) 27/2:62 Albatros B.IIaCzech Air ServiceRoundel on rudderOTF 1/2:159Smuggled into Czechoslovakia postwar  Albatros B.IIaPolish Air Service. Polish Aviation Museum KrakowÔADAÕWindsock 8/6:RCColour photosof KrakowÕs Alb B.IIa Albatros B.IIIC&C(INT) 20/3:RC Albatros B.IIIx871/15Vzfw Eugen BaderOTF 8/3:232Crash Albatros B.IIIC&C(INT) 27/2:61 Albatros C.I475/15B3C&C(GB) 18/1:3 Albatros C.IAngular CrossesC&C(GB) 18/1:5 Albatros C.IOblt Eduard Wolfgang ZorerF.Fl.Abt 54PlainOTF 2/4:FCGalician Front April 1916 Albatros C.IOblt Eduard Wolfgang ZorerF.FL.Abt 54OTF 2/4:2921916 Albatros C.IFl.Abt(A)207OTF 4/4:316 Albatros C.IVzfw Hauser/Ltn KochelF.Fl.Abt 5bOTF 5/4:307 Albatros C.I440/15OTF 6/3:254Under construction Albatros C.IOTF 9/4:320In flight Albatros C.IChevrons on fin_ stabilizer and under nose. Cross above fuselageOTF 10/1:72Overwing machine gun Albatros C.IKagohl IIOTF 10/1:77 Albatros C.I176Hptm Wilhelm BsˇlckeKasta 10/Kagohl IIOTF 10/1:RC Albatros C.IOctagonal cross fieldsOTF 10/3:199In flight Albatros C.IF.Fl.Abt 1thin waisted crossOTF 11/1:29 Albatros C.IF.Fl.Abt 1OTF 11/1:32 Albatros C.I598/15Windsock 3/2:29 Albatros C.I637/15Windsock 4/2:27Overturned Albatros C.I197/15light blueWindsock 9/6:FCColour photo of KrakowÕs C.I Albatros C.IC&C(GB) 11/1:5 Albatros C.IFl.Abt(A)221C&C(USA) 17/2:137 Albatros C.I1542/15C&C(INT) 27/2:58 Albatros C.IFrench markingsC&C(INT) 27/2:58In French hands Albatros C.IF.Fl.Abt 23C&C(INT) 27/2:66 Albatros C.Ib(Mer)13737/17Late-war crossesWindsock 12/5:4 Albatros C.II5403/17C&C(INT) 21/2:106 Albatros C.IIIVzfw Ludwig Walk14C&C(GB) 11/1:1training school Albatros C.IIIKasta 19C&C(GB) 13/2:78 Albatros C.III4189/16plain finishC&C(GB) 1/1:8 Albatros C.III5403C&C(GB) 18/1:8 Albatros C.III4038/15dark varnishC&C(GB) 18/1:18 Albatros C.IIIOctagonal outline to crossesC&C(GB) 18/1:48 Albatros C.IIIJ 7C&C(GB) 18/1:49 Albatros C.IIIC&C(INT) 20/3:RC Albatros C.IIIC.1388/16FrenchOTF 2/3:FCCaptured by the French Albatros C.III1388/162. Overpainted in French markingsOTF 2/3:231 Albatros C.III766/16Ltn Erwin Bsˇhme/Ltn LademacherKasta 10DragonOTF 5/1:41 Albatros C.IIIKasta 36Chevron_ 2OTF 5/4:318 Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt(A)220OTF 5/4:347
 Albatros C.III-/Ltn Rodney UhdeKAGOHL 2OTF 6/3:222 Albatros C.IIIOTF 6/3:253Machine gun over top wing Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt(A)220OTF 6/3:265 Albatros C.IIIOTF 8/1:FCIn Flight Albatros C.IIIS.171German Imperial NavyR.M.A.OTF 8/1:21 Albatros C.IIIOverall light colourOTF 8/1:21_22 Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt 21Octagonal field for fuselage crossOTF 8/1:26 Albatros C.III115/15Fl.Abt 14OTF 8/1:27 Albatros C.III105/16Fl.Abt 14OTF 8/1:27 Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt(A)224OTF 8/1:28 Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt(A)244OTF 8/1:28 Albatros C.III4057/16OTF 8/1:29MvR used as a communication a/c Albatros C.IIIFl.Abt 34CamouflagedOTF 8/1:29 Albatros C.III4010/15Vzfw LeimFl.Abt 14OTF 8/1:30 Albatros C.IIIOTF 8/1:65view from pilotÕs seat Albatros C.IIIIRASRoundels everywhereOTF 8/1:RCIn Russian service Albatros C.IIIUffz Karl Meckes/Oblt Artur GoehleFl.Abt(A)224OTF 8/3:215frontal view Albatros C.III766/16Ltn Erwin Bsˇhme/Ltn LademacherKasta 10DragonOTF 8/4:294 Albatros C.III40xx/15Kasta 4/ Kagohl119_ IVOTF 9/4:314 Albatros C.IIIOTF 9/3:320View of nose Albatros C.IIIOTF 10/3:200In flight. Lewis gun on top wing Albatros C.IIIVzfw Midar/Ltn MetzelFl.Abt 1Windsock 4/1:29 Albatros C.IIITurkishWhite outlined black squaresWindsock 6/5:11 Albatros C.IIIIRASRussian roundelsWIndsock 9/1:6Overwing Colt machine gun Albatros C.III4183/?Windsock 12/5:4Crashed Albatros C.III ?OTF 1/4:340 Albatros C.III(DFW)Late war crossesOTF 8/1:25 Albatros C.III(Hansa)OTF 8/1:24 Albatros C.III(LiHo)5403/16Overall light colourOTF 8/1:23 Albatros C.III(LVG)OTF 8/1:25 Albatros C.III(SSW)OTF 8/1:24 Albatros C.V1394/17Ltn Mohr/Ltn ArndtFl.Abt 18MottleC&C(GB) 12/2:70 Albatros C.V1220/16OTF 4/4:292 Albatros C.VLtn Scheiber/Ltn TrippmacherKAGOHL 21OTF 6/3:221 Albatros C.V/17OTF 4/3:262Brought down in French lines Albatros C.VII-/Ltn Hanns-Gerd RabeOTF 1/1:2 Albatros C.VII1239/16Prince Friedrich Karl of PrussiaFl.Abt(A)258OTF 3/1:FC Albatros C.VII3540/16Fl.Abt(A)224Chevron_ 3OTF 8/3:2205/22/17 Albatros C.VII350/16AFP 3b/w diagonal stripeWindsock 8/6:30 Albatros C.VIIOffStv GŸnther/Ltn FrankelFl.Abt(A)290Windsock 8/6:30 Albatros C.VII3540/17Fl.Abt 220Chevron_ 3Windsock 8/6:31Captured 22 May 1917 Albatros C.VII3027/16Fl.Abt(A)221C&C(USA) 17/2:143 Albatros C.VIIOTF 11/3:249 Albatros C.VII7713/16OTF 11/3:250 Albatros C.VII3540/16Schusta 27bChevron_ 3OTF 11/3:251 Albatros C.VIISchusta 27bChevron_ 4OTF 11/3:252on itÕs nose Albatros C.VIIIMFFA 2 Albatros C.X9244/16Hugo GeigerFl.Abt 46Vertical Lightning BoltC&C(GB) 13/3:101_102_104b/w profile Albatros C.XOTF 3/2:137 Albatros C.XWindsock 8/6:5Nose detail Albatros C.XWindsock 8/6:5Cockpit details Albatros C.X(LiHo)Windsock 5/4:RCNose Albatros C.X(LiHo)Windsock 8/6:5 Albatros C.XII1057/17Geiger/ReinFl.Abt 46Lightning BoltC&C(GB) 13/3:105 Albatros C.XIIOTF 2/3:205 Albatros C.XIISovietRed star on rudderWIndsock 9/1:7Fitted with skis. Colour profile on inside cover  Albatros C.XIISovietRed star on finWIndsock 9/1:7Fitted with skis. Scarff mount Albatros C.XIILudwig Walk87C&C(GB) 11/1:4WalkÕs third crash Albatros D.ICoC&C(GB) 5/3:114 Albatros D.I384/16C&C(INT) 22/4:207 Albatros D.I446/167C&C(INT) 26/3:156 Albatros D.I424/16Ltn Max von MullerC&C(INT) 26/3:157Crash photos Albatros D.IPrince Friedrich Karl of PrussiaJasta BoelckeSkull and Crossbones on aft fuselageOTF3/4:294_295Described as Green Albatros D.IJasta 2OTF 5/1:FC Albatros D.IJasta 2OTF 5/1:30 Albatros D.IJasta 2OTF 5/1:33 Albatros D.I434/16Jasta 2OTF 5/1:42 Albatros D.I391/16British markingsOTF 5/1:RC Albatros D.I435/16Ltn SpitzhoffJasta 5Two-tone upper surfacesOTF 7/4:360 Albatros D.I391/16Ltn S BŸttnerJasta BoelckeÔBŸÕC&C(GB) 5/3:104_105_107_109_112_113Photographedafter capture in British markings Albatros D.IÔCoÕC&C(GB) 5/3:114 Albatros D.I423/16C&C(GB) 5/3:115 Albatros D.I/16Prince Friedrich Karl of PrussiaJasta BoelckeSkull and crossbones on black squareC&C(GB)5/3:115after capture Albatros D.Itwo-toneC&C(GB) 5/3:116View from overhead Albatros D.II473/16 (G32)No 2 ADOverpainted crossesC&C(INT) 23/1:27After capture Albatros D.II473/16 (G.32)British markings after captureC&C(INT) 25/4:191 Albatros D.IID.1724/16Karl Emil SchSˇferKasta 10_ Kagohl 2Black outlined white circleOTF 2/1:32

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