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Praxis Vol1 Issue1

Praxis Vol1 Issue1

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Published by Paul Sid Wren

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Published by: Paul Sid Wren on Jan 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interview with Ronniede SousaProbability andCertaintyJonny BlameyThe InternalConstraint onHumanitarianInterventionNeb DobosMetaethical MoralRelativism Alexandre ErlerThe Nature of AppliedMathematicsDavide RizzaThe Role of AffectiveStates Amanda Taylor A Problem With
Defning Testimony:
Intention AndManifestationMark Nicholas Wales
ISSN 1756-1019
 Volume 1,Issue 1-Spring 2008
Praxis, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2008
ISSN 756-
Ned Dobos, University o Melbourne
Mark Nicholas Wales, University o St Andrews
EDIORSVasco Castela (Manchester, UK)Paula Satne Jones (Manchester, UK)AR EDIOR David Alexander Smith (Goldsmiths, UK)ADVISORSPeter Goldie (Manchester, UK)Ronnie de Sousa (oronto, Canada)
REFEREESLaurens van Apeldoorn (Oxord), Johan Blok (Groningen), Phil Brown(Manchester), Glen Carruthers (Adelaide), Elena Casetta (urin), DanCavedon-aylor (Birkbeck), Richard Clarkson (Durham), ChristineClavien (Lausanne), Dave Cochran (St. Andrews), Andy Cochrane(Leeds), Mathilde Cohen (Columbia/Paris X), Tomas Connor (Man-chester), Richard Corrigan (UC Dublin), Jack Darach (King’s CollegeLondon), Marcello Ghin (Paderborn), Raphael Fiorese (Monash),Chloe Fitzgerald (Manchester), Alredo Gaete (Manchester), JohnGuelke (Manchester), Hans de Haan (Erasmus), Luke Jerzykiewicz(Clark), Kile Jones (Glasgow), Carolyn Kane (NYU), Christos Kyri-acou (Edinburgh), Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen (Durham), David Lawton(Manchester), Siu-Fan Lee (King’s College London), Jean-Paul de Lucca(Malta), Bertha Manninen (Arizona State), Daniel Pointon (King’s Col-lege London), Jean-Philippe Ranger (Ottawa/Paris IV), Michael Rush(Manchester), Glenda Satne (Buenos Aires), Jelle de Schrijver (Ghent),David Alexander Smith (Goldsmiths), Michael Sollberger (Lausanne),Stéphane Symons (Leuven), Geo Stevenson (Manchester), Michael-John urp (Durham), Lee Walker (Manchester)
Praxis, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2008
ISSN 756-
Ronald de Sousa grew up in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom. He obtaineda BA rom Oxord and a PhD rom Princeton. Based at the University o orontosince 66, he has lectured in more than twenty countries on the emotions, humanrationality, philosophy o biology, philosophy o sexuality, ethics and aesthetics.He is currently an Emeritus Proessor at the Department o Philosophy o theUniversity o oronto and a Fellow o the Royal Society o Canada.
Praxis: How do you see the relation between philosophy and science, in termso their respective tasks?Ronnie De Sousa
Tere is, o course, no simple answer. Here are our tries.(i) Like religion, philosophy aims at a large scale vision o the place o humansand consciousness in the universe. But like science and unlike theology, it aimsto establish conclusions on the basis o rigorous argument grounded ultimately ineither necessary truths or empirical evidence.(ii) Science makes progress on any given question when enough people can agreeon what would count as answering it. Until then, questions are “philosophical”,which means there lacks an agreed method or tackling them. Tis, by the way,may account or the pejorative tone in which “It’s a philosophical question” isoen uttered. When methodological consensus arises, a science branches o.Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Psychology have all been bred by philosophy beore establishing themselves as sciences; not so, as yet, Aesthetics and Ethics.(iii) A third answer, avoured by many philosophers, is that philosophy deals withconceptual issues and necessary truths rather than empirical ones. Tat view hasoen been used to insulate philosophy rom science, particularly in those areas that

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