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Hilda Clark GBI Letter

Hilda Clark GBI Letter

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Published by Roger Shuler

Letter to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation related to the possible role of Judge Jason Deal in the deaths of Alabama lawyer Jennifer Paige Clark and Georgia prosecutor John Wilbanks Jr.

Letter to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation related to the possible role of Judge Jason Deal in the deaths of Alabama lawyer Jennifer Paige Clark and Georgia prosecutor John Wilbanks Jr.

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Published by: Roger Shuler on Jan 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Larry H. Clark Hilda C. Clark 6343 Trudy Drive, P.O. Box 446Flowery Branch, GA 30542Email:hcclark@bellsouth.net; Fax 770-965-2622January 2, 2013
Mr. John BankheadGeorgia Bureau of Investigation3121 Panthersville RoadDecatur, GA 30034RE: REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION ON HALL COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE JASON DEAL AND THE HALL COUNTYDISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICEDear Mr. Bankhead:You should conduct an investigation on Hall County Superior Court Judge JasonDeal, and the Hall County District Attorneys Office. We believe Judge Jason Dealnow has the MARK of two deaths – this year - that we are aware of, Jennifer PaigeClark and John Wilbanks, Jr., both attorneys, who died premature, tragic deathsbecause of the actions of Judge Jason Deal.I read the article in the Gainesville Times concerning the unfortunate death of Mr.John Wilbanks, Jr. who was the supervising attorney in the Hall-Dawson DistrictAttorney’s Office. Let me make it clear, I did not know Mr. Wilbanks, nor any of his family, this letter is written only from my own observation. According to thearticle, an investigation on Mr. Wilbanks began at the request of an un-namedsuperior court judge, but within the community it’s pretty common knowledge thiswas at the request of Hall County Superior Court Judge Jason Deal.This incident appears to be far more complicated than is reported in the paper, andI doubt seriously if it had anything to do with the ‘Dairy Queen episode’; but ratheran opportunity to damage and destroy Mr. Wilbanks and his reputation. Withinthe scope of Mr. Wilbanks position at the Hall-Dawson District Attorney’s Officedid he witness, discover or file a report on some type of dishonest or illegal activitywithin the department? Or on activities of previous DA’s? One thing stands outvery clear from this article, it’s apparent that Mr. Wilbanks had some powerfulenemies.
Our beautiful daughter, Jennifer Paige Clark suffered at the hands of who webelieve had the same enemy as Mr. Wilbanks, -- Jason Deal, Hall County SuperiorCourt Judge. We believe there are some clear connections as to how Mr. Wilbanksand Jennifer Clark, (both were attorneys), died due to actions caused by Jason Deal.Jennifer was an attorney in Mobile, Alabama . She passed away on May 27, 2012she was only 41 years old. Jennifer is a very beautiful person inside and out, shealways had a big smile on her face and blessed with a heart of gold. Jennifer wasborn and raised in Flowery Branch, Georgia, she went to Johnson High School,where she played basketball for the Lady Knights team for four years. After highschool, she earned a four year basketball scholarship to Auburn University -Montgomery, where she played for the Lady Senators. She was accepted to JonesUniversity Law School in Montgomery, Alabama where she earned her law degree.After graduation she hung out her shingle and began her private law practice, inMobile, Alabama.Jennifer lived a very simple, healthy, Christian lifestyle, she was a vegetarian, anavid runner, practiced yoga, a ballroom dance instructor, had a private pilot’slicense and was very active in her community. She was a lover and protector of animals. She enjoyed her daily trips to the neighborhood park and walks indowntown Mobile with Smoky, her adopted mix-breed dog. She also had twoadopted cats that she loved and adored, Benny and Newman, along with manyneighborhood cats she fed and took care of.Jennifer is a Christian, she lived her faith everyday and would do anything shecould to help people in need. Even though her life was short, she influenced andtouched many lives. During the past months, family, friends and clients haveacknowledged this as they have offered their love and support to Jennifer.In the last few years of her life, Jennifer was harassed, threatened, persecuted,unlawfully prosecuted, slandered, suffered, humiliated, ambushed, lied about,charged with malicious accusations, she suffered financial and professional ruin, herreputation damaged, disbarred, a restraining order that prevented her fromcompleting any current and pending cases, her bank account seized, the abruptobstruction to support herself, and her life was utterly and completely destroyed bythese ruthless actions. Everything she had worked for on this earth was taken awayfrom her by these ruthless enemies. But the one thing that was untouchable inJennifer’s life, and the one thing that they could not destroy was her Christian faithand belief in God. These are proven and undisputable facts.Jennifer had a successful, private practice, which was made up primarily of working class people, and many times she would take on cases even though theclients could not pay. Jennifer defended her clients aggressively, regardless of thecharges, she believed every person brought before the court should receive a fairtrial and that the rule of law should be followed. That was one of Jennifer’s life’spassions to see that her clients were treated respectfully, and that everyone involved
in the case follow the law. She respected the law and was a law abiding citizen, shewould never have done anything to compromise the oath she took to uphold the lawsof this country.She had counseled abused women that were housed at shelters and provided legaladvice to women at Legal Aid, who were seeking relief from domestic abusesituations. Many of these women did end up filing for divorce from their abusivespouse, but yet Jennifer did not always bill Legal Aid for her legal services. This wasanother way she could give back to her community. Jennifer maintained anextremely modest billing procedure, I know this because I kept Jennifer’s financialrecords.She did not deserve the despicable and slanderous way she was treated, and I hopeyou will patiently read this letter, as I piece together the highlights of events that ledto the tragic, needless death of our precious daughter.This case involves Jason Deal, Hall County Superior Court Judge, and his Attorneyfriend and want-a-be politician, Paul Stanley. Stanley is known to be a childhoodfriend and also an insider with the Deals. Paul Stanley was an attorney on the casefor a short time. Before Jason Deal was appointed to the bench in 2004, he was aDistrict Attorney for Hall County, Georgia.CV2003-cv-2830 Clark vs. Flowery Branch: Deal was appointed to this case in2004, by Judge Girardeau, shortly after being named a judge. This case began as acomplaint against the City of Flowery Branch for diverting water onto privateproperty. But in progression of the case during discovery, it became apparent therewas evidence of misuse of city funds, abuse of power and other activities by cityofficials. When Jennifer reported the illegal activity she had discovered, sheimmediately became the target.Judge Jason Deal issued a fraudulent and defamatory order on July 14 & 15, 2006,that contained defamatory accusations and lies that were slanderous and libelous toJennifer’s professional career. There are two dates on this Order, according to theofficial Hall County stamp it was file stamped on record July 14, 2006 at 11:00 AM,but on the last page Deal dated his signature July 15, 2006. According to this, thisOrder was put on record unsigned on July 14, 2006. Deal conspired with PaulStanley to publish the Order with the Office of the General Counsel of the State Barof Georgia and the Alabama State Bar to have her disbarred. It remains a publicrecord in the Hall County court file.Deal has never denied that he made defamatory statements about Jennifer, andarrogantly asserts that he is above the law and that judicial immunity should shieldhim from any liability for his actions. Judicial immunity is designed to protectmembers of the bench when they act in good faith to carry out their jurisdictionalresponsibilities.

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