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Define the Service Guide

Define the Service Guide

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Published by adbwaterforall
Define the Service Guide
Define the Service Guide

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Published by: adbwaterforall on Jan 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Define the service – Guide
Use the Service Definition and Process Selection worksheet to work through thesequestions.
1.Define the service
Fill in the first page.
Service Definition
Service description
General description of theservice.
 Service goals
What is the service meant toachieve in the long term?
Who are the customers served?
Service outputs
What is delivered by theservice?
 Service distribution
Describe geographical dispersionof the service, customer groups
Delivery means
 Are any parts of the serviceoutsourced?
 Service standards
 Are there external standardscontrolling service delivery?
What laws affect the operationof the service?
What other people or groupshave a valid interest in theoperation of the service?
Opportunities for improvement
 Are there known opportunitiesfor improvement?
Describe the service.
What are the boundaries? What activities are included in theservice?
What are your goals for the service?
is the service meant to achieve in the longterm?
Is there a strategic plan or an operational plan stating service goals?
Who are the customers of the service?
What groups do customers fall into? Are theyall served equally?
What are the outputs of the service?
What does the service directly deliver to itscustomers?
Service distribution.
Describe geographical dispersion of the service, and whether there are any other variations, for example between customer groups.
Delivery means.
 Are any parts of the service outsourced to private providers or to other levels of government?
What are the service standards?
Are there standards controlling service delivery? Arethey consistent across customer groups are do they vary, for example according towhether residents are in the urban or rural areas?
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Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
What laws affect the operation of the service?
What laws apply at thenational, provincial or state, municipal or local level?
What other people or groups have a valid interest in the operation of theservice?
Opportunities for improvement
 Are there known opportunities for improvement?
2.Choose which processes to work on
Services are delivered through processes. (A process is a series of steps which takeinputs and turn them into the outputs directly delivered to customers.)Some services are delivered through just one main process. Other services are largeand complex, have more than one output, and are delivered through many processes.If your service is simple and delivered through just one main process, you do not need tofill out the second page of the worksheet.If your service is large, with many processes, you need to narrow your focus to just oneor two main processes. Use the second page of the worksheet to break down theservice into its processes and choose which ones to work on.
Process Selection Worksheet
Service Processes OutputsProblems
9 = very serious6 = significant3 = small1 = very minor 
3 = large2 = moderate1 = small
Impact on externalcustomer 
3 = high impact2 = medium impact1 = low impact
= sum of ratings
List all the processes within the service. List the outputs – what each process delivers directly to its customers. Rate each process for (a) howits problems contribute to the overall service problem you are trying to solve; (b) how big it is, measured by its usage of people and moneyresources; and (c) how much impact the process has directly on customers. Add up the score for each process. Rank the processes in order.
Follow this sequence on the second page of the worksheet:1.List all the processes within the service.2.List the outputs – what each process delivers directly to its customers.3.Rate each process for 
124019502.doc Created: 27-Oct-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute2 of 7
Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
a.how its problems contribute to the overall service problem you are tryingto solve;b.how significant is the size of the process, as measured by its usage of people and money resources; andc.how much impact does this process have directly on service customers.4.Add up the ratings for each process.5.Your team should work on the processes with the highest totals.
3.Define each of the processes you will work on
Now, for each process you have chosen to work on, fill in the third worksheet – theProcess Definition worksheet.
Process Definition worksheet
Write down the Customers and Suppliers and the Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes of the Process. 
supply what we use
 ______________  ______________  ______________ 
What we use
 ________________ _________________  _________________ 
What we do
What we deliver 
 _________________  ________________ ________________
Who receive our outputs
 _________________  _________________  _________________ 
What we achieve
 _________________  _________________  _________________ 
2. Note any specific issues for this process
Service standards Problems delivering outputs Problems achieving desired outcomes
124019502.doc Created: 27-Oct-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute3 of 7

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