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Published by BLhundrup

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Published by: BLhundrup on Jan 14, 2013
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1[started adding new vocabulary from volume II, page 51 of the Tibetan, 265 of the English,starting Oct. 2, 2002]Glossary – preliminary, unproofed 8/8/2002Abar Puyi Paljor -
A ‘bar Bu yi dPal ‘byor 
- (Prosperity of the Son of Abar) - a.k.a.Abar Puyi Phentag (
A ‘bar Bu yi ‘Phen stag 
One of the Thirteen Favorite Sons of Ling. His father was Singsing, and his mother was Abar which is both a personal nameand the name of her family or 
. He is a member of the Elder Lineage of Ling.
Abundance Wargods, the Three Kindred -
rGyas byed dGra lha sPun gsum - 
a societyof wargods who increase and expand one’s energy and accomplishments, increasingwindhorse, eloquence, and possessions.
- name of a tribe and a region in the Kingdom of Hor, in the area of the Upper Yellow River.
Action tent
las gur 
 – a tent where committee meetings and assemblies occur and whereimportant decisions are made.
A-ge Tsangpey Sheep-a-peep
A ge Tsang pa’i Ngo lug 
- (Brahm¡ Sheep-a-peep of A-ge) - one of the three Sheep-a-peep boys. Born into the Elder Lineage of Ling of theA-ge tribe, one of the Thirty Brethren of Ling. His father is the head of the Elder Lineage, Lhabu Namkha Sengzhal.
Akani߆ha -
’og min 
- The highest of the rupadh¡tu god realms, but usuallyused to mean the highest buddhist heaven of all.
- dByings phyugs ma
- female buddha who dwells in the center of thema
ala and is the goddess of the space element.
mi skyod pa
, immovable – The Buddha of the vajra family in the Easterndirection of the ma
- (T:
, S:
) - abilities developed through meditationpractice. Siddhis are ordinary or supreme. The eight ordinary siddhis are physicalpowers. For example there is the siddhi of the sword, the touch of which is said to grantwhatever is wished. Supreme siddhi is enlightenment.
- (
rtogs pa rjod pa - avad¡na
)- biographical account, one of the twelvedivisions of Buddhist literature.
amrita -
bdud rtsi 
- literally “anti-death [potion]” - refers to a milky drink that conferseternal life. Used metonymically for any delicious drink.
antelope demon
- (
rgo ‘dre
) Name of one of the demon wild animals in the valley of 
 ‘Brul mgo mda’ 
in Vol. II, Stein, 56, p. 48b.
Ancestral lineage
gdung brgyud 
rus brgyud 
, the paternal descent lineage of apaternal clan or 
- same as
nu bo 
, means “youthful” or “younger brother” or sometimes, “nephew.”
Anu Paseng of Ombu
Om bu’i A nu dPa’ Seng 
- Youthful Lion Warrior, of the middlelineage of Ling of Ombu province, one of the Four Divine Heirs.
Anu Zigphen
A nu gZig ‘phen 
) - Youthful Leopard Leap - one of the Thirty MightyWarriors, a chieftain of the Tag-rong tribe. In some traditions he is Trothung’s oldestson, in others his brother.
Anye Gompa Raja
- (Grandpa Meditator Raja,
A mye sGom pa Raja
) - an evil Bönposorcerer destroyed by Gesar in Vol. II
, The Birth in Ling.
appeasement and fulfillment offerings
rngan gsol 
- ceremonies of sacrifice in order tocorrect the opposition of gods caused by violation of taboo or other transgressions.
Argye –
A rgyas 
) – a leader, one among the Thirteen Favorite Sons.
Aspiration Mountain Pass
 – see
Mönlam Lakha.
Aten Poisonous Flower
A brtan Dug gi Me tog 
- a famous warrior son of Trothung who figures inportantly in later chapters of the epic.
3Arrayed in Turquoise Petals, Pure Land
g.yu lo bkod pa'i zhing 
- Tara's Buddha field.
Aspiration Prayer White Boulder –
smon lam drag dkar 
– a sacred site in Ling.
Aspiration White Rock -
smon lam brag dkar 
- also known as Aspiration Mountain Pass(
smon lam la kha
)--“chosen by Padmasambhava as the birth place of Gesar....”
It isnear the castle of Chief Rongtsa Tragen.
approach and accomplishment practice
- (
bsnyen sgrub 
) - two stages of mantrarecitation in a deity visualization practice.
Astrologer Lha’u Yangkar
rtsis pa Lha’u gYang dkar 
- Divine Child WhiteProsperity - an astrologer.
auspicious coincidence –
rten ‘brel – 
good fortune, fortunate connection. SeeIntroduction. Usually this expression is short for 
rten cing ‘brel bar ‘byung ba
[TSED p.459] or 
rten par 'brel bar 'gyur ba
[SCD], in Sanskrit
, co-dependantorigination. It refers to causality mediated by karma. But here it is used to mean amagaical or karmically destined fortunate situation. See Introduction.
Auspicious Intertwined Dragons -
bKra shis ‘Drug Gor Kha spröd 
– name of apresentation scarf.
Auspicious By Day Neck Scarf
mGul dar Nyinmo bDe legs 
– name of a silkenpresentation scarf inscribed with a famous prayer of aspiration. See footnote 188, VolI, Chapter 2.
authentic presence
dbang thang 
- an invisible field of power that extends around theshoulders of a warrior or a great being, like the Byzantine notion of a saint’s charisma.see “field of power.”
rig pa
- (skt:
) - also translated as wisdom, ultimate awareness, andknowledge. In the context of the tantras of the Great Perfection, this refers to thehighest wisdom of meditation and direct unfabricated perception of the truth.

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