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Secure Funding Assessment

Secure Funding Assessment

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Published by adbwaterforall
Secure Funding Assessment
Secure Funding Assessment

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Published by: adbwaterforall on Jan 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Secure funding - Assessment
Please print these two pages and complete the following blocks. When you have finished, submit these two pages and your Record of satisfactory CIB learning to your Facilitator for their assessment and endorsement.
You and your CIB team have just completed a project looking at public toilets. You arerecommending that all of the existing public toilets be demolished and new public toiletsbuilt to replace them. The new public toilets will be lit using solar powered lighting, theywill have a rain water tank to store water and the users will be charged $1 per visit. Soapwill be provided for hand washing. Your Council does not have the cash reserves to payfor all of the new toilet constructions, and there may be a shortfall in operating costs onan annual basis.Who may be possible sources of funding to fund the original construction of the publictoilets, and their ongoing recurrent costs ?Possible donor or sponsor nameThey may fund this part or aspect of thisnew service1234For the above project, you have found that one possible sponsor is Magic Solar Panels,a business that designs and manufactures electric solar panels for a number of uses.They are keen to provide free of charge all the necessary solar panels and also supportthe maintenance for the next five years. They are however, looking are receivingsomething in return. What might you offer the Magic Solar Panel business in return for their sponsorship ?Possible benefits we could offer the Magic Solar Panel business are………1234
124047319.doc Created: 29-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute1 of 4
Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
56The Magic Solar Panel business has now been offered a number of benefits, and theyare delighted with your offer. They are keen to document the agreement between your City and them, for the installation of the solar panels and the ongoing maintenance. Theydon’t know the construction schedule, but are aware of around 100 public toiletinstallations. They are also unsure of how the maintenance will be scheduled or decidedupon, for both failure and preventative maintenance.What specific decisions and tasks need to be inserted into the implementation plan toensure Magic Solar Panels supply the solar panels on time to the project and their maintenance arrangements are followed through on?The specific implementation actions required by the City and by Magic Solar Panels willbe……………………….1 e.g. Provide Magic with a construction and installation schedule for their solar panels2345678910111213
124047319.doc Created: 29-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute2 of 4
Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Name…………………………………..Date submitted for assessment:…………………
124047319.doc Created: 29-Nov-04 Revised: 14-Mar-05 © 2004 ADB Institute3 of 4

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