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Kid Possible Assembly for January 2013

Kid Possible Assembly for January 2013

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Published by kflmedia

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Published by: kflmedia on Jan 14, 2013
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 Month: January 2013Theme: God the Creator of Heaven and EarthTime Allotted: 1.5- 2 hoursObjectives
To remind them about God as Creator of heaven and earth
To appreciate the things that God created in this world
To help them to become responsible enough to take good care of God
creation.Anchor Bible Verse
“For you created all things and by your will they existed and were created.” –
Rev 4:11
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” –
Gn 1:1Schedule 15 mins. Gathering Songs / Teaching of song/s10 mins. Opening Prayer / Kid Praise15 mins. Talk proper30 mins. Activity15 mins. Processing / Conclusion/ Featured Saints10 mins. Closing Prayer / KFL Heart Habits / AnnouncementsSong for the Month Awesome God/ If I were a ButterflyPep Talk
Note: Before the pep talk play the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oR1v0DpTcs); assign aheart champ that will narrate the story.
Create means to bring something out of nothing. Out of nothing, God created the world and everythingin it in 6 days. Through His loving nature, He chose to create first the things around us before He createdus, humans. He has thought of us first, and would like to give us the best, that is why He preparedeverything we need before He placed us. We can find the story of creation in the bible in the book of Genesis (review the Creation story)
God created the heaven
the sky, sun, moon
and the earth
the sea, the trees and animals
andmost especially us, humans. . God created everything and He perfectly created all of us. What if thereare no animals, plants, trees, sun, moon, stars what will happen? What if God did not choose to createus, for sure we are not here right now. God made us because His purpose is to enjoy His love throughHis creation.In return to that love we must also do our part in maintaining that picture of a wonderful world createdby God: (
Note: The speaker can cite his/ her own examples also)
Respect and obey the people around us by using po and opo when talking to them.
Treat animals with love by not harming them.
Plant more trees and flowers. Prevent wasting them.
Do not throw your trash anywhere, CLAYGO
clean as you go.
And always take care of our body, maintain our cleanliness, avoid doing bad things and alwayspray to God.Suggested Activities Kids at Play
(Do at least two activities)
Activity: Coloring SessionColor the different pictures
of God’s creation
mentioned in the Creation Story such as human,animals, plants and nature (see attached pictures)
Movie Watching about God
s creation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KumNFNnjey4)
Game: Mix and MatchMechanics:1.
Prepare the materials: print pictures of animals and pictures where they live.2.
Divide the kids in equal groups.3.
On the facilitator
s cue, each group should match the pictures of animals and theirappropriate habitat on the floor4.
The group who finishes first and got it correctly wins the game.First Step
Activity: Poster Making SessionMechanics:1.
Divide the kids into equal groups2.
Provide each group with coloring materials and ½ sheet of Manila Paper3.
Then ask them to draw and color the creation story from day 1 to day 6.4.
Place on the wall all the finished posters.
Game: KFL CaresMechanics:1.
Print pictures of abused animals, cut trees, polluted rivers, garbage, crying kid, etc. Also,print good pictures like birds are flying, tree planting, happy kids etc.2.
Use those pictures in explaining how to care for the creation.Example: cut trees - explain to them that it is not allowed and we need to plant more treesbecause people are abusing our nature resulting to calamities like landslide etc.Foot Step
Activity: Poster Making:Mechanics:1.
Divide the kids into equal groups.2.
Provide them coloring materials and a cartolina3.
Ask them to make a poster that shows ways on how to take care Gods creation
Game: Scavenger Hunt (obstacle course)Materials:Masking tape
2 Sets of pictures of different God’s creation based from th
e creation story2 Sets of pictures that ARE NOT part of creation story2 Sets of cut-out numbers from 1 to 6Mechanics:1.
Divide the kids into equal groups with 6 members2.
There are pictures scattered on the floor. Each member of the group should get a picturethat is in the creation story in order. They should run to the board and paste the pictureaccording to which day it is created. Repeat the steps until everyone participated.3.
The group who finishes first wins the gameStep Up
Game: Name it, God made itMechanics:Based on the categories below, name as many examples you can think of in 1 minute
Land Animals
Sea Animals

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