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Military Resistance 11A10 the Taliban Surge

Military Resistance 11A10 the Taliban Surge

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Published by paola pisi

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Published by: paola pisi on Jan 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Military Resistance: thomasfbarton@earthlink.net  1.12.13 
Print it out: color best. Pass it on.
Military Resistance 11A10 
“I Experienced The Taliban SurgeFirsthand This Past November,And Can Offer A Cause Not CitedIn The Pentagon’s Report: Oil AndGas”
“The US Pentagon Is The De-FactoLead US Agency Pushing TheDevelopment Of Afghanistan’s OilAnd Gas Sector”
“I Was Tracking An Oil And Gas TrailAcross Western And NorthernAfghanistan”“But So Too, It Became IncreasinglyApparent, Are The Taliban”
 Foreign troops conducting live ordinance test unaware they are on a natural gas fieldand that a Taliban attack had just occurred. On road from Khoja Gogardak, Sheberghancity, Jowzan Province, Afghanistan. (Antonia Juhasz)Abandoned Russian oil derrick in village in Ahmad-a-Bad District, Herat Province,Afghanistan. (Antonia Juhasz)Jan 10 2013 by Antonia Juhasz, The Atlantic
Antonia Juhasz is a fellow at the Investigative Reporting Program at the University ofCalifornia, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. She has written for The New YorkTimes, Los Angeles Times, and The Nation, among others.*********************************************************************************I am looking out the window as men in grey turbans run from my building out onto thehighway, their AK 47s at the ready.“There’s been an accident,” my Afghan guide, Danish calmly tells me. “Someone was just killed in the plaza here.”I am in Faryab province in northwest Afghanistan, which had been considered amongthe more peaceful areas.“Was someone hit by a car?” I ask. Danish pauses. The “Oh yes, she’s American” lookpasses quickly over his face before he replies, “Somebody was shot.”Within a few minutes we get a report from the secretary of Abdullah Masoumi, thegovernor of Khoja Sabz Posh District, in whose office we’ve been waiting for some time.It was the Taliban, he tells us, and the victim was Commander Czhulam, a leadingmember of the governor’s security team and a former commander under General AbdulRashid Dostum, one of the country’s most powerful warlords.With the close of 2012, the Pentagon has revealed a disturbing trend in Afghanistan:Taliban attacks remained steady, or in some cases increased, over 2011 levels.I experienced the Taliban surge firsthand this past November, and can offer a cause notcited in the Pentagon’s report: oil and gas.I was there as part of a three week investigation into the growing efforts of both the USand Afghan governments to develop Afghanistan’s oil and gas sector. I prepared myitinerary to include what are supposed to be among the safest regions, and was travelingalone with just a local guide and driver, my only “safety-gear” the local clothing and blackhead covering I wore.As long as I kept my mouth shut, with my dark hair and Middle-European heritage, Iregularly passed for a local. I was tracking an oil and gas trail across Western andNorthern Afghanistan.But so too, it became increasingly apparent, are the Taliban.I was to interview Governor Masoumi because his district sits atop fields of natural gas inone of the most energy-rich provinces.As in virtually all of Afghanistan, none of the fields are marked because almost nonatural gas or oil operations are taking place.I know the fields are there because I am following a map of Afghanistan’s oil and naturalgas riches produced by the United States’ Government’s US Geological Survey (USGS).

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