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Published by Peter Karavos

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Published by: Peter Karavos on Jan 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Peter Karavos10-21-12
” Cultural Project 
This past weekend I went to the movie theater with my brother to see the
movie “Argo” staring Ben Affleck. The background to the movie was the Iranian
Hostage Crisis of 1979. There was a group of Iranian terrorists demanding thereturn of their old president from the United States, which had let the formerpresident of Iran take up residency is the US. This group of terrorists overtook theAmerican Embassy in Iran and captured
many Americans. The point of “Argo”, is the
six Americans who escaped capture and hid in the Canadian embassy.
Ben Affleck’s character works for the CIA and he specializes in ex
-fills, whichis a term for getting a group of people out of a dangerous scenario. The character
comes up with a plan to make up a fake movie called “Argo” and have the six
Americans act like a Canadian film group and after selling the idea of a movie, the
will try and leave Iran. To totally sell the movie “Argo” to the world, t 
he filmproducers hire media to totally pump up the movie and build a lot of hype. Once the
film is granted permission to film in Iran, Ben Affleck’s character briefs the six
Americans on their new covers, posing as a film crew, which they need to memorizein order to escape the country. After numerous run ins with the Iranian government,the six Americans do indeed board a plane and get away safely. This story is veryunknown in American culture because the CIA gave all the credit to Canada, as they

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