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description: tags: 1005BlueBookCh5ConsumerInformation

description: tags: 1005BlueBookCh5ConsumerInformation

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Published by: anon-856928 on Jan 22, 2008
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This chapter describes the requirements for the consumer information that a school must  provide to students, the Department, and others as well as a summary of the effects of misrepresentation of school information on a school’s FSA participation.
In addition to the disclosure of general information requiredunder the consumer information regulations, there are specificdisclosure and reporting requirements with which schools mustcomply.Those requirements include —Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy andCampus Crime Statistics Act (Campus Security/CleryAct) – requires an Annual Security Report disclosing aschool’s security policies and reporting of CrimeStatistics;The Student Right-to-Know Act requires disclosure of information on Graduation, Completion, and Transfer-Out Rates; and the Graduation, Completion, andTransfer-Out Rates for Student Athletes at schools thataward athletically related aid.Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) – requiresdisclosure of Athletic Program Participation Rates andFinancial Support Data.Schools that participate in the Campus-Based programs must alsocomply with disclosure requirements for drug and alcohol abuseprevention. Although some of these disclosure requirements containcommon elements, each disclosure is required separately (see thechart
School Disclosure Requirements
at the end of this chapter).As part of the continuing effort to reduce the number of de-faulted federal student loans, it is important to provide students withinformation necessary for choosing an appropriate academic programand for fully understanding the responsibility of loan repayment.
Consumer information cites
34 CFR668.41, 668.42, 668.43, 668.44,668.45, 668.46, 668.47, & 668.48Sec. 485 of the HEA
General information includes
Financial assistance information pursuantto 34 CFR 668.42, andInstitutional information pursuant to34 CFR 668.43
Civil penalty
In addition to limiting, suspending, orterminating the participation of any schoolthat fails to comply with the consumerinformation requirements, the Departmentmay impose civil fines of up to $27,500 foreach violation.
Civil penalty cite
Sec. 487(c)(3)(B) of the HEA
1-34The Blue Book
In some cases a school is only required to make information avail-able upon request, while in others the school must directly distributethe required information. You can find a chart summarizing the dis-closure requirements at the end of this chapter.Each year a school must provide to enrolled students a notice con-taining a list of the consumer information it must disseminate, andthe procedures for obtaining this consumer information.
Schoolsmust provide this notice through a one-on-one distribution.
Schools must also provide a notice (though not an individualnotice) of student rights under the Family Educational Rights andPrivacy Act (FERPA).
The regulations lists basic information about the school and aboutfinancial aid that must be available to enrolled and prospective stu-dents. If necessary, the information listed below must be provided byyour school. However, much of the required information may alreadybe available in brochures and handouts routinely disseminated by theschool or in federal publications such as
The Student Guide
Financial aid information 
At a minimum, the following information must be provided aboutfinancial assistance available at a school:
the need-based and non-need-based federal financial aidthat is available to students;
the need-based and non-need-based state and local aidprograms, school aid programs, and other private aidprograms that are available;
how students apply for aid and how eligibility is determined;
how the school distributes aid among students;
the rights and responsibilities of students receiving aid;
how and when financial aid will be disbursed;
the terms and conditions of any employment that is part of the financial aid package;
the terms of, the schedules for, and the necessity of loanrepayment and required loan exit counseling; and
the criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress,and how a student who has failed to maintain satisfactoryprogress may reestablish eligibility for federal financial aid.
Financial assistanceinformation cite
34 CFR668.42
General information cite
34 CFR668.43
An Individual Notice is Required
You can find a sample notification at ED’sFERPA Web site
1-35Chapter 5 – Consumer Information
General information about the school 
The school must provide the following minimum informationabout itself:
the names of associations, agencies, and/or governmentalbodies that accredit, approve, or license the school and itsprograms, and the procedures by which a student mayreceive a copy for review of the school’s accreditation,licensure, or approval;
the special facilities and services available to disabledstudents;
the costs of attending the school (tuition and fees, booksand supplies, room and board, and applicabletransportation costs, such as commuting) and any additionalcosts of the program in which the student is enrolled or hasexpressed an interest;
a statement of the requirements for the return of FSAprogram funds when a student withdraws from school,information about any refund policy with which the schoolmust comply, and the requirements for officiallywithdrawing from the school (For more information aboutthe Return of Federal Student aid, see
 Appendix G –Overawards, Overpayments, and Withdrawal Calculations,chapter 2.
the degree programs, training, and other education offered;
the availability of a GED program, if the school admitsstudents who do not have a high school diploma orequivalent;
the instructional, laboratory, and other physical plantfacilities associated with the academic programs;
a list of the faculty and other instructional personnel;
whom to contact for information on student financialassistance and whom for general school issues;
the terms and conditions under which students receivingfederal education loans may obtain deferments; and
information regarding the availability of FSA program fundsfor study abroad programs.The school must have someone available during normal operatinghours to help persons obtain consumer information. One full-timeemployee or several persons may be assigned so that someone is alwaysavailable (with reasonable notice) to assist enrolled or prospective stu-dents and their families. Existing personnel may satisfy this require-ment. A school may request a waiver of this requirement if it can dem-onstrate that a waiver is appropriate. A school should contact theirSchool Participation Team for more information. (You can find achart containing contact information for the School Eligibility chan-nel at the end of chapter 12.)
The FSA Assessment modules
that can assist you in understanding andassessing your compliance with theprovisions of this chapter is "ConsumerInformation," at
Specifically the following sections"Equity in Athletic Disclosure Act," at
"Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Infor-mation," at
"Campus Security/Clery Act," at
and "FERPA," at
A school must give applicants selected forverification a written statement explaining1. Documents required for verification,2. Student responsibilities – includingcorrection procedures, deadlines forcompleting any actions required, and theconsequences of missing the deadlines.3.Notification methods – how your schoolwill notify students if their awards changeas a result of verification, and the timeframe for such notification.cite 34 CFR668.53

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