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Harry Reid in Bribe Case

Harry Reid in Bribe Case

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Published by tuffstuff49

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Published by: tuffstuff49 on Jan 14, 2013
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 (Steve Griffin | The Salt Lake Tribune) John Swallow in the Attorney General's Offices at the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt LakeCity last month before he was inaugurated as attorney general.
Utah A.G. tied to alleged fraud,says indicted businessman
Jeremy Johnson says new A.G. brokered attempt to derail federalinvestigation.
First Published Jan 11 2013 11:59 pm
Updated 1 minute ago
Embattled St. George businessman Jeremy Johnson says new Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped broker a deal in 2010 in which Johnson believed he was to pay Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid $600,000 to make a federal investigation into Johnson
s company go away.But when thefederal government filed a lawsuitJohnson thought he had paid to quash, he demandedSwallow return some of the $250,000 initial payment. Then, just days before the Nov. 6 election,Johnson engaged in a frenetic but unsuccessful effort to get Swallow to drop out of the race, sayinginformation about what Johnson called a "bribe" would come out and force the Republican
sresignation if he became attorney general.
s allegations come less than a week afterSwallow took the oath of office. Federal agentshave interviewed several Utahns about Johnson
srelationship with Swallow, among other issues,according to those interviewed. The FBI wouldnot comment.Johnson said he does not know if any of themoney he paid in the deal actually reachedanyone connected to Reid.Reid
s office declined to comment, spokeswomanKristen Orthman said Friday.To back his allegations, Johnson provided an
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email from Swallow that Johnson identified askey in supporting his claims. Johnson alsogranted access to at least several dozen otheremails, two financial records, several photos anda transcript of about 60 pages of a secretlyrecorded April 2012 meeting Johnson had withSwallow, who was then Utah
s chief deputyattorney general.The documents appear to support Johnson
s storythat in 2010 Swallow brokered a deal betweenJohnson and Richard M. Rawle, owner of theProvo-based payday-loan company Check City, toenlist Rawle to use his influence to get Reidinvolved on behalf of Johnson and I Works,Johnson
s Internet marketing company that wasunder investigation by the Federal TradeCommission.Swallow emphatically denies Johnson
sallegations and said he doesn
t understand whyJohnson is spreading lies about him."Any suggestion by Mr. Johnson that I have beeninvolved in illegal or inappropriate activityregarding his FTC case or any other matter is falseand defamatory," Swallow said.Swallow insists Johnson approached him in 2010and sought help to hire a lobbyist to deal with hisFTC issues. "I told Jeremy I could not and wouldnot intervene with the FTC on his behalf, givenmy position with the state [attorney general],"Swallow said. Johnson later asked Swallow toapproach the U.S. attorney on his behalf, butSwallow said he refused.
Q&A: Utah A.G. John Swallowresponds to Johnson's allegations
Published January 12, 2013
Jeremy Johnson headed to trial asfraud plea deal unravels
Published January 12, 2013
John Swallow-Jeremy Johnsontimeline
The relationship between Utah AttorneyGeneral John Swallow and businessmanJeremy Johnson goes back to at least 2009.
Swallow emails Johnson solicitingcampaign funds for Attorney General MarkShurtleff
s re-election campaign.December
Shurtleff appoints Swallowchief deputy attorney general.2010Feb. 13
Swallow emails Johnson about a
Cash for Gold
business deal and says he
very close
to Richard Rawle, owner ofCheck City.March 4
A series of emails begins overwhether Shurtleff and Swallow would signoff on the legality of Johnson processingpayments for online poker companies.July 5
A Swallow email to Johnson says hewas
not aware of any such law in Utah toprohibit what you are doing
in processingpoker payments from players outside thestate.Aug. 25, Sept. 25
Emails between Swallow,Johnson and Shurtleff discuss arrangingmeetings with top Utah officeholders about aFederal Trade Commission investigation ofJohnson
s I Works company.Late September
Johnson says Swallowcontacts him about meeting with Rawle toarrange payments to Nevada Sen. Harry Reidin return for his help in stifling the FTCinvestigation.
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Sept. 29
Swallow emails Johnson aboutRawle traveling to Las Vegas to meet withsomeone close to Reid to discuss the FTCinvestigation.Oct. 7
Johnson emails Rawle:
We will dowhatever it take[s] to get Senator Reid onour side
Oct. 9
Rawle emails Johnson:
I amworking on this matter right now
… “
Oct. 12
Rawle email sets up a meeting thatday in Provo.Oct. 14
s new company RMRConsulting LLC is registered with the UtahDepartment of Commerce.Nov. 2
A Rawle employee emails Johnson,saying he can deposit an
initial retainer
of$50,000 in an RMR Consulting account atBonneville Bank; Johnson emails afriend/employee asking him to make thepayment; an I Works ledger shows a $50,000payment to RMR Consulting.Dec. 12
I Works ledger shows $200,015sent to RMR Consulting account.Dec. 21
FTC sues Johnson, I Works, otherofficers and related companies.2011Jan. 19
Swallow announces he is acandidate for Utah attorney general.June 11
A felony criminal charge is filedagainst Johnson and he is arrested inPhoenix, beginning a stay of 96 days in jailbefore he is allowed out on $2.8 million bail.2012April 30
Swallow meets Johnson at aKrispy Kreme restaurant in Orem; Johnsonhas the meeting recorded andphotographed.Oct. 26
With election just days away,Johnson sends Swallow a text messageabout getting the money back. Johnsondecides he should try to get Swallow to dropout of the A.G. race.Oct. 29
Johnson meets Democraticattorney general candidate Dee Smith atBambara restaurant in Salt Lake City as partof effort to get Swallow to drop out of race.Oct. 31
Johnson meets with Shurtleff,urges him to persuade Swallow to drop outbefore the election, saying information ontheir deal will be made public.Nov. 6
Swallow wins election for Utahattorney general.Dec. 3
Johnson says Swallow sends$75,000 to repay part of monies paid by IWorks and an employee in the Reid deal.Dec. 8
Richard Rawle dies.2013Jan. 7
Swallow is sworn in as attorneygeneral.

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