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Fort Rae Metis Scrip Claims

Fort Rae Metis Scrip Claims

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Fort Rae Metis who applied for scrip.

Fort Rae Metis who applied for scrip.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Jan 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fort Rae Metis Scrip Claims
This settlement located on Mountain Island on the North Slave River was a Metissettlement in the 1700s, long before it became a HBC fort named after John Rae, famousfor his search for the lost Franklin Expedition. In 1852, the ancestors of the North SlaveMetis and the Hudson’s Bay Company built (Old) Fort Rae in the North Arm of GreatSlave Lake near the site of the original Métis post. This Métis community was culturallydistinct from the Dene and white society. The Metis families that settled here had longinteracted, worked together, and arranged inter-family marriages during the first twocenturies of the fur trade. Out of these social and work relationships and shared values,the Metis promoted their sense of being a distinct people around (Old) Fort Rae. TheseMétis families spoke many languages, including their own indigenous
, and had itsown laws, values, beliefs, technologies, economy, and history. The historical evidenceshows that these Metis used the lands in a 320-kilometer radius around (Old) Fort Rae,stretching across the Barren Lands to Bathurst Inlet. Old Fort Rae operated until 1904when many families and the fort relocated to modern Fort Rae to the northIn 1892, during his stay at Old Fort Rae on the North Arm of Great Slave Lake, theexplorer/adventurer Frank Russell observed that: “Two hundred yards from the big house(i.e., the Hudson’s Bay Company main post building) on the shore of a little cove calledSandy Bay, a few crumbling ruins of clay and stone chimneys mark the site of an ‘oldfort,’ abandoned so long ago that nothing is known by the present inhabitants concerningit.” Based upon this account the site was re-discovered in June, 2000, by Clem Paul of the North Slave Metis Alliance. They now operated this historic site.A North West Co. trade post was located at the site of Old fort Rae in 1787 althoughsome give 1852 as the date when Metis first settled at Old Fort Rae. However, there are anumber of lines of evidence to suggest that Old Fort Rae, or Mountain Island as it wasknown prior to the establishment of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) post in 1853,was occupied by Metis as much as half a century or more earlier. A subsequent HBC postoperated until 1925.Camsell, Frank Ernest - Concerning his family Métis claim - Residence, Fort Rae - Born,1878 at Fort Simpson - Occupation, trader - Father, Camsell, Julien S., (White man) -Mother, Sara Foulds, (Métis) - Married, 1909 to Marie Madeleine Bushier at Fort Smith -Children, four living, two dead - Claim no. 31Beaulieu, Moise - Concerning his Métis claim - Address, Resolution North WestTerritories - Born, August 15, 1899, Fort Rae - Occupation, trapper - Father, Beaulieu,Moise, (Métis) - "Marie", (Indian) - Married, 1918 in Resolution to Celine Beaulieu -Children, three - Pascal, July 3, 1922, Lucienne, August 26, 1920, Fred, November, 1919- Claim no. 57Beaulieu, Pierre; for his deceased sister, Marie Rose Beaulieu; claim no. 1449; address:St. Agathe, Manitoba; born: 1 November, 1885 at Fort Rae, MacKenzie District; father:1
Alexis Beaulieu (Métis); mother: Marie Laferte (Métis); died 1894; heirs: see applicationno. 1443 aboveBeaulieu, Pierre; for his deceased sister, Marguerite Beaulieu; claim no. 1443; address:St. Agathe, Manitoba; born: 19 July, 1880 at Fort Rae; father: Alexis Beaulieu (Métis);mother: Marie Laferte (Métis); died: 18 September, 1895 at St. Boniface; heirs: MarieLaferte (mother), Pierre Beaulieu (brother and deponent), Antoine Beaulieu, AlexisBeaulieu, Jean Baptiste Beaulieu, Marie, wife of Pierre Merundi, and Madelaine, wife of Antoine LanaixBerens, John - Concerning his family Métis claim - Address, Fort Smith - Born, 1871 atFort Simpson - Occupation, pilot for North West Territories Co. - Father, Berens,Samuel, (Métis) - Mother, Mary, (Indian) - Married, in 1896 at Fort Rae to MoniqueLafferty - Children, eight living, deceased four - Mary Louise, 1899, Ellen, 1901, Alice,1904, Alfred, 1906, William, 1908, Dora, 1911, Frederick, 1899, Saragine, 1915 - Claimno. 29Blanchard, Jane Bell - Concerning her claim as a head of family - Address, Winnipeg -Born, Fort Rae, May 14, 1856 - Father, Lawrence Clark - Mother, Jane Bell, (Métis) -Married, Sedley Blanchard, August 5, 1876 - Children living, three (names ondeclaration) - Children deceased, one - Scrip for $250 - Claim 1469.Bouvier, Marie; address: Fort Providence via Edmonton; claim no. 61; born: 1870 at FortRae; father: Louison Lafferty (Métis); mother: Marie L'Esperance (Métis); married: 1884at Fort Providence to Baptiste Bouvier; children living: 5; children deceased: 2Field, Mary Adelaide - Concerning her Métis claim - Address, Fort Simpson - Born,December 4, 1886, Fort Rae - Father, Lafferty, Louis, (Métis) - Mother, Elmer Challon,(Métis) - Married - Children, four dead - Claim no. 40Garson, William McKay; address: Prince Albert; claim no. 428; born: 4 June, 1873 atFort Rae, Great Slave Lake; father: Peter Flett Garson (Métis); mother: Jane Flett (Métis);scrip cert.: form C, no. 611 for $240.00Gowen, Veronique - Concerning her Métis grant of $240.00 - Address, Fort Good Hope -Born, in 1896 at Fort Rae - Father, Vital Lafferty, (Métis) - Mother, Caroline Lamelice,(Métis) - Married, 1913 at Fort Rae to Ernest Raymond Gowen - Claim no. 6Heron, Edward - Concerning his Métis grant of $240.00 - Address, Fort Rae - Born, FortSimpson, March 24, 1898 - Occupation, Hudson Bay Co. manager - Father, Frank Heron,(Métis) - Mother, Harriet Brown, (Métis) - Married, 1913 at Fort Providence to MargaretSibbeston - Children, two living, two dead - Harriet, May 3, 1914, Frank, November 29,1918 - Claim no. 3Hyslop, Elizabeth; address: Fort Resolution via Edmonton; claim no. 178; born: 1840 atDease Lake near Liard River; father: Francois Houle (Métis); mother: Elise Toutpeid2
(Chipewyan Indian); maried: 1862 at Fort Simpson to Baptiste Bourchier, & 1898 at FortRae to James Hyslop; children deceased: Marie; scrip notes nos. A4558 & A5569 for 160& 80 acres respectively.Lafferty, Adeline - Concerning her Métis grant of $240.00 - Address, Fort Rae, NorthWest Territories - Born, Fort Rae, 1898 - Father, Vital Lafferty, (Métis) - Mother,Caroline (Métis) - Claim no. 26Lafferty, Alex Joseph - Concerning his Métis claim - Address, Fort Smith - Born, FortRae - Occupation, steamboat hand - Father, Louis Lafferty, (Métis) - Mother, Gay, (Métisor Indian) - Claim no. 38Lafferty, Harry - Concerning his Métis claim - Address, Fort Rae - Born, Providence,September, 1880 - Occupation, interpreter - Father, Harry Lafferty (Métis) - Mother,Catherine Bouvier, (Métis) - Married, 1907, Rae to Ellen Fabien - Claim no. 64Lafferty, Jonas - Concerning his Métis claim - Address, Fort Rae - Born, Rae, 1906 -Occupation, employee Hudson's Bay Co. - Father, Harry Lafferty, (Métis) - Mother,Catherine Bouvier (Métis) - Claim no. 65Laferte, Louison; address: Fort Rae via Edmonton; claim no. 205; born: 1822 at FortResolution; father: Laferte (Métis); mother: Mary Anne (Cree Indian); married: 1848 atWinnipeg to Marie Lesparence; children living: Boniface; Vital; Octave; Alexis; Henri;Antoine; Marguerite; Marie & Monique; children deceased: Louis; Modeste; Rose &Adele.Loutit, Eliza Jane - Concerning her Métis claim - Address, Resolution, North WestTerritories - Born, Fort Rae, March 3, 1905 - Father, Frank Heron, (Métis) - Mother,Harriet Brown, (Métis) - Married, 1924, Hay River to Edward Loutit - Claim no. 58McGurran, Wilhelmina - Concerning her Métis claim - Address, Fort Rae - Born, ColdLake, Alberta, February 18, 1901 - Father, Thomas William Harris, (White man) -Mother Judith Scanie, (Indian) - Married, in 1916 at Simpson to Harry McGurran -Children, two - Frances Ellen, February 19, 1918, Thomas William, May 3, 1922 - Claimno. 63McLeod, William; address: Athabasca Landing; born: 25 December, 1873 at Fort Rae;father: William McLeod (Whiteman); mother: Ann Norn (Métis); married: 18 December,1895 at Athabasca Landing to Maria Gullion; children living: Matilda; scrip cert.: formE, no. 3335' claim no. 2936.Mercredi, Marie Rose - Concerning her Métis claim - Address, Hay River - Born, FortRae in 1894 - Father, Antoine Lafferty, (Métis) - Mother, Madeline Beaulieu, (Métis) -Married, in 1912 at Chipewyan to Leon G. Mercredi - Children, two living, two dead -Ignace Clement, 1912, Lionel Hubert, 1919 - Claim no. 53

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