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Servant of the Shadow

Servant of the Shadow

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Published by Robert Blezard

Here is another short story set on my homebrewed World of Kulan campaign world for Dungeons and Dragons.

Here is another short story set on my homebrewed World of Kulan campaign world for Dungeons and Dragons.

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Published by: Robert Blezard on Jan 15, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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By Robert Blezard
Haily wasn't sure that she could pull it off. Her masters at the Angle's Edge Thieves' Guild had sent her out to procure an item they considered vital totheir survival.Sure, their survival. It's not like they cared whether she lived or died. This Zultmir fellow is one of the most powerful wizards in the Kingdom of Stonn not to mention a rumored favorite of the Jealous Arcane. And anywizard that could attract the attention of Xuar, the God of Necromancy, issomeone she would normally avoided like the plague.Followers of Xuar are not known for their mercy.Haily looked at the tower in front of her in awe and a whole lot of fear. The stone gargoyle next to her seemed to be mocking her. Calling her acoward and worse. Of course, it was all in her head. The gargoyle wasn'talive. Just a convenient hiding spot cloaked in shadows on an adjacent roof tothe necromancer's tower."This is crazy." The halfling shook her head in frustration. "I don't evenknow if I can get in, let alone find it."But the guild had been adamant. Find the item or all was lost. Theyhadn't even told her what it was she was supposed to steal. Oh, they hadhinted that it was important to the Church of Kuil and the entire pantheon forthat matter. All the more reason her stomach was now doing somersaults."The necromancer doesn't know what he has." Guildmaster Vendel hadtold this to her in his private room. "If he did it could lead to another waramongst the gods. We don't dare speak the name of the object. But you'llknow it when you see it."She had been less then pleased. She wasn't a devoted worshiper of theNorth Gods. Yes, Kuil is the patron of the Angle's Edge. But that doesn't meanshe believes that the God of Rogues and Illusion cares whether or not sheexists. The guild has always been a means to an end. And now that could beher fate, literally.
"Well, no sense wasting time." Haily stood up putting a hand on thegargoyle. Staying in the shadows she waited until two Watchers passed by onthe street below. "Time to get killed." The halfling deftly dropped down to the street below without a sound.She checked the street again while keeping to the shadows. Then she closedher eyes concentrating on the shadowed corner, cast by the street lamps, onthe other side of the street that she had seen from above. Breathing slowly,she took a step and felt herself being pulled through the darkness to theother side of the street next to the necromancer's tower.She clenched her hands together fighting the fear that always camewith shadow walking. It was a gift taught to all guild members of the Angle'sEdge. She hated it. It felt like ice was being shoved through her skin. But itcame in handy when you needed to do something real risky like trying tobreak into an arcane tower. And this was the easy part."Oh forget it." Haily clenched her teeth together. "Guild membershipisn't worth this."Haily slid away from the tower sprinting down a side alley. She'd haveto leave the city of course. She'd have to leave everything she had behind.Start over. Somewhere else where she didn't have to answer to the NorthGods in order to steal for a living. There was always the southern lands oreven the old cities of the Empire of Swords.Haily ran through the back alleys of Stonn City keeping an eye out forWatchers and anyone who might recognize her. It wouldn't take long for theguild or the Church of Kuil to learn that she had chose to leave without thebag.She turned a corner and ran right into someone. She went down in atangle of arms and legs with the other person."Ow," Haily noticed that the person in front of her was one of her kind.A boy barely out of his diapers no less. "What hit me?" The boy looked like he was about to pass out. He rubbed his foreheadgroaning in pain. Damn, she hadn't been careful. Now she was in a situationthat would lead them right to her. If the boy talked.She reached for her dagger. Then she looked at the little halfling withher hand near the hilt of her blade. No matter whether or not she wasn't part
of the guild anymore, she couldn't bring herself to murder an innocent child.Especially not one of her own kind. There are so few of us.Haily let go of her dagger. She quickly stood up taking a quick lookaround to see if the Watchers had spotted them. She tried to help the boy upbut his legs were too wobbly to stand. She picked him up carrying him intothe shadows of a nearby alleyway."Are you all right child?" Her mother would have been proud, if sheknew who her mother was."I-I think so," The boy still couldn't stand. "What happened?""You were out in the middle of the night. Wandering through thestreets. I didn't see you and ran right into you. What are you doing out at thistime of night? Where's your kin?""Kin, your not serious are you. I don't have any halfling relatives. I'mon my own, okay."He seemed a little less fragile now that his head had cleared. "Soyou're an orphan?""What about it?" The boy was becoming more hostile. "And what theheck are you running from, hmm?""Don't sass your elders child." Haily tried to dodge the question."Halflings have to stick together.""Don't call me a child. And you're not my elder.""Why don't we go to the Temple of Yondalla an ask the High Priestess if she agrees with you on that, hmm.""N-no, that's all right. I'm sorry. I'm just a little sore, okay?""Fine. Now, where do you live?""Um, you’re looking at it." The boy pats his clothes, turns aroundseveral times then sits down in the alley."You live in the streets. Of Stonn City. Do you take me for a fool? Noone lives on the streets in this city. Not unless they want to go to prison orget thrown out of the city.""Well, I don't really live here. I live wherever my feet take me. I'm justpassing through, honest."

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