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Princeton 0116

Princeton 0116

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Published by elauwit

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Published by: elauwit on Jan 15, 2013
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JAN. 16-22, 2013
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Future City
Students tackle water runoffin competition.
Princeton High School wrestlers face Allentown
KATIE MORGAN/The Princeton Sun
Princeton High School wrestler NoahZiegler is pinned by a wrestler fromAllentown High School during a matchin Princeton on Jan. 9. LEFT: Prince-ton High School varsity wrestler DavidKlinges faces off against a wrestlerfrom Allentown High School. Allentownwon the match 63-15.
The Princeton Sun
Princeton resident, philanthro-pist, musician and humanitarianBill Scheide will celebrate his99th birthday on Jan. 18 with anorchestral concert at RichardsonAuditorium.The annual event, now in itssixth year, is a benefit concert,with the proceeds going to a dif-ferent organization each year.This year the concert, with atheme of “Forever Young,” willbenefit Princeton’s CommunityPark Pool.Judith Scheide, Bill’s wife, saidthe concerts have become a hugeopportunity to support an organi-zation or group.“We decided five years ago toorganize the concerts by giving achunk of money to a local chari-ty,” she said. “The organizationscan use this money to publicizetheir group or start a campaign.We try to use this concert as anopportunity for a charity to comeinto the light.”Past concerts have benefitedIsles, Inc., Centurion Ministries,The Arts Council of Princeton,
Benefitconcertis Jan. 18
 please see
CONCERT, page 7
THE PRINCETON SUN — JAN. 16-22, 2013
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The Princeton Sun
Michael Henderson andArthur Villaruz, former membersof the Princeton Township PoliceDepartment, are suing the depart-ment, claiming they were wrong-fully discharged.Henderson, a former lieu-tenant, and Villaruz, a formercorporal, retired in October 2010.The two have now filed a law-suit claiming they were forcedinto retirement without justcause.According to the lawsuit, themen were forced by the MercerCounty Prosecutor’s office to re-tire, or face criminal charges.The two men retired after ascandal involving former PoliceChief Mark Emann and the ille-gal sale of weapons in the policedepartment.Emann allegedly sold an M16to a gun dealer to obtain weaponsfor his personal use.Henderson and Villaruz wereinvestigated in connection withthe scandal, but criminal chargeswere never brought against them.Both faced administrativecharges. Henderson said he be-lieved the deal was done legally,and Villaruz, who coordinated thesale of the M16, said he did solegally.According to the lawsuit, bothmen were mistreated by the Mer-cer County Prosecutor’s Office.Henderson was asked to sub-mit to a body search, with whichhe complied. According to thelawsuit, “Lieutenant Hendersonwas asked if he had been drink-ing and whether he would submitto an Alcotest. Although Lieu-tenant Henderson does not drink,he agreed and was transported tothe Montgomery Township PoliceDepartment where he submittedto the Alcotest, which was nega-tive. He was then released fromthe Montgomery Township PoliceDepartment. As with the bodysearch, the MCPO’s actions weredesigned to humiliate andembarrass Lieutenant Hender-son.”Henderson and Villaruz claimthey have not received compensa-tion for pay owed to them prior toretirement, and that the depart-ment retains possession of sever-al personal items of theirs.Henderson is seeking $40,000 inback pay and Villaruz is seeking$30,000.According to the suit, the tworequest “an award of compensa-tory damages for pain and suffer-ing, an award of punitive dam-ages, an award of attorneys feesand costs of suit incurred byPlaintiffs, and any other furtherrelief deemed by the Court to beequitable and just.”Captain Nick Sutter of thePrinceton Police Department saidhe did not have enough informa-tion to comment on the issue.Kathy Monzo, assistant admin-istrator, said even though the law-suit was originally filed againstthe township police department,the lawsuit will be carried for-ward into the new, consolidatedmunicipality.Township attorney EdSchmierer said there are severalcases currently in litigation thatwere carried over in consolida-tion.“There are other things we’vehad to deal with in the two sepa-rate municipalities that are car-rying forward into the new one,”Schmierer said. “Under the con-solidation law, any claims that in-dividuals may have had againstthe old Township or Borough willsimply continue.”Schmierer said the Henderson-Villaruz case will be handled byPrinceton’s insurance carrier.“Obviously we’re disappointedthat it was brought,” he said.“And it will be vigorously defend-ed.”
Former officers file suit against township police department
The Princeton Sun
A group of girls from StuartCountry Day School of the SacredHeart in Princeton are very goodat planning for the future.The girls have been working todevelop water-runoff solutions aspart of the 2012-2013 National En-gineers Week Future City Compe-tition.The annual competition callsfor middle school students to de-sign a “City of the Future” andbuild a model using recycled ma-terials.This year’s theme asked stu-dents to find new ways to handlewater runoff in the case of storms or natural disasters.“As they analyze the most dam-aging effects of extreme weather,they imagine and design new andcreative ways to manage stormwater that make city landscapesact more like natural land-scapes,” said a Future City pressrelease.Pallavi Pemmireddy, an eighthgrader and member of StuartCountry Day’s Future City team,said the group has been workinghard since September.“We met with our group quite afew times,” Pemmireddy said.“We spent a lot of time brain-storming ideas we could see exist-ing in the future, and starteddoing research about if those
Future engineers
Stuart Country Day Schoolstudents tackle water runoff solutions in competition
 please see
FUTURE, page 6

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