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Alzheimer's Platform

Alzheimer's Platform

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Published by: Matthew Equality Silverstein on Jan 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Labor Donated, Printed In House
 The Fight To Cure
Six years ago my family received some devastating news. My grandmother, Esther Goldberg, wasdiagnosed with dementia, a form of 
 Alzheimer’s disease
. This illness would change me and mfamily forever. Before my Grandmother was diagnosed with
 Alzheimer’s disease
, I really knew very little about the disease.Nana Esther as I called her
 was one of the matriarch’s of our family.
My grandmother taught mehow to dance, cook and to love history and politics. I have many happy memories of my grandmother. After a five year battle with
 Alzheimer’s disease
, my grandmother ultimately lost herfight with this terrible disease. I promised myself that the best way to honor my G
memory and legacy was to become a spokesperson
for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and
Dementia.I decided
people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia
need an advocate because this is adisease that is a plague on our city and country. I believe now is the time to educate the public aboutthe effects the disease has on people and how we can work together to take a stand and fight back against this terrible disease.
 Alzheimer’s disease might have taken my grandmother from me but Alzheimer’s disease will not win
the war.
When elected to the New York City Council in 2013, I pledge to be a strong advocate in the fight against 
 Alzheimer’s disease 
  We need to develop a NYC Plan of Action to fight
 Alzheimer’s disease
and bring this deadly diseaseout of the closet and into the light. Together we will make a difference.
Labor Donated, Printed In House
 Alzheimer’s Stats
5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease
Someone develops Alzheimer’s every 68 seconds
 Alzheimer’s is the 6
leading cause of death in the United States.
By 2050 Alzheimer’s will affect 16 million Americans.
New York Alzheimer’s Stats
 According to the Alzheimer’s Association 320,000 New Yorkers have Alzheimer’s.
 An estimated 350,000 New Yorkers will have Alzheimer’s disease by 2025.
 Two-thirds of 
New York’s 229,599 nursing home residents had some form of cognitive
990,490 people in New York State are Alzheimer caregivers
 Alzheimer caregivers in New York provide $13.45 billion in unpaid care in 2010
Build a new senior center in each borough dedicated to New Yorkers who suffer 
from Alzheimer’s disease.
 These new senior centers will provide sufferers with social, recreational, nutritional,and health-related activities in a supervised group setting.
I will work to ensure th 
at all New Yorkers who suffer from Alzheimer’s & Dementia 
have access to adequate healthcare options 
Many residents of Queens have no access to Medicare or Medicaid. I will work to
ensure that nobody who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia lacks the
healthcare options they need.
Labor Donated, Printed In House
Provide letter grades to all private assisted living facilities and nursing homes that 
care for New Yorkers with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
 The restaurant letter grading system is quickly becoming part of everyday life. Theletter grading system informs consumers about the health department violations atthat establishment before you sit down to eat. Creating a letter grading system for allprivate assisted-living facilities and nursing homes that care for people with Al
zheimer’s and Dementia
allows families and sufferers to make an informeddecision about where to place their loved ones.
Create a city-wide data base of all certified home care workers trained in dementia & 
 Alzheimer’s care.
 When family members, along w 
ith the people who suffer from Alzheimer’s &
Dementia, decide on who to hire as a home care worker, the process can often belong and confusing. As the demand for home care workers increases this database will make the process easier and more transparent.
Create Uniformed Standards For Home Care Workers.
 As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, home care workers are one of the fastestgrowing occupations in our City. We need to put into place stronger standards (suchas licensing) on how one becomes certified to become home care workers. People
suffering from Alzheimer’s and their families deserve the peace of mind knowing 
that these home care workers are qualified and responsible.
Reduce turnover among home care workers by providing them with better wages,benefits, training, and career ladder incentives.
Overhaul the NYC Department for the Aging’s Alzheimer’s & Caregiver Resource 
Currently very few New Yorkers are aware that this center exists and what services itprovides. This resource center needs to be better publicized.
Create demonstration employment programs to determine what type of jobs could be done by people who suffer from Alzheimer's & Dementia.
Being diagnosed with
& Dementia doesn
t mean that your life is over. We need to create employment programs that will keep people engaged andmotivated. Someday work/employment may prove to slow down the progress of thedisease.

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