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Published by Shivo Osho

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Published by: Shivo Osho on Jan 15, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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One thing is common among human beings, that they all have fears. However, nature of such fear varies and can range from fear of accidents, fear of poverty, fear of death and punishment, fear orejection from close ones etc. Human begins are also scared of other human beings, as they tend tohave a belief that others are out there to harm them.Real bad news is, these fears are self fulfilling prophecies. Repeated surfacing of fears enhancesthe probability that they will turn out to be true, as we are the magnet for the events. Whatever wethink and believe, ultimately happens to us. So, what do we do? Try to remain positive and keepthese fears away? Well, many of us have tried that, but none of them succeeded. However hard youtry to keep those scary thoughts away, they still come. In fact, more you try to block those fears,more the ferocity they seem to have. Isn't this the experience we all have?Now, the question is, why the irrational fears can overpower even the courageous and logicalminds? The reason is that these fears emanate from our sub conscious mind, while all the efforts wemake to remain positive happens at conscious mind. Since Sub conscious mind is almost 10 timesmore powerful thanconscious mind, it is impossible to counter these fears by way of trying to remain positive.One may question, how does these fear get stored in subconscious? Well, they come from actualaccidents we have gone through in our past including this life and many past lives. For example, if someone died in air crash in his past life, the fear of flying will get stored in subconscious till thetime, one can get rid of it through some method (including hypnosis). You can imagine, a lot isstored in our sub conscious, as all of us have passed through many unfortunate incidents life after life, and they all are now sitting inside us and dictating our lives.So, what can we do in such situation of helplessness? Just be a victim and live the real lifemanifestation of our fears?NO. You dont have to be a victim. You can have access to one of the most powerful tool to deal withsuch situations- HYPNOSIS.Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to deal with all the issues emanating from sub conscious. Let meguide you to a very simple exercise, which can help you get rid of your fears. Even though it isadvisable to take help of a trained hypnotherapist for excellent results, you can also try it yourself.With practice, you may be able to get desired results.1. Sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Please keep your eyes closed throughout theexercise.2. Start to pay attention to all your body parts one by one, so as to relax you completely. You shouldbegin with toes and move up towards the head. For deeper relaxation, visualize / imagine white lightentering your toes and moving up slowly towards your head and then moving out.3. Now begin to count backwards from 10 to 1 and with each count, imagine that you are movingdown a dark dry well. At the count of 1, imagine that you have touched the bottom.4. Now visualize your fear in full blown proportion. Imagine it being played out on a screen withclosed eyes. For example, if you have fear of flying in airplane, then imagine / visualize yourself trapped in air crash and feel the fear in every cell of your body. Allow your body to tremble, dontcontrol any negative reaction. Be in this state for some time.5. Now imagine a brush, dipped in the red paint and make a sign of cross ( X ) across the wholescreen. With this, you have already negated the fear stored in sub conscious.6. Count 1 to 5 and imagine yourself coming out of the well. Now, you can either open your eyes or follow two more steps for reinforcement of courage in your being.

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