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Swami Vivekananda - the clarion call of modern times- Subramanian A

Swami Vivekananda - the clarion call of modern times- Subramanian A

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Published by Subramanian A

Here in this article, I am trying to describe Swamiji as I have experienced.

Here in this article, I am trying to describe Swamiji as I have experienced.

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Published by: Subramanian A on Jan 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2013
‘Let anyone of our reformers bring out that life, ready to serve even a Pariah,
and then I will sit at his feet and learn, and not before that. One ounce of  
 practice is worth twenty thousand tons of big talk” 
 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Today is the 150
birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. In this context, I wish to share some of myfeelings and experiences of this great son of the world.I was attracted to the world and philosophy of Swamiji at a very yo
ung age. I can’t exactly remember
who had introduced me to his world during my school days. Nevertheless, I was already reading hisworks while I was thirteen or fourteen. Till this date, over four decades, I have been faithfully goingthrough his works and have got full confidence and conviction in his views about life and in hisphilosophy about the
.His very name is an inspiring element. Nobody can sit in an idle manner on hearing his name. This is thevery magic about him. Millions had been inspired by his philosophy in the past and umpteengenerations are waiting in the pipeline to follow his path.
Within a short span of life, he did stupendous work that one can never imagine about and compelled theworld to wake up from her age old sleep. Till then, the world was living in a hypnotized manner. Hecame to this world and dehypnotized. People were really afraid of such a mental change because thatwas a new experience for them. They were hearing truth from the very mouth of truth. That was thedifference.
People were really thrown out of their old moorings. Even now, the mundane world doesn’t
properly understand the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. This means that the world is still in a longsleep like an opium eater.As far as his life impresses me, he was a daring personality who never compromised with the pettinessof the world. He uttered the truth in a bold manner and ever considered fear was death. He had a greatspiritual quest and his spiritual anchorage was deep. He was very basic in his approach. I canconvincingly say that he took up every issue at the grass root level and suggested solutions. Allproblems can be finally broken to
Man, Mind and Matter.
Of this, man and his mind mattered aboveall. He tellingly said that all changes were very subjective. He said in conformity to the Vedantic viewthat it was the
Name and Form
that was behind all ideas and differences in the world and hencestressed on the fact that one should not give undue attribution to names and forms. Put in other words,one should not carry such ideas to the extremity to make conflicts in the world.Whatever changes that we see in the external world are the net result of our internal change. Thismeans that whatever atrocities or goodness that we see around us is the outcome of our thoughts. Manhas always a tendency to blame his material circumstances for his crippling mind and crammingthoughts but it is actually the other way. It is our limited mind that is making our material situationsvery destructive and violent. Man is often behaving as a helpless creature. He is waiting for anincarnation to save his life. He is expecting his elected Government to solve his problems in everyrespect but Swami Vivekananda clearly forewarns that unless we can help ourselves, no government orany god is going to come for our rescue.
Man has the capacity to alter is plight.
 Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is reached” 
was whathe repeatedly said to the whole mankind. He asked the world to take up one single ideal and die torealize it. Our common experience is that we run after many ideas and ideals and leave everything mid-way with the result that we practically reach nowhere. This should not be our approach.He had a single dose medicine for all the problems of man
be unselfish. He stressed on this idea of 
unselfishness. He asked the world to work in an unselfish manner. Unselfishness doesn’t mean that one
should not work for his survival in this world. He can earn his livelihood in a justifiable manner. Bybeing unselfish means that one should give space to others to live in this world. The degree of selfishness actually decided how far you are free with yourself and also with the world. Where there isselfishness, there also lies slavery. If I want to be free from mental slavery, I have to be unselfish in myapproach. This will not only make me free but also give the world that much freedom because I nomore overpower the world with my selfish approach. If the world gave up selfishness by half thepresent value, that much freedom the world would enjoy. Selfishness would always pin a man to hisnarrow world. Such pinning down has its own level of agony and frustrations. All the sufferings in this
world are due to this kind of us being pinned down but we are quite unaware of this. SwamiVivekananda forewarns man that if he is not ready to give up his selfishness and be ready to share hislife with others, disaster is in the offing
that, this Nature will rob off his material and mental wealth.He will eventually lead an evacuated life.
Sharing is life.
If we are selfish, to that degree we won’t share our life with others. To that degree, we
will ignore the pain and sufferings of others. We may shut against the flow of life and simply suffer.
Can’t we share a loaf of bread with others? We may profess socialism and communism but live in
reclusiveness, within our pupa stage. We train our children to be selfish from their early childhood.Man can solve many of his problems if he wills to share his life. A man who lies bleeding on the road is ahelpless creature. Most of the passersby have their excuses for not lending a helping hand on groundsof legal tangles but they forget about one thing. If that bleeding man is your friend or somebody relatedto you, would you not rush into the scene forgetting all the legal tangles? What has made such adifference? Here, you had a selfless feeling or a feeling akin to you. You had no selfish motive at thisinstance. You saw your own mirror image in the man and hence rushed to help him. Such a way of seeing our own mirror image in the streaming world is only possible with a degree of selflessness. Thisis the truth. If we begin to see our mirror image in the world around us, we will begin to love help thewhole mankind going beyond all differences. This can really solve many issues that have beenpurchasing peace at the moment.He had a clear vision about the concept of religion. During the lecture that he delivered in the UniversalChurch, Pasadena, California on January 29, 1900, he spake thus:-
“Are all the religions of the world really contradictory? I do not mean the external forms in which great 
thoughts are clad. I do not mean the different buildings, languages, rituals, books etc. employed invarious religions, but I mean the internal soul of every religion. Every religion has a soul behind it, and that soul may differ from the soul of another religion; but are they contradictory? Do they contradict or supplement each other?- that is the question. I took up the question when I was quite a boy, and havebeen studying it all my life. I believe that they are not contradictory; they are supplementary. Eachreligion, as it were, takes up one part of the great universal truth, and spends its whole force inembodying and typifying that part of the great truth. That is the idea. System after system arises, eachone embodying a great idea, and ideals must be added to ideals. And this is the march of humanity.Man never progresses from error to truth, but from truth to truth, from lesser truth to higher truth. Take four photographs of this church from different corners: how different they would look, and yet they would all represent this church. In the same way, we are all looking at truth from different standpoints,which vary according to our birth, education, surroundings, and so on. We are viewing truth, getting asmuch of it as these circumstances will permit, colouring the truth with our own heart, understanding it with our own intellect, and grasping it with our own mind. We can only know as much of truth as it related to us, as much of it as we are able to receive. This makes the difference between man and man,and occasions sometimes even contradictory ideas; yet we all belong to the same universal truth. My idea, therefore, is that all these religions are different forces in the economy of God, working for the

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