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Jowo marme-- my translation.pdf

Jowo marme-- my translation.pdf

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Published by BLhundrup
Atisha’s Butter-lamp Offering Prayer
Atisha’s Butter-lamp Offering Prayer

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Published by: BLhundrup on Jan 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ÒÈÊ Ê'ë-/ë-Bè<-03+-ý7Ü-09-0è7Ü-^ë,-:0-/º¥#<-<ëÊ
Atisha’s Butter
-lamp Offering Prayer
Mar me no ni tong sum gyi tong chen po jig ten gyi khor yug dang nyampar gyur chig
May the lamp and container become equal to the horizon of the great three thousand-fold worldsystem,
Dong bu ni ri yi gyal po ri rab tsam du gyur chig
May the wick become equal to the King of Mountains
Mount Meru.
Mar khu ni the gyam tsho tsam du gyur chig
May butter become equal in size to the limits of the infinite Ocean.
Drang ni sang gyay ri ri dun du dung chur re re jyung war gyur chig
May they multiply and appear each as a billion lamps presented to each and every Buddha
O kyi sid pa’i tse mo men che nay nar me nyal wa yen che kyi ma rig pa’i
mun pa sal nay chog chu san
g gyay dang jyang chub sem pa’i zhing kham
tham che ngon sum du zhug pa thong zhing sal war gyur chig
May the light illuminate the darkness of ignorance of all sentient beings from the peak of samsaradown to the hell of endless tortuous, whereby they can see directly and clearly the pure realms of allthe Buddhas of the ten directions and bodhisattvas.
Om Bendza A-lo-ke Ah Hung
>è-0-=ëÊ $ë-029-H+-e³$-[$-#<:-
E ma ho Ngo tshar me jyung nang sel drön me di
These extraordinarily excellent, brilliant lamps;
Kal zang sang gyay tong tsal sog pa’i
To the thousand Buddhas of the fortunate age and the rest,
Rab jyam chog chu zhing kham ma lue pa
And throughout all the infinite pure realms of the ten directions, excluding none,
La ma yi dam kha dro choe kyong dang
To all the Gurus, Dakas, Dakinis and Dharmapalas;
Kyil khor lha tshog nam la bul war gyi
To the hosts of deities of every mandala, I make these offerings!
Pha may tsor jyay sem chen tham che kun
Due to this, may everyone of my fathers, and mothers and all sentient beings
Tshe rab di dang kye nay tham che du
In this life and in all their future lives,
Dzog sang gyay kyi zhing kham ngon thong nay
Be able to see directly the actual the pure realms of the completely perfect Buddha.

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