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Published by Rick Karlin

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Published by: Rick Karlin on Jan 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Filer Name Link Office DistrictOpeningBalance ContributionsANDREW CUOMO 2014, INC.Link4 19,313,744.61 4,014,221.20BILL THOMPSON FOR MAYORLink22 1,059,612.19 1,044,406.00FRIENDS OF ROB ASTORINOLink21 $1,364,783.66 $1,024,284.81FRIENDS OF ED MANGANOLink21 $2,050,610.48 $821,077.50NEW YORKERS FOR DE BLASIOLink$2,160,455.92 $740,647.13FRIENDS OF KATHLEEN RICELink26 $1,977,966.37 $650,122.21FRIENDS OF MORGENTHAULink26 $642,765.50 $642,765.50DINAPOLI 2014Link6 $280,699.34 $598,033.00BELLONE 2015Link21 $544,509.44 $521,691.78SEIU PEA STATE FUND (SERVICELink$32,462.58 $500,000.00RESHMA FOR NEW YORKLink90 $264,844.89 $499,473.55FRIENDS OF NOAM BRAMSONLink21 $0.00 $426,870.00SQUADRON FOR NEW YORKLink$370,520.34 $387,091.71SOLUTIONS 2013Link90 $0.00 $375,021.00KEN THOMPSON FOR DALink26 $0.00 $341,568.75CYRUS VANCE FOR MANHATTANLink26 $1,422,846.76 $326,854.31MELINDA KATZ 2013Link43 $0.00 $283,524.02HABER FOR NASSAULink21 $0.00 $252,140.69EMPIRE DENTAL PACLink$41,778.01 $242,975.00FRIENDS OF JON KAIMANLink24 $334,466.87 $232,759.00ERIC ADAMS 2013Link43 $195,600.54 $215,023.91PFIZER INC PACLink$156,467.65 $208,250.67LETITIA JAMES 2013Link143,171.81 206,886.16UNITE HERE TIP STATE AND LOCALLink598,673.20 204,236.40BROWN FOR BUFFALOLink22 1,028,577.35 202,826.58THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFELink76,753.64 193,398.84JENKINS FOR WESTCHESTERLink$72,193.02 $176,431.85ABE GEORGE 2013Link26 $0.00 $166,777.54NYS DEMOCRATIC SENATE CAMPAIGNLink$1,405.61 $161,215.36MONROE COUNTY REPUBLICANLink$22,576.12 $160,048.33J. P. MORGAN CHASE & CO. PACLink$813,901.86 $151,842.96PEOPLE FOR LAPPINLink$434,743.56 $150,643.00GREENBERG TRAURIG P.A. PACLink$104,781.55 $146,699.63NEW YORKERS FOR ROBERT JACKSONLink43 $90,365.25 $145,595.00JEFF KLEIN FOR NEW YORKLink11 34 $0.00 $144,407.00MCDONALD 2013Link22 $0.00 $142,390.19WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, INC.Link$157,159.55 $139,402.05IRONWORKERS POLITICAL ACTIONLink$65,818.93 $133,056.38LAWPAC OF NEW YORKLink$78,604.49 $128,318.00LOCAL 138, 138A, & 138BLink$356,651.08 $126,862.37FITZPATRICK FOR THE PEOPLELink26 $951.41 $126,380.00LOCAL 30 IUOE PACLink$86,260.02 $125,662.00HICKSVILLE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEELink$1,183.64 $118,070.00FRIENDS FOR PETER KOOLink32 20 $94,043.05 $109,845.00RECCHIA FOR NEW YORKLink$740,674.64 $108,625.00MASON TENDERS DISTRICT COUNCILLink$101,936.24 $108,405.57INTERNATIONAL PAPER POLITICALLink93,553.52 107,827.48TOM RICHARDS FOR MAYORLink22 2,726.00 106,500.00NVS VICTORY CAMPAIGN FUNDLink26,307.78 103,200.00TWU LOCAL 100 POLITICALLink430,443.56 99,803.39TOBAY FRIENDS OF STEVE LABRIOLALink76 $16,145.90 $89,311.83NASSAU COUNTY REPUBLICANLink$833,552.31 $87,815.00PEOPLE FOR DIAZLink$459,048.55 $86,847.00
GUERRIERO FOR ADVOCATELink49 0.00 85,931.40GARODNICK 2013Link32 4 938,458.64 84,145.00NORTH VALLEY STREAM REPUBLICANLink17,642.94 81,620.00NY GAMING ASSOCIATION PACLink$282.00 $78,585.00FRIENDS OF TOM CROCILink24 $74,099.38 $77,859.95SUFFOLK COUNTY ASSOCIATION OFLink$92,523.62 $77,374.00FRIENDS OF ED SMYTHLink$0.00 $76,000.00INDEPENDENCE PARTY CHAIRMAN'SLink$17,015.54 $74,400.00FRIENDS OF DAVID DENENBERGLink54 19 $61,321.09 $71,836.23PEOPLE FOR DEBRA COOPERLink32 6 $0.00 $70,239.50WE WANT WAYNE WINKLink27 11 $15,658.81 $69,910.00FRIENDS OF CHRIS JACOBSLink75 $32,513.91 $67,166.00STRINGER 2013Link$2,360,780.28 $66,820.00FRIENDS OF CRAIG APPLELink25 $50,407.11 $66,632.00FRIENDS OF IIAN SCHOENBERGERLink53 4 $48,947.84 $66,259.00FRIENDS OF MAGGIE BROOKSLink21 $12,218.57 $66,125.00WORKERS'COMPENSATION ALLIANCELink$28,587.76 $66,025.00COHEN FOR COUNCILLink32 11 $0.00 $66,002.00MONROE COUNTY REPUBLICANLink$153,374.14 $65,950.00FRIENDS OF JOHN VENDITTOLink24 $21,200.95 $65,000.00INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATINGLink$1,582,668.49 $62,500.00GREATER NY AUTO DEALERS ASSOC INCLink$255,226.49 $62,460.00METLIFE INC. EMPLOYEES' POLITICALLink$395,363.58 $61,140.81COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT COUNTYLink$63,949.80 $60,233.00INDEPENDENCE PARTY OF N.Y.Link9,282.42 60,150.00FRIENDS OF JUDI BOSWORTHLink82 101,527.53 60,115.44REAL CONSERVATIVESLink65,655.02 59,500.00JULIE MENIN 2013Link90 $893,991.73 $57,961.00FRIENDS OF WILLIAM NAUGHTONLink39 $122,140.29 $57,540.00NASSAU COUNTY DEMOCRATICLink$22,761.29 $57,150.00THE HARTFORD FINANCIAL SERVICESLink$99,766.10 $56,872.15CITIZENS FOR SANTINOLink50 4 $6,789.47 $55,180.00PECKHAM INDUSTRIES, INC. PACLink$133,938.64 $55,000.00FRIENDS OF DANIEL P. MCCOYLink21 10 $94,051.65 $53,977.50PLUMBERS LOCAL UNION NO.1 N.Y.C. -Link$302,218.16 $53,775.87MARGARET CHIN 2013Link32 1 $31,544.35 $53,455.00NYS DEMOCRATIC ASSEMBLYLink$173,297.72 $53,375.00TOM ALLON 2013Link22 $64,958.38 $52,737.59FRIENDS OF YETTALink$62,102.50 $52,275.21N.Y.S. FUNERAL DIRECTORSLink$227,868.98 $52,024.86MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OFLink$98,230.05 $50,037.22NYSCOPBA PAC (NYS CORRECTIONALLink$211,983.25 $50,000.00FRIENDS OF STEVE COHNLink13 50 $185,877.27 $48,513.00SOUTH ASIAN-AMERICAN POLITICALLink$63,793.80 $48,236.00MINER FOR MAYORLink22 $148,091.03 $48,195.00FRIENDS OF DAVID FRIEDLink21 $0.00 $47,516.00STEAMFITTERS LOCAL 638 PACLink$706,457.22 $46,905.34FRIENDS OF DON SMITHLink25 6,468.61 46,850.00FRIENDS OF JOANIE MAHONEYLink21 235,923.03 46,825.00LAURIE CUMBO 2013Link32 35 0.00 46,280.00MAYOR MIKE SPANO COMMITTEELink22 $12,227.33 $45,574.00REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS CAMPAIGNLink$50,119.76 $45,189.00FRIENDS OF MARK POLONCARZLink21 $104,541.30 $44,970.00FRIENDS OF DONOVAN RICHARDS 2013Link32 31 $8,246.00 $43,524.34FRIENDS OF ANDREW HARDWICK &Link22 $1,876.00 $43,118.31
FRIENDS OF SILVERLink12 65 3,242,318.32 42,186.25NYS DEMOCRATIC ASSEMBLYLink1,049,344.96 41,663.39VAN BRAMER 2013Link34,625.86 41,623.00INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATINGLink$180,941.81 $41,395.31SUFFOLK COUNTY CONSERVATIVELink$235,924.40 $40,855.00FRIENDS OF MICHAEL DUNCAN 2013Link32 31 $0.00 $40,548.00JENNINGS 2009 (GENERAL ELECTIONLink22 $1,399.57 $40,376.98TWU LOCAL 100 POLITICAL ACTIONLink$6,893.46 $40,000.00FRIENDS OF VINCENT DEMARCOLink25 $291,900.83 $39,740.00EMPIRE STATE REGIONAL COUNCIL OFLink$559,221.73 $37,218.55FRIENDS OF JRLink32 1 $0.00 $36,740.00CITIZENS FOR DAYLink11 38 $26,609.62 $36,199.00UNIFORMED FIREFIGHTERS ASSOC.Link$391,360.52 $35,298.56VOTE VALLONE 2013Link$0.00 $34,700.00SAL 2013Link22 $0.00 $34,426.00CARLUCCI FOR NEW YORKLink11 38 $211,102.47 $34,224.00FRIENDS OF SCOTT MCNAMARALink26 $42,582.38 $33,765.00CITIZENS FOR EDWARD DIANALink21 $419,237.06 $32,550.00DUBOIS FOR SHERIFFLink25 $80,161.79 $32,435.00FRIENDS OF ED WEHRHEIMLink37 $54,056.37 $31,910.00CITIGROUP INC. POLITICAL ACTIONLink$1,780.73 $31,426.72THE COMMITTEE TO RE-ELECT INEZ E.Link32 9 $0.00 $31,020.00FRIENDS OF KATHY MARCHIONELink11 43 $23,003.36 $30,510.00FRIENDS OF COSTA CONSTANTINIDESLink32 $27,129.25 $30,441.34FRIENDS OF JOE LORIGOLink27 10 1,249.13 30,403.00COMMITTEE FOR MEDICAL EYE CARELink32,299.80 30,300.00MURATORE FOR HIGHWAYLink39 0.00 30,162.25EAST ROCKAWAY REPUBLICANLink$125,566.64 $29,988.00PAC OF THE PATROLMEN'SLink$100.00 $29,560.00HALFMOON REPUBLICAN CLUBLink$4,826.45 $29,493.00RE-ELECT KOSLOWITZ 2013Link32 29 $11,219.47 $29,485.00REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY CAMPAIGNLink$235,952.43 $29,056.35VIVERITO 2013Link32 8 $46,093.68 $29,027.00EMBLEMHEALTH NEW YORK PACLink$108,961.88 $28,500.00NYS SENATE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGNLink$1,029,741.42 $28,025.38ELEANOR ROOSEVELT LEGACYLink$215,723.05 $27,750.00THE NYS ECONOMIC GROWTH PACLink$63,700.00 $27,500.00GREENE COUNTY REPUBLICANLink$14,150.55 $27,405.00FRIENDS OF CHARLES J HYNESLink26 $419,520.88 $27,275.00FRIENDS OF THE TOWN OFLink$14,636.78 $26,740.00FRIENDS FOR JIM COUGHLANLink45 $3,658.08 $25,741.00FRIENDS OF S F RLink37 1 $6,549.94 $25,334.00FRIENDS OF CHRIS NUZZILink37 $16,279.91 $25,060.00REAL ESTATE BOARD PACLink$150,760.87 $25,000.00NYS TROOPERS PACLink$227,383.29 $24,650.60DOCTORS COUNCIL SEIU COPELink$66,777.78 $24,538.34FRIENDS OF TIM HOWARDLink25 $29,879.30 $24,154.00CONGRESSMAN NORMAN F. LENTLink0.00 24,072.00WESTCHESTER COUNTY DEMOCRATICLink196,823.46 23,728.35TRIPI FOR FAMILIESLink30 0.00 23,700.00MATTEO FOR COUNCILLink32 50 $9,990.34 $23,583.75JULISSA 2013Link32 21 $12,044.88 $23,400.00FRIENDS OF GARY MCCARTHYLink22 $15,184.21 $23,300.00FRIENDS OF MARTHA TAYLORLink$28,482.12 $23,152.00FRIENDS OF KATHY SHEEHANLink22 $20,677.87 $23,037.00

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