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January 16 2013

January 16 2013

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Published by The Ontarion
The Ontarion January 16th 2013, issue 107.2
The Ontarion January 16th 2013, issue 107.2

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Published by: The Ontarion on Jan 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thursday, january 7th, 203
 Uv  G’ I S N
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page 3
yig giltl d vimt i tgth
Director o the WorldClimate ResearchProgram speaks atGuelph
emma wilson
On Jan. 9, the University o Guelph
was given the opportunity o host-
ing a talk led by Ghassam Asrar,
Director o the World ClimateResearch Program in Geneva,
Te talk, entitled, “Climate andAgriculture: Risks and Opportuni-ties,” explored the signicance o 
     
world that is growing in popula-
,    b 
many climactic changes in the
Asrar spoke o a phenomenoncalled the temperature anomaly,
which compares current tem-
   .
Normally, periods o warming are
balanced by cooler years, however
    , -
dented warming periods have not
been accompanied by adequate
,  A.
According to the researcher,
agriculture is the most climate-de-pendent economic sector, and it is
also intensely connected to other
economic sectors. Extreme climateevents can lead to crop ailure, ood
insecurity, soil erosion, requentorest res, and more pathogens
 .
“he implications o climate
  v  f 
o the world,” noted Asrar. Some o the worst-case scenarios o declines
  v 
include mass migrations, amine,
   .
o determine how to respond,Asrar stated that, “solution-ori-
ented sciences and collaboration
among researchers o many dis-ciplines are required. Research
conclusions also need to be more
     - .”“T b     
to reduce our vulnerability to cli-
mate change,” continued the
speaker. According to Asrar, this
q  
to manage the impacts o climatevariability with agricultural plan-
  . F ,
one easy solution the researchersuggested would be to develop
seasonal and inter-annual climate
orecasting – not just orecasting
b    k.
Furthermore, in the last ew
,  v   
“climate change problem” has
largely disappeared rom common
    C 
has been mostly carried along in
the sciences. And while a ew years
ago, being green was a predominant
interest, and the same environ-
mentalism heralded at the upper
levels o Canadian government
     C,     -
vironmental conversation has
disappeared rom most workplaces,
, ,  v   v.
Ghaam Aa ak abou h aoh bw cma a agcuu.
vAnessA tiGnAnelli
h wlkt ld illgl
Bus cancellationsconuse situation
Kelsey coughlin
As a result o the Ontario LabourRelations Board decision, the el-
  ’   
protest, which planned to close
schools on Jan. 11, was deemed
Te day o protest planned toprotect and promote the rights
o teachers all over Ontario, but
was determined illegal in theearly morning o Jan. 11. heruling came rom the OntarioLabour Relations Board and the
decision was met with mixed re-
.      
the Upper Grand District School
Board were prepared to stage a
k   B 115 –  b
gaining the reputation o impeding
on the rights o teachers all over
 v.
More specically, Bill 115, oth-
erwise known as the Putting
Students First Act, has been underscrutiny since it rst came to pub-
    1. A
the main points o Bill 115, all
teachers are subjected to a two-
year pay reeze, a reduction o 
A & CS & HLOECC LC
sp m hi
Cuts or Cancer eventin Guelph aims tohelp Childhood Canceroundation
oliia ollino
Childhood is oten a time wherechildren are ree to be themselves.However, or children living with
cancer and undergoing chemother-apy, losing their hair is just another
aspect they struggle to cope with.
W     , C C    .
Currently a graduate student at theUniversity o Guelph, Lisa Kellenberg-
er was inspired when cutting her hairwith a group o riends during her un-dergraduate years. Ater transerring
 G,  k   
own hands once she ound no events
vb     . A  , C  C G  .
Te non-prot organization works
with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation,
a childhood cancer charity who is
   C C-
cer Canada. Cuts or Cancer’s mission
is to bring awareness to their cause,raise unds or research, and collect
  .
“Kids cancers are really underund-
,     ,”
said Kellenberger, remarking on howexpensive research can be. She added,
“I       ,  I 
when people go through the efort to
ask riends and amily or support to
   .”
On Jan. 26, the ourth annual hair-cutting event will be taking place all
  S R M.
Participants will either cut their
hair or shave their heads to stand
in solidarity with the children and
women who are undergoing che-
motherapy. Proessional stylists rom
Kharisma Hair Design and Colorist
will provide all haircuts in a 30-min-
ute session. For additional styling,
donors are welcome to return to the
       .
Hair longer than eight inches will
b .
“It’s denitely a statement,” Kel-
b k.  
Kira Seki and Amanda Kubik, the
Guelph students will be working to-
wards their goal o $15,000 or the
Childhood Cancer Canada Foun-
dation. Dyed hair is sent to Lockso Love in the United States, while
   b v  P-
tene Beautiul Lengths, a Canadian
“Kids just want to be kids. And
it makes it dicult or them whenthey eel like they look sick,” said
Kellenberger. “hese wigs havean absolutely huge impact on
In the past three years, $35,000has been raised or research, along
 19  .
Kellenberger retells a story where
past event organizer Bethanny Le-rman, two-time childhood cancersurvivor, witnessed rst-hand the
f   v.
“She told a story [about] when she
was in Sick Kids, [and] a little girl
who was waiting or a wig nally re-
v ,    x  v k  f.”
Ultimately, says Kellenberger
o the children living with cancer,“Tey just want an opportunity to
v   .”
Glbl t Ll:
U o G students andsta on internationaland national news
Te media recently reported that, aspart o Sexual Awareness Week, theU o  Sexual Education Centre has
   b   x 
the premises. Te event is meant toencourage a “sex-positive attitude”
and allow students to experience
 x b     . D.
Ruth Neustiter, an assistant proessor
  C & F T
program at the University o Guelph
who specializes in sexual well-being as
  vv   v,k 
Te Ontarion 
  .
T Onrn:
I    -
versial as it seems or a step in the right
  x x?
rth ntit
: It can be both contro-versial and a step in the right direction.
Tere can be a great deal o value in
pushing social boundaries to cre-
ate space or students to learn more
b ,   x  x x v-
ty. Events like this are strictly optionalto attend, and every good club makes
  
their top priorities. In act, placeslike this can be a unique way to ex-
plore sexual Negotiation and respect
within a supportive and sae atmo-sphere, should students choose to
attend. Whether students choose to be
more intimately involved or not, theycan witness diverse bodies, sexualities,and sexual negotiation skills within an
accepting environment where both no
   .
Te Ontarion:
What kind o response
v  v    x-
periences with teaching sexuality to
      ?
Tere is a huge need and interest insexuality inormation that is accessible,applicable, shame-ree, and respectul
o an individual’s ability to determine
their own sexual morals and ethics […]
T     -
nities to explore more traditional ideas
o sex and intimacy; events like this
    b  b, v-,  v.
Te Ontarion:
Is this a news topic that
students at U o G should pay atten-
 ?
Diverse sexual interests and prac-
   ,  
may be garnering more attention re-
cently. However, the way our cultureresponds is always changing. I’m sure
that U o G students with a personal in-
   v  k , b       
interested in sexual diversity, intimacy
 ,   x -,   .
Tanks to the participant for thisweek’s interview. If you have an international news story that you 
want to see here, contact News Edi-
tor Alicja Grzadkowska at onnews@uoguelph.ca.
annual sick days rom 20 to 10, anda limitation on the legality o teach-ers’ unions and support staf going
 k.
Dalton McGuinty was on record
saying that teachers’ unions that
want to protest the wage reeze bill,
which limits their collective bar-
 ,       , b 
the ght against Bill 115 belongs in the
,   .
eachers have reacted to this bill ina variety o ways, including province-
wide walkouts and the cancellation o 
extra-curricular activities as a way o 
ghting back against the government.
Tis means that children in the Upper
G D S B  -
rently without school clubs, sports
,  x   .
he implementation o Bill 115
seems to be weighing heavily on some
teachers, students, and amilies. Due
to the unpredictable nature o the
walkouts, parents have been orced
to nd alternate methods o child-
care, students are being denied the
luxuries they once received daily, and
teachers are having their rights taken
away (some would say orceully
 ). A   -
quences o Bill 115 are just some o the
reasons why the Upper Grand District
School Board planned a day o pro-
      .
Just hours ater the decision toabandon the walkout, buses in the
area were cancelled due to weather,which caused a great deal o conu-
  .
“[We] realize that parents wereextremely inconvenienced [with]
scrambling or child care, and then
bus cancellations or inclement weath-er adding to the rustration,” said Chair
  B Mk B.D   v
sources, teachers in the Guelph
     v O-
tario are continuing to receive
   v  .
As o right now, all uture pro-
tests have been called of, including
the political protest that was set
 J. 16 b  O S-
ary School eacher’s Federation
(OSSF). Hv,   b
evident that the ght against Bill
115 is ar rom over and the Guelph
     
rom the teachers’ union or the
v  .
In the wake o October’s Bill
C-45, which makes changes to the
Protection Actto reduce Canada’s protected riv-
  k,   
as the Idle No More movementhave arisen. hese movements
demonstrate that a part o Cana-
  bv   b
time or a resurgence in interest
  ,   
to repair Canada’s crumbling in-ternational reputation regarding
environmental and climate change
policy. As Asrar pointed out, “no
region o the world will be immune
or resilient to the impact o climate
Asrar concluded his talk with a
  .“L  k   -
ous uture or our children and
 . C    
agriculture has a lot to ofer. We are
at the oreront o the next revo-lution in green agriculture,” said
 k.
Te talk was part o the Plant Ag-
riculture Seminar Series, which will
be held every Wednesday in Torn-
b 1  : ..
january 7th, 203

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