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Published by Duy Nguyen
short screenplay
short screenplay

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Published by: Duy Nguyen on Jan 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PillsbyDuy Nguyen
1 INT. - AIRPORT RAIL STATION AND CAR - DUSKPAULA eases herself in front of a loading door of an airportterminal rail stop among a sparse crowd of travelersawaiting the next train. She is a young twenty somethingthat looks to be going places. A YOUNG MAN standing next toher notices an unzipped pocket dangling off her luggage.YOUNG MANExcuse me, your bag.Bending over to fix her bag, Paula drops an unfinishedpainting of a beach at sun set. The young man quickly helpsto gather the painting and Paula promptly snatches it out ofhis hand and puts it out of sight before attending to theunzipped pocket.PAULA (MUMBLING)Thank you.The young man notices a pamphlet in the pocket with afamiliar logo on it before Paula zips it and several pillbottles out of sight. A train pulls up.YOUNG MANHey you go to the Academy? I gothere too...Paula doesn’t let him finish as she quickly moves to anothercar when the doors open.YOUNG MANIt’s a beautiful painting!The young man shrugs it off and continues into another car.Paula sits in the back of her almost empty rail car as shestares through to the other car watching the young man begina conversation with another traveler. She begins fiddlingwith her luggage.AUTOMATIC RAIL NOTIFICATIONDoors closing.As her eyes leave the young man they settle on a man ina gray suit on the other side of the car staring back ather, legs crossed, and with his hands on his knee. The cartakes off and picks up speed. Paula’s gaze leaves THE MAN INGRAY’s to examine the contents in her hand: a rainbowedcocktail of pills that form a small mountain in her palm.AUTOMATIC RAIL NOTIFICATIONNow leaving international terminal.Welcome to San Francisco.
2.Paula squints her eyes to take a look out the window thenback to the man in gray whose focus on her is unchanged ashe blinks one eye after another completely unlike how peopledo. Paula gives him a knowing grimace and dumps the pillsinto her mouth.2 TITLE: PILLS3 INT. - CAFE - MORNINGPaula struggles a bit to swallow her medicine and takes aswig of water. Across from her sits a wide eyed young ladynamed CAMILLE who is almost at a loss of words.CAMILLEPaula, that’s a lot of pills.PAULAYep.(beat)CAMILLEWell I’m impressed. How do you evencarry all that in there? That’slike some Guinness World Record’sshit. I feel like I should beclapping or throwing money in a hator something.PAULAOk that’s enough, thank youCamille.Camille raises her cup of coffee.CAMILLECheers to your doctors, it almostlooks like they couldn’t figure outwhat was wrong with you so theysaid fuck it just give hereverything. Tell me, do pharmacistscower in fear when you walk throughtheir door?PAULANo they just break into a coldsweat.Camille chokes a little sipping her drink as Paula staresblankly on.(CONTINUED)

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