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SNDS Best 2013

SNDS Best 2013

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Published by Lars Pryds
Call for entries, SNDS Best of Scandinavian News Design 2013 competition. For work published in 2012.
Call for entries, SNDS Best of Scandinavian News Design 2013 competition. For work published in 2012.

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Published by: Lars Pryds on Jan 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Best of Scandinavian News Design 
Print and online content produced and published in 2012
Best o News Design Scandinavia isstill developing the competition. Tisyear you will have the chance to win abrand new award in the print-compe-tition. You will also have the chance towin a brand new award in the online-competition.Te new print-award is called
 “Best Detail” 
and is nominated by the jury amongst all the entries in thecompetition. Te new online-awardis named
 “Best Designed Online NewsMedia in Scandinavia”.
Te winner inthis category will be nominated by the jury amongst entries in the “Overall sitedesign” and “Overall Cross Platorm”categories. Just like last year it will be ree o charge to participate in the designcategory or print media as long as themedia is participating in one o theother categories. Tis part was new tothe competition last year and it was agreat success.Tis year both juries will be askedto have even more ocus and attentionon new initiatives sent to the competi-tion and also a greater ocus on entriessent to the competition rom smallermediahouses.“It is necessary that the ocus o the juries is given to entries rom smallermediahouses. Both in the print- and inthe online categories,” chairman o thecommittee, Flemming Hvidteldt, says.
Small media houses in focus
A lot o small Scandinavian mediahouses are not represented in the
Jury members in last year’s competition look closely at some of the many entries the print categories.Photo: Lars Pryds.
New categories and new chancesin 0 design competition
Go nd your entries or the upcoming competition
“Best of ScandinavianNews Design”.
Te competition has a lot o news to ofer this year. More ocuson smaller mediahouses is only one o the new initiatives.
     B    e    s    t    o     f     S    c    a    n     d     i    n    a    v     i    a    n     N    e    w    s     D    e    s     i    g    n     2     0     1     3
Te competition is open to any Scandinavian media which is publishedrom one to seven days a week and which is a member o either oneo the our publishers’ associations: Danske Dagblades Forening,Mediebedritenes Landsorening, Sanomalehtien Litto, idnings-Utgivarna, or is a member o SNDS.Te entry/entries must have been published during the period1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012.Te competition also covers the media’s online publications. A spe-cial jury will review/evaluate the online publications.Only whole pages can be submitted, and whole pages will be evalu-ated, also in the Visual communication category.Photo copies and/or PDF les o pages will not be accepted orevaluation in the competition.However, please include a CD or USB stick with PDF or high reso-lution JPG les o the pages to use in the printed and online presenta-tion o winning pages.Tere is no limit to the number o entries that can be submitted.Te media are ree to submit as many entries as they wish.A entry can only be evaluated in one category. Tis means that anentry can only be submitted to one category. Te jury reserves the rightto move an entry rom one category to another.Individual persons cannot submit material or evaluation in thecompetition.
Deadline – PRINT
Newspapers/pages that are to participate in the competition in the printcategories must be submitted in letters/parcels which must reach the jury
no later than 28 January 2013.Deadline – ONLINE
Entries can be submitted directly at www.snds.org/best-online
no later than 28 January 2013.
Any passwords that apply to the period 28 January–10 March 2013must be given.
Please send the material toSNDS, c/o Morgenavisen Jyllands-PostenGrøndalsvej 3, DK-8260 Viby J., Denmark
Letters/parcels must be marked “Best o Scandinavian News Design”.
Te submitted material in the print categories will be evaluated by a juryconsisting o our members who have been appointed by the publish-ers’ associations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark and ourmembers – one rom each country – appointed by SNDS.Te online publications will be evaluated by a special jury whosemembers have specialised knowledge o online publications. Tis juryconsists o one member appointed by Mediebedriternes Landsorening,Norway, and one member appointed by idningarnas Förbund, Finland.A Swedish and Danish member will be appointed by SNDS.
The winners
Te jury will award Gold, Silver, and “Award o Excellence” diplomas.Te “Scandinavia’s best designed newspaper” award will be given to thebest overall designed newspaper in the competition. In addition, the jurymay award an ”Best Detail Award” or a very well-made design detail.As soon as the jury has completed the evaluation process, winning media will be inormed that they have been granted an award, but notwhich one. Te award presentation will take place as part o the SNDSconerence which will be held in Copenhagen in October 2013.
Competition rules
competition. Tat’s a pity,” the chair-man says:“Tey do a lot o good work everyday, and I hope that the promiseo greater ocus in the competitionwill mean that we will see a lot o newentries rom smaller media houses”.Te greater ocus will mean thatthe jury will be evaluating entries romsmaller mediahouses rst – even beorethey have seen the entries rom biggermediahouses.Last but not least, the competitioncommittee has decided to drop thebronze-awards and only have three di-erent awards. Gold, Silver and Awardo Excellence.“Tis will not mean that the totalnumber o awards will drop,” Flemming Hvidteldt says. “It will make the work o the juries a bit easier. Tat is the rea-son. I do think that the total number o awards will be as we have seen the pastcouple o years.”Te deadline or sending entriesor “Best News Design in Scandina-via 2012” is January 28, 2013 – Just amonth away. So start nding pages andonline-entries with great details andprepare your entries to the competition.In the competition or best newsde-sign in Scandinavian in 2011 73 mediahouses rom all o the Nordic countrieswere represented in the contest.Te Swedish newspaper, Sydsven-skan, was named Te Best DesignedNewspaper in Scandinavia. Tis wasthe rst time this prestigious award wasgiven. Besides 5 gold medals, 19 silverdiplomas, 33 bronze diplomas and 38awards o excellence were handed outat the conerence. Sweden became thebig winner with a total o 35 diplomas;Norway got 26, Finland 23, and Den-mark 16.
Best of ScandinavianNews Design 2013
Work submitted for the competitionmust be published in 0. Deadline for entries:
 January 0
For more info see:
     B    e    s    t    o     f     S    c    a    n     d     i    n    a    v     i    a    n     N    e    w    s     D    e    s     i    g    n     2     0     1     3

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