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January 15, 2013 Retired Activities Office

January 15, 2013 Retired Activities Office

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Published by Ed Ball
Keeping veterans informed.
Keeping veterans informed.

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Published by: Ed Ball on Jan 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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15 January 2013
Website Edition
Note: Anyone receiving this who does not want it should click on the automatic “Change address / Leavemailing list” tab at the bottom of this message.THIS BULLETIN CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES
== Computer Software Alert ------------------------------- (Oracle’s Java)== Save Our Benefit [02] ----- (Resale System Gets Favorable Report)== JUSMAGPHIL ------------------------------------------------- (Function)== Cancer Screening ------------------- (Life Expectancy Consideration)== COOL Program ------------------------------------- (New Job Resource)== Scam ~ Online Coupons ------------------------------------- (BBB Alert)== Medicare Scams [04] ------------------------------------------- (Virginia)== SECDEF [02] ------------------------- (Sen. Chuck Hagel Nominated)== TRICARE Prime [18] ------------------------- (40 Mile Limit Official)== VA Tinnitus Care [05] ---------- (Serenade Prescriptions Authorized)== VA VistA [06] ---------- (Medical Appointment Scheduling Contest)== OMB Government Oversight ------------------ (Unnecessary Reports)== RP~China Dispute [03] -------------------------- (U.S. Shows the Flag)
== SSA Direct Deposit [01] ----------- (Mandatory after 1 MAR 2013)== Social Security Overseas ----------------------- (Eligibility to Receive)== VA Fraud Waste & Abuse [64] ------------------------ (1-15 Jan 2013)== Navy Uniform Changes ------ (Type I NWU Flame-Resistant Issues)== VA Benefits Eligibility [02] ---------------------------- (Deported Vets)
== Tax Refund Delay ------------------------------------ (2012 Tax Filings)== Tax Issues to Watch -------------------------------- (2013 and Beyond.)== GSA Mileage Reimbursement Rates -------------- ($0.56.5 for 2013)== VA Mileage Reimbursement [10] ------------- (No Increase for 2013)== Tricare Retired Reserve [03] ----- (New Required Payment Method)== Vet Employer Tax Credits ----------------------- (Passed by Congress)== Vet Service Dogs [10] --------------- (Incarcerated Vet Dog Trainers)== Fiscal Cliff [01] --------------------------------------- (H.R.8 Provisions)== SBP DIC Offset [38] ------------------------ (Reintroduced as H.R.32)== Payroll Tax ---------------------------------------------- (Return to 6.2%)== VA Credibility [01] ----------------------- (Give VA Another Chance)== Ohio Vet Bonus [02] ----------------------------------------- (Deadlines)== VA MOVE! Program ----------------------------------- (Losing Weight)== TSP [32] -------------------------------------- (All Funds Grew in 2012)== Medicare Reimbursement Rates 2013 [07] - (Reduction Postponed)== World War I Memorial [06] --------------- (Commission Authorized)
2== SBA Vet Issues [26] -------------- (Ruling Impacts Future Contracts)== VA Cancer Treatment [04] -------- (Effectiveness of Tumor Boards)== Honor Flight Network ------------ (Vet Memorial Trips Reach 100k)== Clark AFB Vet Cemetery [05] ----------------- (No Clear Ownership
 == Reserve Forces Policy Board Report --- (National Guard a Bargain)== Sequestration [10] ---------------------------------- (2 Month Reprieve
== Sequestration [11] ----------------- (Pentagon Faces Complex Battle)== NDAA 2013 [17] ------------------------------------- (Signed Into Law)== Mobilized Reserve 8 JAN 2013----------------------- (1589 Decrease)== Vet License Plates Maine --------------------------------- (Availability)== OBIT ~ Edward L. Posey -------------------------------- (18 Dec 2012)== Vet Jobs [98] -------------------------------------- (Jobless Rate Falling)== Vietnam Vets [06] ------------------------------------- (Earl Mansberry)== WWII Vets [35] --------------------------------------- (Andrew Bostick)== POW/MIA [35] ----------------------------------------- (1-15 Jan 2013)== Spanish American War Images 01 * ------------------------- (Soldiers)== Saving Money --------------------------- (Roof Repair/Replacement 2)== Notes of Interest ----------------------------------------- (1-15 Jan 2013)== Medicare Fraud [109] ---------------------------------- (1-15 Jan 2013)== Medicare Fraud [110] --------------- (Power Wheelchair Companies)== Medicaid Fraud [77] ----------------------------------- (1-15 Jan 2013)== State Veteran's Benefits ---------------------------------- (Kansas 2013)== GI Bill [137] ------------------------------ (H.R.4057 Signed into Law)== GI Bill [138] ------------------------- (2013-14 Academic Year Rates)== GI Bill [139] ------------------------------ (Deficit Reduction Concern)== Veteran Hearing/Mark-up Schedule ------------- (As of Jan 15 2013)== Military History ------------------------------------ (The Son Tay Raid)== Military History Anniversaries ---------------- (Jan 16-31 Summary)== Military Trivia 66 ---------------------------------- (WWII Key Battles)== Tax Burden for South Dakota Retirees ------------- (As of Jan 2013)== Taps [01] ** --------------------------------------- ( Sense of Congress)== Burn Pit Toxic Exposure [22] ** --------------- (Registry Approved)== VA Disability Compensation [09] ----------------------- (2013 Rates)== Aviation Art * -------------------------------------- (Coleman's Corsair)== Veteran Legislation Status 13 Jan 2012 --------- (Where we stand)== Have You Heard? --------------------------- (Military Academy Jokes)== Military Lingo/Jargon/Slang --------------------------------------- (001)Attachment - Veteran Legislation as of 13 JAN 2013Attachment - State Veteran's Benefits Kansas 2013Attachment - Vet License Plates - MEAttachment - Military History - The Son Tay RaidAttachment - DOD ID Cards in PI* PDF & Website Edition Only** Military Times Copyrighted Material
********************************* *********************************
Computer Software Alert:
Millions of computer users were advised11 JAN to temporarily disableOracle’s Java software because of security weaknesses that make their machines vulnerable to everything fromvirus-infected websites to “ransomware,” which often locks users out of their computers until they pay theperpetrators. Oracle said it will issue a patch 15 JAN that contains “86 new security vulnerability fixes.” It addedthat “due to the threat posed by a successful attack, Oracle strongly recommends” that customers update Java ontheir computers with the patch as soon as possible.In a warning 10 JAN the Department of Homeland Security advised people to disable Java in Web browsers,presumably until Oracle is able to correct the problem. But some security bloggers have warned that disabling Javacan be complicated. Java makes it easy for software programs to run on most computers and websites, and it iswidely used throughout the world.Apple disabled newer versions of Java from its personal computers Thursday night, but will let its customers usethe software again if they upload Oracle’s fixes, according to a knowledgeable source. In addition, Mountain View,Calif.-based Mozilla said in a blog post that it has begun blocking Java on its Firefox browser unless someone clickson a feature to activate the software. The click-to-play feature “allows users to enable the Java plugin on a per-sitebasis if they absolutely need the Java plugin for the site,” the blog said. The Department of Homeland Security notedthat “reports indicate this vulnerability is being actively exploited” by cybercrooks, who could use the flaw to lurecomputer users to virus-infected websites. Some crooks already are selling “exploit kits” to other crooks to takeadvantage of Java’s problems, said Liam Murchu, a researcher with Mountain View security firm Symantec. He saidone common scam that could be exploited with the Java flaw is to shut down a user’s computer with a ransomwarevirus and then demand money to unlock the machine. Another, he said, is to send a user an official-looking messagesaying their computer is infected and then dupe them into paying for a phony anti-virus product that doesn’t work.Murchu said Symantec has determined that its Norton anti-virus software can block current versions of malwaredesigned to take advantage of the Java vulnerabilities. So if a person has Norton installed on their computer, he said,“theoretically they shouldn’t need to disable Java.” However, he said, crooks may issue new types of malware thatmight temporarily evade Symantec’s software. “So if you really wanted to be safe,” he suggests disabling Java untilit can be updated with Oracle’s patch. Murchu added that shutting off Java shouldn’t cause huge problems for mostpeople, unless they need to access a website that requires the Oracle software, such as some payroll-related sites. Inthose instances, the user may need to turn on Java just long enough to access that site and then turn it off until thepatch can be issued. “Unfortunately, turning it on and off for most people is cumbersome,” Murchu said. And whileit may be unlikely a computer would be infected during the brief time it’s running Java, he added, “you basicallynever know when you’re going to be hit.” Information on how to disable Java can be found athttp://www.java.com/en/download/help/disable_browser.xml.[Source: San Jose Mercury News | Steve Johnson |12 Jan 2013 ++]*********************************
Save Our Benefit Update 02:
The Military Resale and MWR Center for Research,
established bythe American Logistics Association, released a major economic review of the military resale system documentingthese benefits for the military community and the nation. Pat Nixon, President of the American LogisticsAssociation which released the report,
Costs and Benefits of the Department of Defense Resale System,
said, “theresale system demonstrates a remarkably high return for resources invested in this program, producing jobs, fundingfor vital military community programs, and promoting American industry.” According to Nixon, “The systemblends the best of the private sector and government coming together to fulfill that reciprocal commitment to ourmen and women in uniform who have given so much.” The Department of Defense (DoD) operates hundreds of exchange and commissary outlets at installations around the globe producing $18 billion a year in revenue,providing a wide range of products and services at prices 24 to 50 percent below prices at commercialestablishments.

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