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Published by ladysonoma
After falling into a sleep, they wake to face memories of the past. Starr has gone soft, and isn't sure she continue. Seth reminds Starr of the reasons they're at war, and reminds her of the cost of losing sight of that goal.
After falling into a sleep, they wake to face memories of the past. Starr has gone soft, and isn't sure she continue. Seth reminds Starr of the reasons they're at war, and reminds her of the cost of losing sight of that goal.

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Published by: ladysonoma on Jan 17, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RememberingVampin Book Series #17By Jamie Ott
RememberingChapter 1
Seth still slept, though she caught glimpses of what he saw in his mind. The glimpses were of Seth running about in renaissance dress. Shedidn’t realize he was that old.When they entered the castle, she fell into the same deep sleep.All the memories of her life as King Decebalus’ daughter came back toher. Now, in every room and through every window, and when lookingat every castle flourish, she saw what was, millenniums ago. The waythe tapestries, once, hung; and guards were stationed at the end of every hall; the smell of straw stuffing in her bed. The very room she stayed in, now, she also occupied in thesecond century.Starr stood on the terrace, looking out over the trees,contemplating all this. She turned and stared at the beautiful fireplace.On many nights, she sat on that very hearth and watched the moonwhile wondering when she’d take her last breath. It was a differenttime; the Romans were taking over the world. Her father, KingDecebalus, refused to surrender. His wife, Andrada, was a traitor,though he didn’t believe it.Starr walked to the place where she used to hide weapons; it wasa carved out wall space. She raised her hand to the surface and rubbedit and knocked on the wall. No longer was it hollow. Now, it waspainted wood and insulation.In the corner of the room, the waiter she used to escape herassassins was now an electric elevator in a plastered shoot. Press thebutton and it hummed its way up and down the wall. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the sunset. Like a largeorange dipped halfway into the Earth, it hovered between two groupsof trees a few hundred yards out.She wondered if the government owned the castle, and what herchances of getting it back were. Maybe Credenza, herself, owned it.Over and over, she saw in her mind, the last time she saw herfather. How he kissed her goodbye, nearly 2,000 years ago, and then
took his own life some time later. She loved him, and now, she missedhim more than anything. Did Credenza miss him, too?But at the same time, she reminded herself that she had afather. He was back at home, in New York. Yes, but he was not King Decebalus, not by any chance. Thefeeling she had with the King was wholesome and loving, despite thathe could never claim her as his. Starr couldn’t recall ever feelingconnected to her father in New York. He was always cool, distant. Then all of a sudden, it hit her.
I’m adopted.
She didn’t look like anyone in her family. For one, her parentswere medium brunettes with medium toned skin colors. Starr wasalways pale with raven colored hair, though she died it purple-black togive it extra shine. They were short and stocky with strong facialfeatures, she was long and lean with slender bones.Now, it made sense why her mom never looked at her with thesame reverence as her dead sister, Meghan. Normally, this would haveupset her, but now, knowing she was never really theirs, she hardlycared. No, because she knew she belonged to someone else,somewhere else that was lost long ago.Down below, Ikael and the others tended to the injured. Theywere healed but they were still slow to move, especially Aine who wasliterally torn apart when their bus flipped over, expelling her andbreaking each of her limbs clean off her body. The strangest thing was Seth. More than anything, she wantedhim to wake. Sure, she understood why she, herself, fell under. All thememories were overwhelming, but what has Seth got that connectedhim to the old palace?She was sure that whatever it was, Credenza knew.Unfortunately, Starr only had memories up to the point when she wentto Valhol. She supposed because that was when Credenza officiallydied. There was a knock at the door.She turned, remembering how, once, only the outsides of thecastle were made with doors.Not waiting for her to answer, Ikael walked in.

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