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Basher Al-Assad's Speech_ _When They Are Told, Do Not Cause Corruption on the Earth, They Say, We Are Only Putting Things Right

Basher Al-Assad's Speech_ _When They Are Told, Do Not Cause Corruption on the Earth, They Say, We Are Only Putting Things Right

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Published by Rizky M Faisal

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Published by: Rizky M Faisal on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Middle East
Basheral-Assad'sspeech:"Whentheyaret old,Donotcausecorruptionontheearth,theysay,Weareonlyputtingthingsright."
Basher al-Assad's speech on Sunday 6 January 2013 was a show of defiance by a r uler whose forcesare on the retreat. Only history will tell if the speech was his "Gaddafi moment". AsGaddafi lost his grip on Libyait seemed he also began to lose his mind with his bizarre speeches.Basher Al-Assad's speech was full of defiance, arrogance and allegations. He str essed he would uproot the terrorists who were trying to destroy the nation and he touched onthe new politicaltransition plan which proposed keeping him in power. The uprising in Syria has been ragingfor nearly twoyear s and the brutal tactics of suppression used by the regime have failed to quell the uprising.
hen t hey are tol d, 'Do not cau se corruption on the earth,' they say, 'We are only putting things right.' 
(Al-Baqar a, 2:11)Whatbegan with a single man in the markets of Tunisia spread to thousands on the streets in Cairo and evolvedto hundreds of thousands demanding political change for the entire region. The self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia created a sweeping wave, which crossed the artificial borders in the region until it reachedSyria. It was only natural it would engulf Syria as the people of the country have suffered for decades under thebrutal rule of the al-Assad's who rule the country like the mafia.Theuprising in Syria has many moving parts and the outcome in the country will determine the direction of the Arabspring. This has kept the international community fully involved in the future direction of the crisis. Syria isnowthe official battleground between those who wish to see the nation continue playing a role in protectingforeign interests in the region and those who wish to change the destinyof the country and make it representativeof their values and independent from outside interference.The r egime strategy of overwhelming the uprising with sieges and air power as well as deploying armed militiasalongside regime forces has in fact left the regime overstretched andunable to fight on multiple fronts. Al- Assad's speech took place when his forces failed to maintain their positions in the North of the country includingthe nation's economic hub – Aleppo. The military has employed all of itsmilitary might against both civilian andopposition forces in the hope of halting the uprising.Since November 2012 Basher al-Assad's forces have been on the retreat in the face of significant firepower andadvancement from rebel forces. Basher al-Assad's forces are surrounded in the North of the country and movingSouth towards Damascus, the seat of the regime. Rebel forces have been chipping away at territory controlled byal-Assad's forces and the loss of Taftanaz air base in the North of the country, so soon after al-Assad's speech istestament to the changing balance of power in the country.Whatremains now is where Basher al-Assad will make his final stand; as attacks take place daily on Damascushis days are numbered. For the ummah the day after scenario is upon them. It is very important the nationsconstitution, leader, key policies and security is constructed now and ready for implementation when Al-Assadfalls,otherwise foreign powers will take advantage of the instability to in order to keep the country within their sphere of influence.
Russia's deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov, admitted December 13th 2012, what many have known for some time. Russia's official admitted that that the Syrian government may be defeated by opposition forces as al- Assad's forces were
"losing more and more control and territory." 
The death toll in the country according to a UNreport is has now exceeded 60,000 people since conflict began.
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