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Addicted To Crucifixion 3 (AC III)

Addicted To Crucifixion 3 (AC III)

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Published by: Víndikan Dumah 11523 on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Bringing Intelligent Satanic Thought To Light”
Copyright The Warrior of Satan © 2008http://www.satanism-today.comAll Rights Worth Shit
 Editors & Design
Captain CrappVile Scent
 Reviews Editor:
 Lady LophororaRoyal Flush
 If you would like to advertise or receive moreinformation please contact us atadmin@satanism-today.com 
 Stigmata ProductionsP.O. Box 1394Myrtle Beach 29528 1394 SCUSA
Copyright Notice:
This textware version of Addicted to CrucifixionMagazine may be electronically distributedintact and unaltered. The property rights of these contents individually belong to theirwriters.
Even though you are most probably one of themajority, a single-parent household leader withlittle responsibility, we feel the need to warn youso that in case you decide to supervise yourdelinquent brats, you will know that we,conservative Christian moralist freaks, havedetermined with our infinite mental powers thatthe material in this zine is not only obscene,lewd, lascivious, provocative, ambitious,cynical, destructive, stimulating, and creative,but it is also (we have real proof somewhere)obviously a missive straight from Satan,commanding Amerika's youth to turn tocommunism, sodomy, Satanism, and, of course,drugs and voting Libertarian.
 Letter from the Redaction 
Welcome to the 3th issueof Addicted toCrucifixion. (We'llexplain "editions" in thenext issue.) If you findthis 'zine shocking to yourstandards of "decency"and "family values," thenyou must be a rather boring dullard. Wecertainly don't apologize; you have only yourself to blame. On the other hand, if you enjoy thisperiodical, then you have only your personalinterpretation of the prearranged inky shapes onpaper to thank, perhaps blame.Whatever the case, we editors hope that you'llhave similar interpretations of our future issues.Also, if you have created works of inky shapeson paper, send 'em to us at admin@satanism-today.com, along with any complaints or non-complaints. Should we use your work, we'llcompensate that use with a something oranother.Religion is such a ripe source for laughter thatwe have decided to serve you a heaping helpingwith our premiere of xerographic fun. Hey, callthis toll-free number and ask to be put on amailing list for a free newsletter: dial 1-800-543-1495! Even if you don't enjoy this wackyJudaeo-Christian junk mail, the least you coulddo is recycle it for Earth's sake! And don't forgetto do the same with this 'zine when you'refinished with it.We shouldn't have to tell you not to have tonsurerituals with a rusty razor, however great ateacher experience is. On a serious note, werecommend that you write to the NationalCoalition Against Censorship, 275 7th Ave.,New York, N.Y. 10001, because free speechshould be relevant to all people, even if they're abunch of monkey-fucks!Okay. Now that we've pushed what's "obscene"and "fit to print" up the anal corridors of society's zeroes, the Contest can be explained.To win, you must tell us how many times the
words "with a smile" appear inAddicted to Crucifixion. TheHalloween 2008, midnight. Theresponse will win a free a mysteryIf you aren't sure whether partiaskylight at twilight, coupled withflares, has been constituting whatrecognized as unidentified flyingwhat? No big deal. Just read D.Cin the knowledge that you are theof Destiny's Hallways, alwaysRelax. And remember: THHITLER'S BRAIN!Now that’s clarified lets go over tof this issue of Addicted to Crucifix Satanism -- A variety of Satanicarticles about Satanism launches th'zine. Satanism isn't just anymore...God: Proof and Choice -- A Judarticle that not only "proves" theGod, but "proves" that Judaeo-Chrionly true religion too, and that modthe result of a Judaeo-ChristianGOOD use of logic, -- by Scott Mo
All this and more! Some of whatherein is meant to be taken cumAnd some, though sincerelyunintentionally funny. You dewhich, what is neither.A 'zine without errors, even purshould be condemned to glossydistribution and beer & cigarette ad In short, we're talking about theCommercial Success! If ever we tdark path, shoot us, kill us; it wmercy.One more thing. You zipperheadscover art is "suggestive" or "glorif towards women" or just plain "sica life! National Geographicpoorman's Playboy) shows morethis issue of ontest endsfirst correctift.lly polarizedcyclic solaris normallyobjects, so. and be safeHall Monitorall ways.Y SAVEDhe highlightsionarticles androughout thisr breakfastaeo-Christianexistence of stianity is the
ern science ismindset. Arris.you will readgrano salis.written, iside what isoseful ones,covers, massvertisements!Hell that isrn down thatuld be pureho think ouring violence," should get(AKA thebreasts andgenitals and "filth" than we cprinting.But we'll work on it, as sure awas in Waco, Texas!Regards,Captain Crapp & Vile Scent
Satanism Satanism Satanism Satanism 
Beyond thChamberto be learnas the clasSatanismguide to thimplementknowledgesituations.
Dark Greetings Class, I’m gomost common atheist, (andnon-Satanist) question, "'Satanism'". First, I didn't invI'm stuck with the name. Hopractical purpose, I'm stuck Dr. Israel Regardie. At the tthis, the idea of Jesus was ufrom Christ-mythers, who belmythical character. Looking aat the various roles Jesus hasaid, "Yeshua (Jesus) refersperson, but to a specific(Paraphrased).
In the past century, we'veverything from a mythicalreformer, a zealot, a cynic, areformer for the commonuld ever dream of s Christ's 2nd visit
01 01 01 01 
Ritualhere are lessonsed. With Liferoom and01 as youre practicalation of Satanicinto everyday
ing to address thepretty much anyhy the nament the religion, sowever, for a moreith the words of me Regardie saidnder heavy attack ieved Jesus was at this, and lookingplayed, Regardienot to a specifictype of person".seen Jesus beun-God, a Jewishmagician, a socialan, the son of a

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