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Addicted To Crucifixion 4 (AC IV)

Addicted To Crucifixion 4 (AC IV)

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Published by: Víndikan Dumah 11523 on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Bringing Intelligent Satanic Thought To Light”
Copyright The Warrior of Satan © 2008http://www.satanism-today.comAll Rights Worth Shit
 Editors & Design
Captain CrappVile Scent
 Reviews Editor:
 Lady LophororaRoyal Flush
 If you would like to advertise or receive moreinformation please contact us atadmin@satanism-today.com
 Stigmata ProductionsP.O. Box 1394Myrtle Beach 29528 1394 SCUSA
Copyright Notice:
This textware version of Addicted to CrucifixionMagazine may be electronically distributedintact and unaltered. The property rights of these contents individually belong to theirwriters.
Even though you are most probably one of themajority, a single-parent household leader withlittle responsibility, we feel the need to warn youso that in case you decide to supervise yourdelinquent brats, you will know that we,conservative Christian moralist freaks, havedetermined with our infinite mental powers thatthe material in this zine is not only obscene,lewd, lascivious, provocative, ambitious,cynical, destructive, stimulating, and creative,but it is also (we have real proof somewhere)obviously a missive straight from Satan,commanding Amerika's youth to turn tocommunism, sodomy, Satanism, and, of course,drugs and voting Libertarian.
 Letter from the Redaction 
Welcome to 4
Issue of Addicted to Crucifixion, aSatanic magazine of literary intent andmasochistic merit of unquantifiableknowledge. Where logicrears and rationality loops Addicted toCrucifixion thrives, in darkness, obscurity andprimal, feral, savage prose.Art flourishes in the obscure, in the patternsshared by a mosaic of chaotic samples. Ourmagazine samples from anyone who wishes tosubmit, publishing poetry, prose, ranting,cyberpunk atavism, howling, dissonant tonepoetry, rhymes, raps, beats, source code,disclaimers, sexual licenses, .sig art, digitaldoodles, .tmp files, tattoo captions, core dumpsand forgotten fragments of lost civilizations.A smell overcomes you…It be strong…You have stepped in a….( ) ) ) ) ( ( ( )) ( ( ( ( ) ) ( ()[[[[[[[[ [[ [[ [[[[[[[ [[[[[[[ (( [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [) [[ [[ [[ [[[[[[[ [[ [[[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[[ [[[[[[ [[ [[ [[[[[[["Have a nice fucking day" – Captain Crapp.
Satanism 101 
Beyond the RiChamber therlessons to be leWith Life as tclassroom and101 as your gupractical implof Satanic knoeveryday situations.
Dark Greetings Class! In the coluwill be discussing the solitary Satdesire to belong to an Satanic orgsome point, almost everyone desirothers of their kind to interact witare negatives and positives in thisput together a basic guideline to gon your way!Many variables go into the decisionot to seek out a Satanic Organizatconsideration is you. You must knowant to join a satanic organizationexpect to gain from the experience.organizations resemble nothinmysterious satanic cults you mightin the movies. So if you are rsomething straight from your fafilm, you probably won’t find it.life.There are many wrong reasomembership in a satanic organizatiseeking sex, drugs, a partner, psecrets, or evil it is unlikely you area satanic organization. Most sectsmentality in its potential membersare not sex clubs, most are drug frfrown on the member who is alwamakes on members of the o
ualarearned.eSatanismide to thementation
wledge into
mn today weanist and thenization. Ats to seek outh. But theresearch. I’vet you startedn whether orion. The firstw why youand what youMost sataniclike thesee on TV orally seekingvorite horrorIt’s a fact of ns to seek n. If you areower, magicready to joinrown on thisbecause theye, and manys putting thepposite sex.Additionally, belonging torganization has nothing tpowerful, teaching magic secSatanic organizations exist f people of like mind to congrtogether. The spiritual growtcan be facilitated with tencouragement of others.If what you seek is to find pematch yours, to grow spirituwith others in satanic ceremright reasons to seek membeorganization.The first step is to find a satayour area or one thatmembership to those who livoften the hardest part becorganizations advertise unlesforming. You can visit yourand view their bulletin boardout on the Internet. Once youare interested in you should fiyou can before decidinginterview. I will go over thelater. For now let’s discuss thabout a satanic organizationconsider before even making iNothing is more frustrating tthe process of making contathe satanic group you’ve inquireverse Judaeo-Christianteenaged members who spedoing black masses andgraveyards smoking dope. If group you’re seeking you coyour own. Also beware the sathat has a web page with litgood group will list their basirituals the organization regulfor, and will tell you if theyand teaching available.organizations will only acceand will not serve alcohmembers. There are somethere but they are rare, don’tbe difficult to get into.any religiousdo with beingrets, or being evil.r this reason: forgate and worshipof the individuale guidance andple whose beliefslly, and to gatherony these are thership in a satanicic organization inoffers potentialfar away. This isause few satanics they are newlylocal pagan shops or seek a groupfind a group yound out as much asto schedule aninterview processe important thingsthat you shoulditial contact.han to go throught only to discoverred to is actually aroup with twond all their timehanging out inthat is the kind of uld probably startanic organizationstle information. Abeliefs, names of arly gets togetherhave legal clergyMost Satanicpt adult membersl to under-agedamily groups outadvertise, and can

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