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Vamp Lycan Research

Vamp Lycan Research

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Published by Ross Manuel

a somewhat serious attempt at explaining how and why Vampires and Zombies exist

a somewhat serious attempt at explaining how and why Vampires and Zombies exist

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ross Manuel on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On a medico-supernatural standpoint, the notion of vampirism and lycanthropy beingevolutionary derivative of homo-sapiens is plausible, but not essentially practicalconsidering that in order for a sub species to exist it has to survive independent of itsparent species; however all evidence supports the notion that the two sub-species areparasitic in nature and incapable of being independent species.
There is evidence that homo-sapiens themselves diverged into three separate speciesafter evolving from and wiping out Neanderthals, with only the main line (homosapiensapiens) surviving as the other two were wiped out by the first. By that argument, and
considering the history of both ‘species’, that it is possible that both homo lycanthropus
and homo vampiricus themselves could be branches on the same genus homoevolutionary tree as homo-sapiens; and that the two evolutionary cousins now exist ininsufficient numbers to threaten the more dominate homo-sapiens, but due to inferior numbers of breeding stock, they have evolved the traits of siring humans as anevolutionary necessity.
There is only one circumstance where a species breeds with another for advantages or the development of specific traits, the only presence of this occurring is the breeding of horses with donkeys to create mules; a subspecies that is created for its strength,resilience and endurance. However, mules are a manufactured species; and anyexistence of them in nature would negatively affect either species as a whole; as it iswell documented that mules, like all hybrid species, are infertile meaning that for allthese ideal physical characteristics, they are incapable of either integrating them backinto their parent species, or by passing them onto others.
Vampires and Werewolves too fit in this category; however their existence makes anyargument difficult to follow. It is documented that vampires require siring humanspecimens in order to continue their existence; that as they are also classified as
‘undead’ and unable of same speci
es procreation means that without a viable humanpopulation, they are incapable of propagating; though this itself could potentially be amore recent trait, as this situation if an original feature would have resulted in a smalloriginal population in a small area, and an assured destruction by the more numeroushomosapien (or earlier) population. While by technicality, modern Vampires are infertileas they themselves are a hybrid of human and vampire; and yet they are able toprocreate by means of biting human subjects and turning them by various differingrecorded instances.
 An issue resolving around the fact that this dependence on interbreeding with humans
means that vampires by necessity be ‘watering down’ their own species with each
successive generation in order to continue its existence, essentially to the point wherethe percentage of independent vampiric DNA being passed on would become negligible.To this point, it is possible that at some point in antiquity, where there were pureblood, or at least solely half-blood vampires in existence, but generations of having to sire fromhuman breeding stock have resulted in a serious weakening of vampiric genetic code.
There is another issue with this, the previously mentioned situation where homosapiensapiens wiped out all genetic rivals, meaning that when faced with these new specieswould have resulted in the same action; especially considering the obvious predatory

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