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In Search of a New Political DNA

In Search of a New Political DNA

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Published by mtiquia
Talks about Philippine politics, elections 2013,
Talks about Philippine politics, elections 2013,

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Published by: mtiquia on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In Search of the New Political DNA
The speaker who should be standing before you today,would have been Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. I am nei-ther a Senator nor a person with very impressive IQ, colorfulhyperboles, and hilarious pick up lines.Interestingly, this is the second time I have to take the slot ofthe prolific Senator. The first time was right after the im-peachment and before law students where I tried to spice upmy spiel with her typical diatribes. Well, nothing beats theoriginal. Now, I don't know if standing before FOCAP inplace of the good Senator would be as interesting as shewould have talked about politics, Philippine style. But let metry doing what I do most comfortably ...analyzing and callinga spade, a spade.Tress Martelino-Reyes invited me only yesterday. I receivedthe invitation early afternoon and had it not been for a goodcolleague from the academe, UP Professor, Dr. Popoy deVera, VP for Public Affairs, I would have said no. But whenUP beckons, we always say yes.I was given a task today –to share my thoughts on: the politi-cal situation in the country, the significance of the midtermelections, the likely outcomes, and some appreciation on theimplications.
The election of the son of the EDSA icon was said to be ablack swan event. Three years after, Benigno Aquino III hashigh performance rating of 78% and a trust rating of 80% ina survey done by Pulse Asia last November 12, 2012. If wewere to refer to SWS results, Mr. Aquino's satisfaction scorewas at 77% as of December 2012. From Ramos to Arroyo,the trends of the indicators were on a downward trajectorythat by midterm, it had become a referendum on the incum-bent.From Ramos to Arroyo, there were opposition parties fight-ing it out with the admin coalitions. After all, elections are allabout choices –intelligent choices, we hope.But that was from Ramos to Arroyo. Today, we don't see thatfamiliar occurrence. Today, there is no opposition. In factwhat appears to be one, is just a token. Even the coalitionsformed were intriguing, to say the least. Who would imagineLP, NPC and NP to be together in one camp and the verita-ble three kings shining through in UNA, with the preferredVP in 2010 heading it?From Ramos to Arroyo, it is only now where in midterm, eco-nomic growth is at 7%. It would seem the indicators aregood if you take a look at the growth rate. But taking a sec-ond look at growth from the perspective of jobs generated
and prices of goods in the market, the poor is becomingpoorer.
Voters today appear to be ready for new politics, butPHL politics still remains just at the doorstep.
Unknowingly, voters in 2010 who ushered in Aquino havebeen in constant search of new political names...of the newpolitical DNA. Case in point, the anti-Epal movement sham-ing trapos has been successful in its campaign. The cam-paign has been very successful that even COMELEC em-braced the advocacy with the release of COMELEC Resolu-tion No. 9615 last Tuesday.I salute the COMELEC for ensuring candidates in the forth-coming elections come May 13 not to kill trees, litter thegrounds, trash water systems with plastics where plastic islocally banned, and flood the airwaves with too many TVCsand RCs. At last, COMELEC is doing its job! The sameCOMELEC removed a total of 75 nuisance candidates fromits list and so with nearing a hundred Partylist organizationsthat made a mockery of the Partylist system.From Breakout Nations to Start Up Nation to Why NationsFail, when we look at the PHL, the risk has always been po-litically based. Tweaking the now famous mantra, indeed inour case, it's politics, stupid!

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