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Seeking Immediate Gratification?

Seeking Immediate Gratification?

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Published by gbanse
To become free of dependence you will have to solve the puzzles that maintain your particular trap. Because each of us has a unique biology and life history, your path of greatest advantage is for your steps alone.
To become free of dependence you will have to solve the puzzles that maintain your particular trap. Because each of us has a unique biology and life history, your path of greatest advantage is for your steps alone.

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Published by: gbanse on Feb 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Addictive Disorders: Summary of Solutions
 To become free of dependence you will have to solve thepuzzles that maintain your particular trap. Because each of us has a unique biology and life history, your path of greatestadvantage is for your steps alone. A treatment method that works well for one person may be worthless or counter-productive for another.
 The Extraordinary claim:
The keys to the unique solutionto your trap of chemical dependence are described in this 2page newsletter. The descriptions are condensed, morecomplete text as well as well as tools you can use areavailable at our web site [above].
Chemical dependence is a result of natural – althoughoccasionally perverse – causal sequences. The details of your particular solution will gradually become apparent asyou develop an appreciation of how this bio-psycho-socialsystem you inhabit works, and how to operate it.
The PIG 
- The attractivepull of an incentive increases hyperbolically with decreasing psychological distance. Just as a small magnet has a greaterinfluence over the behavior of a nearby compass needle thandoes the magnetic force of the earth, a small but nearby incentive [e.g., a line of cocaine] can have a greater influenceover the behavior a chemically dependent mother than thepull of her child. There are several variations of the PIGthat pertain to our challenge - including the desire to be ridof this problem . . . immediately and effortlessly. The influence of your earlier commitment to remainabstinent will at best remain stable over time. But the pullof the incentive increases exponentially as you approach it. As a result, you have insufficient respect for this challenge,now when you are far from a real opportunity to use, and donot appreciate the true nature of the challenge that awaitsyou. You continue to underestimate what is required toprevent relapse, despite your experience; you’ll never learn[see “The Soul Illusion” - the next section].
Pre-commit your future behavior; see PIG #9“Will Power & the PIG.”
The Soul Illusion 
 Things are not always as they appear to be. The first lapselooks different in anticipation than in hindsight. Even thoughmost everyone realizes this when reading text such as this, thenext time you are in a high risk situation you may, perversely,act as if you were ignorant of this lesson in cause and effectthat you have learned again and again.
 We voluntarily repeatthe error of a first lapse not because we want to act counterto our own interests, but because we are once again the victims of different state-dependent biases at differenttimes. [P
erceptual biases are, necessarily, invisible to theperceiver]. When we review a relapse, the thinking errors, which are soobvious in hindsight, were not so obvious when they weremade. We do not learn from painful experience, because weare repeatedly fooled - we are taken in by an illusion over andover againEach stimulus has the power to elicit a motivational state, which in turn determines your appraisal of whether it is a goodidea to consume the substance. You will have to accept theresponsibility to manage your state of mind in real time, so thatyou will be motivated to do the right thing when confronted with a crisis.
 Trance Formationis our name for themethod of intentionally altering your current trance.
 A brief example of the soul illusion and intentional tranceformation: Stimulus 1 – imagine how good it would feel toget high. Stimulus 2 - imagine the details of telling a lovedone you had been arrested as a result of your problem

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