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Vringo v Google - D Delay Royalties Reply (2013-01-03).pdf

Vringo v Google - D Delay Royalties Reply (2013-01-03).pdf

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Published by Dan Ravicher

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Published by: Dan Ravicher on Jan 18, 2013
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I/P ENGINE, INC.Plaintiff,v.AOL, INC.,
et al.
,Defendants.Civil Action No. 2:11-cv-512
Plaintiff's Opposition fails to meaningfully address the points raised in Defendants'Opening Brief. For example, Plaintiff fails to rebut Defendants' argument that a postponeddecision would not prejudice Plaintiff, but would instead provide several efficiencies for theCourt and parties. Instead, Plaintiff mischaracterizes the effect of the parties' other pending post-trial motions, suggesting that they will not have an effect on any post-judgment royalty when infact those motions are directly relevant to any such determination. Plaintiff also fails tosubstantively rebut that in seeking contested post-judgment damages it has presented an entirelynew damages theory with a new royalty rate and hypothetical negotiation date, but instead makesarguments that flatly contradict its own prior statements to the Court.
For the reasons below,and the reasons stated in Defendants' Opening Brief, Defendants respectfully request the Court to
Plaintiff's contention that Defendants do not dispute Plaintiff's claim for post-judgmentdamages, (D.N. 852, 1), is incorrect.
Case 2:11-cv-00512-RAJ-TEM Document 853 Filed 01/03/13 Page 1 of 12 PageID# 22030
2delay briefing and consideration of Plaintiff's Motion for an Award of Post-Judgment Royaltiesuntil after the Court has ruled on the parties' pending post-trial motions.
Plaintiff Fails to Show How A Delay Would Cause Prejudice
Delaying a decision on Plaintiff's request for post-judgment royalties will not causeprejudice. Ignoring Defendants' explanations why it would suffer no prejudice from a delay,Plaintiff initially argues that if the Court delays ruling on post-judgment royalties, that wouldsomehow delay Plaintiff's ability to license and enforce its patents and would negatively impactan appeal. (D.N. 852, 2.) But Plaintiff provides no explanation of how its ability to license andenforce its patents would be impacted by an extension to permit the Court to rule on the parties'post-trial motions. Nor can it, as there would be no such impact. Likewise, Plaintiff does notexplain why it needs to appeal the post-trial damages issue immediately. Finally, althoughPlaintiff does not even make this argument, if it is concerned with the impact on an appeal of thevarious other post-trial motions, then, as discussed in Defendants' Opening Brief, the Court couldsever the issue of post-judgment royalties from the remainder of the case as several courts havedone.
See, e.g.
Fractus, S.A. v. Samsung Elecs,. Co. Ltd 
., No. 6:09-CV-203, 2012 WL 2505741,at *45 (E.D. Tex. June 28, 2012);
 Mondis Tech., Ltd. v. Chimei InnoLux Corp.
, 822 F. Supp. 2d639, 642 (E.D. Tex. 2011).Plaintiff fails to address why severing the issue of post-judgment royalties from theremainder of the case would not protect its interests or be improper, tacitly admitting that it is anappropriate course of action.
See, e.g.
 Brand v. N.C. Dep't of Crime Control & Pub. Safety
, 352F. Supp. 2d 606, 618 (M.D.N.C. 2004) (citing cases and holding that failing to respond to anargument raised by the other party results in a concession that the other party's position iscorrect). Nor has Plaintiff explained how it would be prejudiced if required to appeal any post-
Case 2:11-cv-00512-RAJ-TEM Document 853 Filed 01/03/13 Page 2 of 12 PageID# 22031
3 judgment damages ruling at a later date, given that Defendants are financially solvent andPlaintiff agreed to postpone any recovery of pre-judgment damages until a later date.Plaintiff purports to address the efficiencies from postponing briefing and ruling onongoing royalties until after the Court has decided the parties' Rule 50, 52, and 59 motions byasserting that "none of the post-trial motions filed by the parties impacts the amount of ongoingroyalties to be paid to I/P Engine for Defendants' ongoing infringement." (D.N. 852, 2.) This issimply untrue. Defendants' post-trial motions would go directly to the heart of the issue of what,if any, ongoing royalty should be paid.
For example, Defendants assert that the proper form of the reasonable royalty would be a lump sum, not a running royalty. (D.N. 834, 23-25.) In theevent that Defendants' motion for judgment as a matter of law is granted on this issue, then anongoing royalty would be improper. Additionally, Defendants assert that the royalty ratecalculated by Dr. Becker and asserted by Plaintiff was grossly overinflated. (
, 25-29.) If theCourt agrees, and grants Defendants' motion on this issue, then Plaintiff's demand for an evengreater royalty rate for an ongoing royalty—based on Dr. Becker's continuation of his flawedmethodology—would properly be questioned. Even more, Defendants assert that the royaltybase that Dr. Becker calculated for post-judgment damages, which he also asserts is appropriatefor an ongoing royalty, is fundamentally flawed. (
See, e.g.
, 14-19.) This too should beresolved before determining what, if any, ongoing royalty is appropriate. The Court is by nowwell aware of the deficiency of Plaintiff's evidence related to both apportionment of a royaltybase and the calculation of a running royalty rate, both of which must necessarily be resolvedbefore any finding on post-judgment royalties can be made. (
D.N. 823, 3 (Plaintiff arguing
In addition to Defendants' motion regarding damages, the Court's analysis regardingpost-judgment royalties would be significantly streamlined if the Court were to grant Defendants'motions regarding invalidity and infringement, which makes Plaintiff's assertion even moreanomalous.
Case 2:11-cv-00512-RAJ-TEM Document 853 Filed 01/03/13 Page 3 of 12 PageID# 22032

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