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Prophet Muham-mad Wanted to commit Suicide

Prophet Muham-mad Wanted to commit Suicide

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Published by Christ Nation
Prophet Muham-mad Wanted to commit Suicide
Prophet Muham-mad Wanted to commit Suicide

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Christ Nation on Jan 18, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mohammed andSuicide
Moslems do not like to discuss this subject concerning their prophet.They just want to depict Mohammed as their holy prophet and thegreatest man in history. Few Moslems know about Mohammed'ssuicide attempts, because few Islamic leaders teach this to theircongregations. They feel it leaves a black spot upon Mohammed'slife, as though people might wonder what kind of prophet is it whowould want to kill himself. Some Muslims deny this story, because itis only mentioned in the Hadith. Others cover their shame and try to justify it by saying that the shock of the prophetic experiencecaused Mohammed to attempt suicide, and that it was a naturalthing to do. Our response is, "If the Koran is truly from God, then itmay have Satanic elements in it; it is a natural thing to happen."After the visitation of the angel who claimed to be Gabriel,Mohammed became very afraid and attempted suicide. He walkedup to the top of a mountain, where he intended to throw himself off a cliff. That experience followed him over the course of the nextthree years. Let us look together at what Bukhari wrote in volume9, book 87, Hadith number 111, where he speaks about how theangel of God revealed himself to Mohammed. The truth is that thisangel was a demon, for the Bible said, "No marvel, for Satanhimself is transformed into an Angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14).One night when Mohammed was forty years old, he was alonein the cave of Hira when a spirit appeared to him at the door of the cave. The spirit grasped him and squeezed him until hethought he would die and commanded him, 'Read.' Muhammadanswered, 'I cannot read.' The spirit squeezed him again andcommanded 'Read.' Muhammad said, 'What shall I read?' Thespirit said, 'Read: in the name of thy Lord.' Muhammadreturned to his wife, frightened and told her 'O Khadija, whatis wrong with me?'
If Mohammed had cried to the living God to save him, he wouldhave saved himself and others, but he chose to live under thebondage of this demon which brought such fear in his life that heattempted several times to throw himself from the tops of highmountains.We continue to read that:His wife took him to her cousin Waraqa who said, 'This is thesame Namus who Allah had sent to Moses, but after a fewdays Waraqa died and the Divine Inspiration was also pausedfor a while and the Prophet became so sad that he intendedseveral times to throw himself from the tops of high mountainsand every time he went up the top of a mountain in order tothrow himself down, the Angel Gabriel (the demon) wouldappear before him and say, 'O Muhammad! You are indeedAllah's Apostle in truth.' whereupon his heart would becomequiet and he would calm down and would return home.One question I have to ask is, "Is this the behaviour of a normalperson?" We all may face troubles in this hard life, but to try tocommit suicide means that the person has no hope in himself, fromthe people around him and even in God Himself. How could Godspeak to me through that person?!As an Arab who has lived for many years in Germany, I understandthe story of the Nazis very well. Satan once used the Germans todestroy Europe, but still I have a great respect for the Germansbecause they have repented and now they are fighting the Naziswith all their strength. If a new baby is born, it is shameful for theparents to call him Adolf, because they believe that Hitler wasdemon possessed and an evil person. But as an Arab, I amashamed that more than 1300 years ago the greatest man, and theexample for the Arabs attempted several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains. As an Arab who has experiencedthe results of Islam which ruled my Arabic nation, I am not going tobe quiet and sit on the side, watching the Moslems presenting a lieabout a holy book, religion and a prophet to the western world.

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