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Published by glennpease
St. Luke, xvii. 15.

l< And one of them.! when he saw that he was healed,
turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God."
St. Luke, xvii. 15.

l< And one of them.! when he saw that he was healed,
turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God."

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Published by: glennpease on Jan 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GIVING GLORY TO GOD.EDITED BY THE REV. HENRY NEWLAND,St. Luke, xvii. 15.l&lt; And one of them.! when he saw that he was healed,turned back, and with a loud voice glorified God."FROM the services of last Sunday we learntthe lesson, that we are to show mercy to oneanother, and that by our works of mercy, byall works of kindness and love which Christians do to those around them, God s gloryis made known, and men are drawn to Him.The lesson which is given us this Sunday,seems to be, that God has shown mercy to us,and that we, by our thankfulness, are to letmen know that He has done so, and so to stirtheir hearts to adore Him as we ourselves do.In the Gospel we read the history of the tenlepers. " As our Blessed Lord entered intoa certain village, there met Him ten men thatwere lepers, which stood afar off." They keptthemselves apart from others, either because264 GIVING GLOKY TO GOD.the law commanded them to do so, or becausethey were so manifestly defiled with leprosythat no man would join their company. ButHe who was now coming towards them wasOne who could not be defiled by them ; nayHe had shown that He had power to takeaway such uncleanness as theirs. Moreover,He was One who never turned away fromthe wretched and suffering, therefore, " theylifted up their voices and said, Jesus, Master,have mercy upon us." Their trouble wrungthis earnest cry from them, just as our sorrowsand sicknesses often move us to pray to God,when perhaps nothing else would touch us.And they prayed with a most perfect trust inthe Saviour, "Jesus, Master, have mercyupon us. Thou that bearest the Name of Saviour; Thou at Whose Word the diseasesand pains of men have fled from their bodiesto afflict them no more, have mercy uponus!" They speak like men that feel surethat He will know, and understand, and enterinto their distress. " Have mercy upon us."Here is no long prayer to describe their wants,or to enlarge upon their misery and affliction :
nothing but the simple appeal, " Have mercyupon us!" What we are Thou canst see;what we feel Thou can st behold; "Lord,Thou knowest all our desire, and our groaningGIVING GLORY TO GOD. 265is not hid from Thee:" "have mercy uponus!" "And when He saw them, He saidunto them, Go show yourselves unto thepriests." At once our Lord takes pity uponthem, but He does not heal them with a wordor a touch. He tells them to observe theordinance of God about lepers. And theydid so. They took the words of Christ, " Goshow yourselves unto the priests," as a promise that if they obeyed this command theywould be cured. The same trust and faithin Christ w T hich had led them to Him, andmoved them to cry to Him for mercy, stilltaught them to do what He told them to dofor their cleansing. " And it came to pass,that, as they went, they were cleansed." Sofar, all the ten lepers were alike. They hadall been suffering under the same loathsomeand horrible disease. In their distress theyhad all betaken themselves to the same merciful Saviour. They had all cast themselveswith the same trust on His tender compassion.They had all prayed with the same earnestness. They had all shown the same faith indoing exactly what the Lord told them to do.They made use of the ordinance which Heordered them to use. And they were allcured. But at this point of their historythere comes out a matter which shows that266 GIVING GLORY TO GOD.there was still a great difference in them.After they were cured, nine of the lepers wenttheir way, as if there were nothing more forthem to do, no further duty to perform : but" one of them, when he saw that he was healed,turned back, and with a loud voice, glorifiedGod. And fell down on his face at His Feet,giving Him thanks : and he was a Samaritan."His heart was full of thankfulness; it wasbursting with the sense of the exceeding goodness and love of Him Who had done so greatthings for him, and he could not help tellingout before all what God had done for him."He gave glory to God:" he made othershear and know how the power and might
and graciousness of God had been put forthin his behalf. The feelings that stirred inhis soul were like those of the Psalmist:* u Gracious is the Lord and righteous ; yea,our God is merciful. The Lord preserveththe simple : I was in misery and He helpedme. Turn again, then, unto thy Rest, oh ! mysoul," turn back to Him Who showed Himself thy Rest when thou wert weary and heavyladen with grief, " for the Lord hath rewardedthee." " What reward shall I give unto theLord for all the benefits that He hath done untome?" "I will pay my vows now in the pre-*Ps. cxvi. 5, 6, 7, 11, 13.GIVING GLORY TO GOD. 267sence of all His people." "I will offer toThee the sacrifice of thanksgiving." And itwas in no cold or formal way that he offeredup his praises. No ; the warmth of love andgratitude that had been kindled in him showed itself in outward as well as inward worship.He fell down on his face at "the feet" of Jesus, as if he would have expressed, *" Behold,oh! Lord, I am thy servant; see here thebody Thou hast made whole, the soul Thouhast taught to know Thee; they are Thine;with all the powers of both I glorify Thee."Meanwhile, where were those others whohad received the same mercy as this one whoknelt before Christ? Gone without a thoughtof His Goodness : gone on their way full of selfish joy that they had got what they askedfor, but never thinking for a moment of whatthey owed to our Lord, and He, Who watched them as they went, spoke and pleaded withtheir hard hearts, when He answered and said," Were there not ten cleansed ? but where arethe nine? There are not found that returnedto give glory to God, save this stranger.And He said unto him, " Arise, go thy way :thy faith hath made thee whole." Thus ourLord welcomed the faith that burned asbrightly in the hour of blessing as in the hour*Ps. cxvi. 14.268 GIVING GLORY TO GOD.of trial, that looked to God in its happiness asmuch as in its trouble ; while in the very same

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