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Table Of Contents

About This Manual
About X-Plane
1.1 Overview
1.2 What X-Plane Includes
1.3.1 X-Plane 10 Global
1.3.2 X-Plane 10 Regional
1.3.3 X-Plane 10 Professional
1.4 History
1.4.1 Austin’s Bio, As of Mid-2006
1.5 X-Plane Today
Quick Start Guide
2.1 Installing X-Plane
2.2 Launching X-Plane
2.3 Configuring Essential Yoke/Joystick Functions
2.4 Setting Up a Flight
2.5 Getting Off the Ground
2.6 Updating X-Plane
2.7 Further Considerations
Preparation and Installation
3.1 System Requirements
3.1.1 Display Hardware
3.1.2 Graphics Drivers Updating Graphics Drivers in Windows
3.2. SELECTING FLIGHT CONTROL HARDWARE 19 Graphics Driver Requirements in Linux
3.2 Selecting Flight Control Hardware
3.2.1 Joysticks
3.2.2 Yokes
3.2.3 Rudder Pedals
3.2.4 Other Considerations
3.3 Installing X-Plane
3.3.1 Installation on a Windows PC Special Considerations for Windows XP Users Special Considerations for Windows Vista and 7 Users
3.3.2 Installation on a Mac
3.4 Launching X-Plane
4.1 General Use of the X-Plane Interface
4.2 Setting the Language
4.3 Updating X-Plane
4.4 Using the X-Plane Betas
4.5 Uninstalling X-Plane
4.6 Configuring Flight Controls
4.6.1 Setting Up the Control Axes
4.6.2 Centering the Controls
4.6.3 Calibrating the Hardware
4.6.4 Assigning Functions to Buttons
4.6.5 Controlling Joystick Sensitivity and Aircraft Stability
4.6.6 Setting Null Zones
4.6.7 Adding Special Equipment
4.7 Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
4.8 Configuring the Rendering Options
4.8.1 Setting the Basic Rendering Options Texture Resolution Gamma Anisotropic Filtering Full-Screen Resolution Frame Rate Locking Anti-Aliasing Field of View
4.8.2 Setting Up the X-Plane World Miscellaneous Drawing Settings Objects on the Ground World Detail Settings Expert Rendering Options Special Effects Cloud Effects
4.8.3 Setting the Rendering Options for Best Performance Increasing the Frame Rate
4.9 Configuring the Sound
4.10 Allowing X-Plane through Your Firewall
4.11 Expanding X-Plane
4.11.1 Adding Aircraft
4.11.2 Adding Scenery
4.11.3 Installing Plug-Ins
Flight in X-Plane
5.1 Setting Up a Quick Flight
5.2 Opening an Aircraft and Selecting a Livery
5.3 Choosing an Airport or Location
5.3.1 Other Ways to Choose a Location
5.4 Changing the Environment
5.4.1 Setting the Weather Setting Uniform, Static Weather for the Whole World Setting Randomly-Generated, Realistic Weather Drawing or Adding to Weather Patterns by Hand Downloading Current Real-World Weather from the Internet
5.4.2 Setting the Date and Time
5.5 How to Fly
5.6 Using the Instruments and Avionics
5.6.1 A Note on Radio Tuning
5.7 Using the Views
5.7.1 Using the Quick Look Feature
5.8 Letting X-Plane Fly Your Aircraft
5.9 Getting Quick Instructions
5.10 Saving and Sharing Your Flight
5.10.1 Creating a Reusable Situation
5.10.2 Creating an Replay
5.10.3 Creating a Movie
5.10.4 Capturing a Screenshot
5.11 Visualizing and Replaying Your Flight
5.11.1 Viewing the Path Taken by Your Aircraft
5.11.2 Using the Built-In Replay
5.11.3 Replaying a Flight from a Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
5.12 Viewing the Behind-the-Scenes Flight Model
Advanced Simulation in X-Plane
6.1 Keeping a Logbook
6.2 Working with the Air Traffic Control
6.3 Using ForeFlight for Real-Time Charts and Plates
6.4 Changing How and Where the Aircraft Starts
6.5 Using a Checklist
6.6 Changing How Damage Affects the Aircraft
6.7 Setting the Weight, Balance, and Fuel
6.8 Simulating Equipment Failures
6.9 Enabling a Smoke Trail
6.10 Speeding Up the Simulation
6.11 Taxiing More Accurately
7.1 Navigating
7.1.1 Air Navigation History
7.1.2 Modern Means of Navigation
7.2 Using X-Plane’s Navigation Maps
7.2.1 Additional Features of the Maps
7.3 Using the Autopilot
7.3.1 Turning It On and Off
7.3.2 Using the Controls Wing Leveler and Pitch Sync Pitch Sync with the Pitch Sync Joystick Button Localizer and Glideslope
7.3.3 Flying an ILS Using LOC and G/S
7.3.4 Flying an FMS Plan
7.4 Flying on Instruments
7.4.1 Keeping a Sense of Balance
7.4.2 Gyroscopes and Their Application in Flight
7.4.3 The Primary Flight Instruments
7.5 Flying an Instrument Approach in X-Plane
7.5.1 Setting Up the Approach
7.5.2 Finding the Frequencies
7.5.3 Setting Up the CDI or HSI
7.5.4 Flying the Approach
Special Situations in X-Plane
8.1 Using an Instructor Operator Station (IOS) for Flight Train-
8.2 Flying Gliders
8.3 Flying Helicopters
8.4 Flying the Space Shuttle
8.4.1 Walkthrough
8.5 Flying the X-15
8.6 Simulating Combat in X-Plane
8.6.1 Configuring Your Controls
8.6.2 Adding Enemy Aircraft
8.6.3 Equipping Your Aircraft
8.6.4 Arming Weapons and Fighting Targeting Enemy Aircraft and Using Missiles
8.8 Flying a Boeing 747 with the Piggybacking Space Shuttle
8.9 Fighting Forest Fires
8.10 Flying in Non-Standard Gravity
8.11 Flying Other Special Situations
9.1 Tuning the Handling of Aircraft X-Plane
9.2 Setting Up a Copilot’s Station
9.3 Configuring a Multi-Monitor Simulator
9.3.1 Driving Multiple Displays from One Computer
9.3.2 Networking Multiple Computers for Multiple Displays Lining Up the Horizon (Without Vertical Offsets) Correcting for Monitor Bezels Using Other Special Viewing Controls
Airfoil Maker Supplement
A.1 Menus
A.1.1 About
A.1.2 File Menu
A.2 Designing an Airfoil
A.2.1 The Coefficient Graph
A.2.2 Reynolds Number
A.2.3 Coefficients
A.2.3.1 Coefficient of Lift
A.2.3.2 Coefficient of Drag
A.2.3.3 Coefficient of Moment
A.2.4 General Information
A.2.4.1 Finding Coefficients
A.2.4.2 Recommended Background Reading
A.2.4.3 Types of Airfoils
A.2.5 Generating Airfoils
A.2.5.1 Coefficient of Lift Intercept
A.2.5.2 Coefficient of Lift Slope
A.2.5.3 Coefficient of Lift Curvature Near the Stall
A.2.5.4 Coefficient of Lift Maximum
A.2.5.5 Coefficient of Lift Immediate Drop at Stall
A.2.5.6 Coefficient of Lift Curvature After the Stall
A.2.5.7 Coefficient of Lift Drop from Stall to 20 Degrees
A.2.5.8 Coefficient of Drag Minimum
A.2.5.9 Coefficient of Lift at Which Minimum Drag Occurs
A.2.5.10 Coefficient of Drag at Angle of Attack of 10 Degrees
A.2.5.11 Coefficient of Drag Curvature
A.2.5.12 Laminar Drag Bucket Location
A.2.5.13 Laminar Drag Bucket Width
A.2.5.14 Laminar Drag Bucket Depth
A.2.5.15 Laminar Drag Bucket Curvature
A.2.5.16 Coefficient of Moment Low-Alpha Change Point
A.2.5.17 Coefficient of Moment High-Alpha Change Point
A.2.5.18 Coefficient of Moment at 20 Degrees
A.2.5.19 Coefficient of Moment at Low-Alpha Change Point
A.2.5.20 Coefficient of Moment at High-Alpha Change Point
A.2.5.21 Coefficient of Moment at 20 Degrees
A.2.6 Finishing Up
A.3 Other Airfoil Maker Screens
A.3.1 -180 to +180 Coefficients
A.3.2 Finite L/D
A.3.3 Camber
Troubleshooting X-Plane
B.1 The X-Plane Installer Fails to Extract a File
B.3 X-Plane Crashed
B.4 My Joystick or Yoke Isn’t Working
B.5 My Frame Rate is Low
B.6 My PC Freezes after Running X-Plane Awhile
B.7 Airplanes Flutter and Crash in the Simulator
B.8 The Simulator’s Measurement of Time is Slow
B.9 Getting Help with Other Problems
Tech Support
How to File a Bug Report
Commissioning Custom Aircraft Files
Data Output from X-Plane
Index of Menu Items
G.1 Working with the Program Itself
G.2 Controls in an Aircraft
G.3 Movement of an Aircraft
G.4 Other Aviation Terms
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X-plane 10 manual

X-plane 10 manual

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Published by Magyari Vencel
Manual joc x-plane
Manual joc x-plane

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Published by: Magyari Vencel on Jan 19, 2013
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